What is Pontel?

Pontel is a European company licensed by the top American sports leagues to distribute complete-game-DVDs of all the league games to customers in Europe, Asia, and Australia. Since 1980, Pontel has distributed basketball, football, and baseball complete-game DVDs and videos to tens-of-thousands of customers, many of them receiving the games of their favorite team week after week, year after year.

The service of providing you with complete-game-DVDs of your favorite team is available to YOU if you live in Europe, Asia, Australia, or Africa. Pontel's products are NOT available to you if you live in the USA, Canada or any other location in North America. The service is low priced, allowing you to follow your team week after week. Or, if you prefer, you can order individual DVDs, one at a time. We have listed some basic facts about our service below.

If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to e-mail, fax, or telephone our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives in Switzerland or visit our main website at www.pontel.com. Here is how to contact us:

e-mail: pontel@pontel.com
+ 41 56 641 1000 (in English)
+ 41 56 631 5656 (auf Deutsch)
+ 41 56 631 5654 (Francaise)
+ 41 56 631 5655 (Fax)
(+ is the international access code used in your country,
which in most countries are the numbers 00.)

What’s available:

Every Monday, Pontel receives master tapes of games played in the USA during the weekend and the preceding weekdays. From these master tapes, Pontel mass-produces DVDs for our customers. DVDs are three to four hours in length, and cover a complete football, basketball or baseball game on one DVD. Each of our DVDs comes with a highlights show of that week's other games in the relevant sport.

To order game DVDs, click here for NBA Games, NFL Games, BASEBALL Games, COLLEGE FOOTBALL Games, or COLLEGE BASKETBALL Games. If you have any questions on how to order though these shops send us an e-mail. Subscription offers for these sports can be found on the front page of our website or in the relevant sport section of our website during the season.

How fast can I get my DVDs?

Delivery times depend on the vagaries of the international mails and are not guaranteed. DVDs are posted in several countries simultaneously to minimize delivery times. You can expect your DVDs on the following weekdays:

Switzerland/Germany Wednesdays/Thursdays after game
Most of Europe Thursdays/Fridays
Asia/Australia Later

Delivery is guaranteed. We will replace DVDs not received by you.

What do Pontel DVDs cost?

Pontel’s DVDs are priced very low, as the PRICE INCLUDES TOP PRIORITY AIR MAIL POSTAGE to your home, no matter where you live. (If you have checked international postage rates recently, you can appreciate the value of Pontel’s all-inclusive prices.)

Prices per DVD are the same for the NBA, Baseball, College Football, and College Basketball, and depend on where you live (Please see our NFL section for NFL prices). You must pay the price indicated for your country. You may not choose.

Prices are EVEN LOWER when you subscribe. See offers in the relevant sections for details.


Country Price per DVD
UK £ 9.90
Switzerland Sfr 22,50
Europe 13.50
Australia Aus $ 22,50
Asia and Africa    US $ 15.90

* See Football Shop for Football prices


How can I pay:

Most Pontel customers pay by credit card. Pontel accepts VISA, Mastercard, Access, Eurocard, American Express, and Diners Club. ALL of your personal information (name, address, credit card details) ARE NOT STORED ONLINE. Your information is stored in computers that have no connection to the internet and all credit card transactions are done offline (not through the internet).

Over the years both PonTel and our many customers have found this system to be practical and effective. You can order in confidence knowing your data is kept offline.

If you want to pay by check, we accept cheques in US $, Aus $, UK £, SFr, and Euros. If you do not have a bank account denominated in one of these currencies, you must send a bank check obtained from your bank. If you want to pay by cheque we will contact you through e-mail with details after you have made your order.

Pontel now also accepts PayPal. You will find PayPal as a payment option at the checkout screen in the various shops.

If you live in Switzerland you may also pay with SWISS postage stamps. Please click here for more information.

To reduce transaction costs, we charge several games at a time. For subscribers who order an entire season you may be charged in installments. From NEW customers, we expect payment before sending out DVDs. We do not ship Cash On Delivery.

You may also make a cable transfer to one of our bank accounts, details below.

Banking info:

UBS From Germany:
Zürich, Switzerland Commerzbank Düsseldorf
Account: 206 P0 222.333 BLZ 300 400 00
Swift Code: ubswchzh80v Konto 640 777 9
Beneficiary: Pontel Empfänger: Pontel
IBAN: CH86 0020 6206 P0 222 333 0
From The Netherlands: From Belgium:
Postbank Fortis Bank
PONTEL GMBH B-4700 Eupen
Girorekening: 7365534 Account: 248-0365041-60
Beneficiary: Pontel-Saarbach

Can I talk to a real live person about this?

Sure. Just pick up the phone and dial + 41 566 41 1000.
The head of our customer service crew is Mrs. Smith.
Feel free to ask for her personally. She has been with Pontel since 1986, and can give you accurate answers to any questions you might have.