Baseball DVD FAQ

1) What do I get?

Each Baseball Game DVD comes with the complete original broadcast of the game unedited, time allowing this will include any pre-game and post-game show from the broadcast of the game. This will also be followed by a Baseball highlights show during the regular season.

2) What region, "code", are your DVD's?

Our DVD's are "Region Free". See next FAQ.


3) Will your DVD's play on my DVD player

Yes. Pontel produces DVD in the "PAL" standard. This standard is used in all of Europe, Asia and Australia except Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and the Phillipines. However, as our DVDs are code free they can be viewed through your computer in any country and is therefore independent of television standards.


4) Will your DVD's play on every DVD player ever made?

Our DVD's are recorded using advanced technology which might be incompatible with some older DVD players (for example: Some DVD players purchased before 2000). If you encounter playback problems with our DVD's, please play them back on a newer DVD player.