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2001 Eastern Conference Semi-Final: A classic 7 game series with future hall-of-famers Allen Iverson and Vince Carter going head-to-head. This series contained three 50 point games and went down to a 7th game decided by 1 point. Also starring in this series were Dikembe Mutombo and Antonio Davis.

Toronto at Philadelphia, Gm 1

Iverson 36p, 8r, 7s; Carter 35p
May 6, 2001: Game is Joined In Progress with 6 min left 1st quarter due to length of preceding game on same network. Ending of that game is on DVD.

Toronto at Philadelphia, Gm 2

Iverson 54p!!! Carter 28p; Davis 19p, 10r
May 9, 2001:

Philadelphia at Toronto, Gm 3

Carter 50p!!! Davis 20p, 14r; Iverson 23p, 8a
May 11, 2001:

Philadelphia at Toronto, Gm 4

Iverson 30p; Mutombo 13p, 17r; Carter 25p, 10r
May 13, 2001:

Toronto at Philadelphia, Gm 5

Iverson 52p!!! McKie 19p, 9a
May 16, 2001:

Philadelphia at Toronto, Gm 6

Carter 39p; Davis 17p, 13r; Iverson 20p
May 18, 2001:

Toronto at Philadelphia, Gm 7

Iverson 21p, 16a; McKie 22p; Mutombo 17r; Carter 20p, 9a, 7r; Davis 23p, 9r
May 20, 2001:

Philadelphia - Milwaukee, Gms 6 & 7

2001 Conference Finals; Game 6; Iverson 46 pts
2001 Conference Finals; Game 7; Iverson 44 pts