1990-91 Season to 1994

Denver Nuggets @ San Antonio Spurs

Over 300 points; Robinson 43p
November 07, 1990

Los Angeles Lakers @ Chicago Bulls

Michael Jordan 33p, 9a, 15r
December 21, 1990

San Antonio Spurs @ Phoenix Suns

Kevin Johnson 34p, 16a, 8r; Robinson 34p, 15r
December 21, 1990

Detroit Pistons @ Chicago Bulls

Christmas Game; Michael Jordan 37p
December 25, 1990

Utah Jazz @ San Antonio Spurs

Triple Double for D.Robinson : 22pts 18rbs 11blks / Karl Malone 20pts 14rbs
January 12, 1991

Los Angeles Lakers @ Detroit Pistons

Magic 31pts 8rbs 11asts ; Worthy 29pts ; Rodman 15pts 17rbs
February 24, 1991

Chicago Bulls @ Milwaukee Bucks

Michael Jordan 39p
March 13, 1991

Chicago Bulls @ Cleveland Cavaliers

Michael Jordan 37p
March 16, 1991

Indiana Pacers @ Chicago Bulls

MJ 34p; Reggie Miller 34p
March 23, 1991

New York Knicks @ San Antonio Spurs

Patrick Ewing 37p
March 26, 1991

Chicago Bulls @ New Jersey Nets

Michael Jordan 42p
March 28, 1991

Los Angeles Lakers @ San Antonio Spurs

Robinson 36p, 23r; Magic triple double
April 02, 1991

San Antonio Spurs @ Portland Trail Blazers

C.Drexler 48pts ; D.Robinson 25pts 20rbs
November 24, 1991

Houston Rockets @ San Antonio Spurs

Double OT !!! (Olajuwon 27pts 10rbs vs Robinson 17pts 16rbs)
January 04, 1992

Charlotte Hornets @ San Antonio Spurs

D.Robinson 52pts 14rbs !!! A.Mourning 24pts ; L.Johnson 18pts 14rbs
January 16, 1993

Orlando Magic @ Detroit Pistons

Rookie Shaquille O'Neal 46pts 21rbs ; J.Dumars 39pts ; I.Thomas 15pts 19asts
February 16, 1993

Milwaukee Bucks at Chicago Bulls

Jordan 46p! Grant 19p, 11r; Brickowski 22p, 9r
April 15, 1991: Jordan scored a season high 46 points to lead the Bulls to a franchise best 58th win on the season.

Chicago Bulls at Seattle Supersonics

Jordan 31p, 6r, 4a; Pippen 25p, 6r, 5a; Pierce 30p; McKey 29p; Benjamin 27p, 12r
November 22, 1991: A super game that went to OT saw the Bulls emerge triumphant as Jordan took over in OT scoring 10 points.

Chicago Bulls at Portland Trailblazers

Jordan 40p, 8r, 7a! Pippen 28p, 11r, 8a; Drexler 38p, 12r; Kersey 21p, 10r; Porter 14p, 15a
November 29, 1991: Despite struggling with a bad back Jordan once again powered the Bulls to an impressive Double OT win in Portland against the best in the West. Drexler put on a show of his own but i wasn't quite enough.

Chicago Bulls at Detroit Pistons

Jordan 34p, 6r, 6a; Rodman 11p, 17r
January 19, 1992: A playoff atmosphere greeted the Bulls in Detroit and the game did not disaapoint as it went down to the wire.

Chicago Bulls at LA Lakers

Jordan 33p, 11a, 8r; Pippen 25p, 10r, 7a; Green 25p; Perkins 25p; Worthy 20p, 7r
February 2, 1992: The Bulls visited LA for the first time since winning the title the prior June and the game was excitring as ever. Jordan scored 14 of his 33p in the 4th quarter to lead a successful Bulls comeback.

Chicago Bulls at Utah Jazz

Jordan 34p, 13r, 8a; Pippen 26p, 13r; Grant 20p, 13r; Malone 34p, 21r! Stockton 19p, 12a; Edwards 25p
February 3, 1992: A triple OT thriller sees a last second victory as the game ends in a little bit of controversy.

New York Knicks at Chicago Bulls

Jordan 29p; Pippen 19p, 8a; Grant 17p, 11r; Ewing 30p, 11r; McDaniel 20p, 8r; Jackson 11p, 13a
February 15, 1992: The Knicks have been the Bulls doormat for a while now, but this is a new Knicks team that would see the 1992 Playoffs start one of the fierecest rivalries the game has ever seen. This thriller of a game showed the Knicks they could compete.

Chicago Bulls at Philadelphia 76ers

Jordan 34p, 11r, 8a; Barkley 29p, 14r, 8a
March 8, 1992: A hotly contested game sees the Bulls come back from double digits down to defeat Charles Barkley and the Sixers.

Chicago Bulls at New Jersey Nets

Jordan 40p, 10r; Drazen Petrovic 26p
March 17, 1992: If the game was 40 minutes long the Nets would have surprise victors. Jordan and the Bulls stepped up over the final 8 minutes.

Cleveland Cavaliers at Chicago Bulls

Jordan 44p! Grant 18p, 18r; Pippen 17p; Daugherty 20p, 7r; Sanders 19p, 8r
March 28, 1992: The Cavs were still led by Daugherty and Price, so were posing a tough opponent for anyone but the Bulls were already the cream of the crop as Jordan dropped 44 points on his old rivals.

Chicago Bulls at New York Knicks

Jordan 36p; Pippen 27p, 18r, 7a! Ewing 31p, 18r; Starks 28p, 10a
March 31, 1992: Sometimes, Jordan beats the Knicks. Sometimes, Pippen beats them. Sometimes, the Bulls defense beats them. But always against the Knicks, Chicago finds a way. Pippen with career high 18r (at this point in career).

Chicago Bulls at Indiana Pacers

Jordan 35p; Pippen 18p; Reggie Miller 26p; Schrempf 17p, 10r
April 10, 1992: A key stretch of 9 straight points by MJ late on this game helped decide this battle against Reggie Miller and the Pacers.

Chicago - Houston

January 30, 1992: Jordan dunk over Hakeem; Great Game!

Chicago - New Jersey

February 1992: Bulls at top, Nets best team, Drazen Petrovic

Boston - LA Lakers

February 16, 1992: Magic Johnson's Number Retirement

Boston - Portland

March 15, 1992: Bird 49; Drexler 41 pts; 2 buzzerbeaters!

Denver at LA Clippers

Mutombo 11p, 13r, 3b; Chris Jackson 19p; Ellis 16p, 11r; Harper 20p
November 27, 1992: An early season contest saw perhaps the most dramatic ending of the entire season. A back and forth game came down to the final seconds as the Clippers led by Danny Manning and Ron Harper drove the lane only to be met by Mount Mutombo. Chris Jackson, later to become Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, launched a prayer and the rest is history.

Golden State at New Jersey

OT; Derrick Coleman 35p; Drazen Petrovic 23p
March 28, 1992

Orlando at New York

OT; Ewing 37p, 17r
March 8, 1993

Orlando at Houston

Olajuwan vs Rookie Shaq
March 16, 1993

Orlando at San Antonio

Rookie Shaq vs David Robinson (30p)
March 19, 1993

Indiana - Charlotte

November 28, 1992: Miller 57 pts

Chicago Bulls at Washington Bullets

Michael Jordan 51 p (Quality advisory: below normal Pontel standard)
March 19, 1992

Denver Nuggets at Chicago Bulls

Michael Jordan 50 p
March 24, 1992

Chicago - Washington

December 23, 1992: Jordan 57 pts

Chicago - Orlando

January 16, 1993: Jordan 64 pts.
Last couple of seconds of games not included. No scoring missed.


Larry Bird Number 33 Retirement Ceremony
A must-have for any Classic NBA fan! Commemorates one of the best players in NBA history!

Orlando - NY Knicks

February 14, 1993: Shaqs rookie year v. Ewing's 9 blocks

Chicago - Charlotte

March 1993: Jordan 52 pts

Chicago - Washington

March 20, 1993: Jordan 47 pts in 3 Qtrs!

Golden State at Houston

Olajuwon 42p! Hardaway 32p, 10a; Sprewell 25p
December 29, 1994: A high-scoring game sees the high-flying Warriors led by Tim Hardaway and Latrell Sprewell come to town to take on the Champs. Olajuwon helps put the Rockets in an early lead but the Warriors keep fighting back and eventually take the lead themselves. The game is decided by an absolute miracle of a play.

Detroit Pistons at Chicago Bulls

Jordan 37p, 10r; Pippen 16p, 12r, 10a; Isiah Thomas 32p, 8a; Dumars 22p
November 11, 1992: Jordan at his very best as his buzzer beating shot from 4 feet behind the 3-point line wins a fantastic game against Isiah Thomas and the Pistons.

Chicago Bulls at LA Lakers

Jordan 54p, 13r, 7a!! Pippen 25p; Perkins 26p, 15r; Worthy 23p, 8a; Divac 19p, 11r
November 20, 1992: Jordan was everywhere in this amazing overtime thriller versus the Lakers as he scores 54 points!

Chicago Bulls at Golden State

Jordan 49p, 7a! Pippen 16p, 8r, 7a; Mullin 32p; Hardaway 29p, 11a, 6r
November 24, 1992: Mullin and Hardaway try to lead the Warriors to bvictory over Jordan and the Bulls, but find it tough going when Paul Pressey, an assistant coach has to dress because of injuries, is called upon to guard MJ.

New Jersey Nets at Chicago Bulls

Jordan 38p; Pippen 15p, 7a, 6r; Drazen Petrovic 25p, 9r, 6a; Morris 20p, 11r
December 12, 1992: The Nets put a scare into the Bulls at Chicago Stadium but MJ steps up and refuses to let his team lose.

New York Knicks at Chicago Bulls

Jordan 42p, 8r! Pippen 16p, 9r, 5a, 5s, 3b
December 25, 1992: A Christmas day special as Phil Jackson and the Bulls made adjustments at halftime and the Bulls controlled the second half led by Jordan's 42 points.

Chicago Bulls San Antonio Spurs

Jordan 42p, 11r! Pippen 13p, 9r, 6a, 4s; David Robinson 24p, 13r; Ellis 20p
January 24, 1993: The Admiral, David Robinson. Future coach: Avery Johnson. These were the obstacles in the way of Jordan and Pippen. A terrific game that was decided late in the 4th quarter.

Chicago Bulls at Denver Nuggets

Jordan 39p, 7r, 5a, 4s; Pippen 19p, 5s; Mutombo 29p, 22r! Williams 28p; Ellis 22p, 9r
January 30, 1993: The Bulls had been struggling as of late and would do so also in this one despite 39 points from Jordan. Dikembe Mutombo was on fire with 29 points and a career high 22 rebounds (up to that point in career).

Chicago Bulls at Utah Jazz

Jordan 37p, 7r; Armstrong 20p; Grant 19r; Pippen 17p; Malone 40p, 9r! Stockton 16p, 13a
February 1, 1993: Karl Malone with 40 points helped stake the Jazz to a 20 point lead. However, Jordan being his typical self, scored 20 points in the 4th quarter to rally the Bulls back for a great victory.

Chicago Bulls at Indiana Pacers

Jordan 40p, 9r, 8a, 6s! Pippen 30p, 8r, 6a; Smits 24p; Schrempf 21p, 8r, 6a
February 10, 1993: A first quarter fight between Reggie Miller and Michael Jordan highlighted this game, but it was Jordan and the Bulls who came out on top.

Chicago Bulls at Philadelphia 76ers

Jordan 43p; Pippen 18p, 10r, 8a; Armstrong 19p; Weatherspoon 21p
March 24, 1993: Despite losing coach Phil Jackson 27 seconds into the game with 2 techincal fouls, the Bulls prevailed led by Jordan with 43 points.

New Jersey Nets at Chicago Bulls

Jordan 40p, 9s, 7r, 7a! Coleman 30p, 7a, 6r; Addison 21p; Bernard King 21p
April 2, 1993: Jordan was unstoppable in every aspect of the game as he scored 40 points, handed out 7 assists, grabbed 7 rebounds and stole 9 balls from the Nets. New Jersey put up a valiant fight led by Derrick Coleman and Bernard King.

Michael Jordan Retirement

Jordan First Retirement Ceremony (with many highlights; no game)
October 6, 1993: This would be the first of MJ's retirements, but most thought that he was gone for good.

New York at Cleveland

Ewing 44p; Oakley 22r
November 7, 1993

Atlanta at Chicago

Pippen 39p, 10a
March 8, 1994

Orlando at Golden State

Shaq 29p, 12r; Penny Hardaway 18p, 15a, 4 steals; GS with Sprewell, Chris Webber; late come-from behind win
March 22, 1994

Golden State at Utah

Sprewell 35p; Karl Malone 24p, 23r!!, Stockton 16a
March 29, 1994

Minnesota at Houston

Olajuwon 42p
April 12, 1994