New York at Chicago, Game 1

Jordan 28p, 6r, 6a; Pippen 25p, 7r; Armstrong 18p, 10a
April 25, 1991: This was the start of the Bulls dynasty as they would push aside old foes and meet new ones. First up the New York Knicks who would become a pain in the side of the Bulls for the next few years. In 1991 the Knicks were outmatched by a Bulls team on a mission but they would bounce back in 92.

New York at Chicago, Game 2

Jordan 26p; Ewing 24p, 10r
April 28, 1991: Game 2 saw the Knicks make more of a game of it with the Bulls, but they came up a bit short in this physical defensive game.

Chicago at New York, Game 3

Jordan 33p, 7a, 6s; Pippen 21p, 11r, 5a, 4s, 3b; Ewing 20p, 14r; Vandeweghe 20p
April 30, 1991: MJ turned it up a notch in the 2nd half dropping 20 points as he dribbled and flew over those who tried to defend him sending the Bulls into the 2nd round.

Complete ECSF, all 5 games

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ECSF, Gm 1: Philadelphia 76ers at Chicago Bulls

Charles Barkley 34 p, 11 r; Michael Jordan 29 p
May 4, 1991

ECSF, Gm 2: Philadelphia 76ers at Chicago Bulls

Hersey Hawkins 30 p; Michael Jordan 29 p (Quality advisory: below normal Pontel standard)
May 6, 1991

Chicago at Philadelphia, Game 3

Jordan 46p! Pippen 22p, 13r; Hawkins 29p; Gilliam 25p, 11r; Barkley 19p
May 10, 1991: Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals comes down to the final minute. Jordan puts on a heroic display with 46p but the plucky Sixers led by Charles Barkley and Hersey Hawkins have other ideas.

ECSF, Gm 4: Chicago Bulls at Philadelphia 76ers

MJ plays team offense: 25 p, 12 a; Pippen 20 p; Grant 22 p (Quality advisory: below normal Pontel standard)
May 12, 1991

ECSF, Gm 5: Philadelphia 76ers at Chicago Bulls

Michael Jordan 38 p, 19 r(!!), Charles Barkley 30 p
May 14, 1991

Complete ECF, all 4 games

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ECF, Game 1: Detroit Pistons at Chicago Bulls

Bulls finally figure out how to beat Pistons; MJ 22 p
May 19, 1991

Detroit at Chicago, Game 2

Jordan 35p, 7a; Pippen 21p, 10r, 5a; Johnson 29p; Dumars 24p
May 21, 1991: Over the last fe years the Pistons had stymied the Bulls with great defense. Now, it was the time of the Bulls to pull this off versus a Pistons team reaching the end of its impressive run of the last few years.

Chicago at Detroit, Game 3

Jordan 33p, 7r, 7a, 5b; Pippen 26p, 10r; Thomas 29p, 7r, 6a; Johnson 25p
May 25, 1991: This was a fantastic team performance from the Bulls who were more poised than the defending NBA champions. The game came down to a critical play with just under 2 minutes left with some good defense by Jordan.

Chicago at Detroit, Game 4

Jordan 29p, 8r, 8a; Pippen 23p, 10a
May 27, 1991: Jordan and the Bulls ended years of frustration as they head to the NBA finals for the first time after sweeping the defending champs.

LA Lakers vs Portland, ALL GAMES

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Portland came into this Western Conference Final series as the best team in the West with 63 wins. A formindable team of Clyde "The Glide" Drexler, Jerome Kersey, Terry Porter and Buck Williams. They met a Lakers team led by veterans Magic Johnson and James Worthy with a valiant supporting crew led by Byron Scott, Vlade Divac and Sam Perkins. The series seemed to be going the Lakers way until Game 6 when Portland was cruising on a fast break late in the 4th quarter to put away the game and head back to Portland....

LA Lakers at Portland, Game 1

Magic 15p, 21a! Worthy 28p; Drexler 28p, 12a; Kersey 21p
May 18, 1991: Lakers were down 12 entering the 4th quarter

LA Lakers at Portland, Game 2

Magic 19p, 12a; Worthy 21p; Scott 20p; Porter 26p; Drexler 21p, 10r
May 21, 1991:Game of rebounds as the Blazers control the boards

Portland at LA Lakers, Game 3

Magic 19a! Worthy 25p; Kersey 19p; Drexler 18p
May 24, 1991

Portland at LA Lakers, Game 4

Magic 22p, 9r, 9a; Divac 20p; Worthy 18p; Kersey 25p
May 26, 1991

LA Lakers at Portland, Game 5

Magic 29p, 8r, 7a; Kersey 20p; Drexler 19p
May 28, 1991

Portland at LA Lakers, Game 6

Magic 25p, 11r, 8a; Perkins 26p; Porter 24p; Drexler 23p
May 30, 1991: A Classic Game 6 that comes down to the final minute

Indiana at Boston, Game 1

Bird 21p, 12r, 12a! Lewis 28p; McHale 25p; Parish 20p; Miller 24p; Person 23p; Schrempf 15p, 10r
April 26, 1991: One of the more classic First Round series of all-time! The story of this series was Larry Bird's back and his heroic entrance during the 3rd quarter of a classic Game 5. A struggle between the aging Celtics led by Bird, Kevin McHale and Robert Parish and the upstart Indiana Pacers led by star Chuck Person and up and coming players Reggie Miller and Rik Smits. After this Game 1 Bird went to the hospital so he could enjoy a good night's rest.

Indiana at Boston, Game 2

Person 39p! Bird 18p, 10a; Lewis 22p; Parish 21p, 12r; Shaw 22p
April 28, 1991: Chuck Person sets an NBA Playoff record with 7 three-pointers!

Indiana at Boston, Game 5

Bird 32p, 9r, 7a; Lewis 22p; Parish 21p; Person 32p; Miller 22p; Williams 23p; Schrempf 20p
May 5, 1991: One of the more memorable deciding games of all-time. Bird goes down hard late in the 2nd quarter and does not emerge at the start of the 2nd half. Halfway though the 3rd he comes out of the tunnel a-la Willis Reed (1970 Knicks) much to the delight of the fans and players....

Detroit at Boston, Game 1

Lewis 20p; Dumars 17p; Rodman 16r
May 7, 1991: This Eastern Conference Semi-Final match-up marked the end of the Celtics - Pistons dominance in the East. One last chance for the stars of the 1980's, namely Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Robert Parish, Isiah Thomas, Joe Dumars and others to show how much they wanted once more title and the series didn't disappoint. The series went to a classic Game 6 that has an ending to this very day that is still disputed and has fans of the Celtics wondering what if....

Boston at Detroit, Game 3

Lewis 21p; Parish 13p, 11r; Laimbeer 12p, 12r
May 11, 1991

Boston at Detroit, Game 6

Dumars 32p, 10a; Lewis 23p; McHale 34p; Bird 12p
May 17, 1991

Golden State at LA Lakers, Game 1

Magic 21p, 17a, 10r! Hardaway 33p; Elie 21p; Worthy 25p; Scott 27p
May 5, 1991: Run TMC were on a high after upsetting the San Antonio Spurs in the first round. Could the dynamic trio of Tim Hardaway, Mitch Richmond and Chris Mullin match up with the might Lakers led by Magic and Worthy?

LA Lakers at Golden State, Game 3

Magic 15p, 15a; Worthy 36p; Scott 23p; Richmond 24p; Hardaway 24p, 12a
May 10, 1991

LA Lakers at Golden State, Game 4

Magic 21p, 11a; Perkins 27p; Scott 21p, 11r; Richmond 26p; Hardaway 22p, 9a
May 12, 1991

Golden State at LA Lakers, Game 5

Magic 28p, 14r, 12a! Worthy 25p, 10r; Hardaway 27p, 20a! Mullin 26p; Richmond 26p
May 14, 1991: Warriors desperate for win and get a big lead in the 4th, but the Lakers are too powerful led by Magic in a classic that goes into overtime.

Golden State at San Antonio, Game 2

Mullin 27p; Hardaway 20p; Robinson 28p, 15r; Cummings 26p, 12r
April 27, 1991: A Classic First Round upset sees the Run TMC trio at their very best against the David Robinson, Sean Elliott and the rest of the San Antonio Spurs. Don Nelson successfully employs a 4-guard offense with Sarunas Marciulionis filling that role.

San Antonio at Golden State, Game 4

Hardaway 32p, 9a; Mullin 23p; Richmond 17p, 11r; Elliott 23p; Strickland 21p; Robinson 18p, 14r
May 3, 1991: The Warriors look to close out the series at home.

Seattle at Portland, Game 1

Drexler 39p (19 in the 4th quarter!); Kersey 31p; Johnson 33p
April 26, 1991: Never has an 8 seed defeated a 1 seed in a First Round match-up. The young and upstart Sonics of Seattle led by Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton nearly pull off this feat against the powerful Portland Trail Blazers. In this Game 1 Clyde Drexler socres a career playoff high of 39p.

Seattle at Portland, Game 5

Porter 23p, 11a; Drexler 22p; Robinson 20p; Kemp 17p
May 4, 1991

Atlanta at Detroit, Game 2

Dumars 28p; Rodman 16r; Wilkins 20p
April 28, 1991: The story of this First Round series was the absolute dominance of the Pistons led by Isiah Thomas, Bill Laimbeer, Joe Dumars and Dennis Rodman over the Dominique Wilkins, Spud Webb, Doc Rivers and the rest of the Atlanta Hakws during the regular season (5 to 0). But this is why they play the game....

Detroit at Atlanta, Game 4

Rivers 34p, 9r; Wilkins 24p, 11r; Moncrief 23p; Johnson 26p
May 2, 1991: At the end of this Game 4 Moncrief scores 12 points in the final 5 minutes; Hawks went to the line 51 times!

Atlanta at Detroit, Game 5

Thomas 26p, 11a; Rodman 20r! Dumars 22p
May 5, 1991: 2 - 2 and back to Detroit for a deciding Game 5 that included Laimbeer and Wilkins almost coming to blows.