New Jersey at Cleveland, Game 1

Drazen Petrovic 40p; Brad Daugherty 40p, 16r; Mark Price 35p, 10a
April 23, 1992

Portland at LA Lakers, Game 3 of 4

Clyde Drexler 42p, 12a, 9r
April 29, 1992

Utah Jazz at LA Clippers, Game 4 of 5

Karl Malone 44p; First Round Playoff, Game 4 to tie series
May 3, 1992

Miami at Chicago, Game 1

Jordan 46p, 11r, 9a!
April 24, 1992: The defending champs looked every bit that as Jordan went on a tear with 46p in helping the Bulls pull away in the 2nd half.

Miami at Chicago, Game 2

Jordan 33p, 13r, 6a; Pippen 30p; Seikaly 26p
April 26, 1992: In this Game 2 both Jordan and Pippen scored 30 points in routing the Heat and moving one step closer to the 2nd round.

Chicago at Miami, Game 3

Jordan 56p!! Pippen 31p, 8r, 5a; Rice 25p; Seikaly 22p, 12r
April 29, 1992: One of the best playoff games of 1992 saw the Heat race out to an 18 point lead and hold Jordan to no points in the first 10 minutes. One problem: He scored 56 over the next 38 minutes!

Seattle at Utah, Game 5 of 5

Malone 37p, 13r; Stockton 17a
May 14, 1992

1992: Chicago vs New York, All Games

d9271 to d9277
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1992 Eastern Conference Semi-Finals: After getting embarrased one year earlier the Knicks made some key offseason moves. The biggest was new coach Pat Riley along with Xavier McDaniel, Anthony Mason and an up-and-coming John Starks. The Bulls had again dominated the Knicks in the Regular Season but this series was a tatse of things to come as it went a full gruelling 7 games.

New York at Chicago, Game 1

Jordan 31p; Pippen 22p, 9a, 8r; Ewing 34p, 16r
May 5, 1992: The Knicks made the plays when it mattered most and a relentless defense sent them to an improbable Game 1 victory.

New York at Chicago, Game 2

Jordan 27p, 6r, 5a; Ewing 16p, 16r
May 7, 1992: The Bulls stepped up the defensive pressure a notch as their backup PG BJ Armstrong played the role of hero.
NOTE: About 50 seconds of game time is missing in the final minute of the game.

Chicago at New York, Game 3

Jordan 32p, 9r; Pippen 26p; Ewing 27p, 11r
May 9, 1992: The Bulls used the Knicks gameplan on the Knicks as they never really allowed NY to get into the swing of things. For the first time in the series both Jordan and Pippen dominated regaining home court advantage for the Bulls.

Chicago at New York, Game 4

Jordan 29p; McDaniel 24p
May 10, 1992: The Knicks were in a must-win situation and they delivered. With Ewing in foul rtouble for most of thegame the Knicks had to look elsewhere and McDaniel, Oakley and Starks all delivered.

New York at Chicago, Game 5

Jordan 37p; Pippen 10p, 10r, 8a; McDaniel 26p; Wilkins 19p
May 12, 1992: The series took on a different atmosphere as flagrant fouls were being called left and right. But, it was Jordan who scored 26 in the 2nd half who would have the final word.

Chicago at New York, Game 6

Jordan 21p, 8a; Ewing 27p, 8r; Starks 27p; McDaniel 24p, 11r; Jackson 15a
May 14, 1992: The Knicks pumped up by an amazing crowd put in a great performance on both ends of the floor using a 13-0 run to start the 4th quarter to their full advantage.

New York at Chicago, Game 7

Jordan 42p! Pippen 17p, 11r, 11a; Ewing 22p
May 17, 1992: An amazing series comes down toa final 7th game. Jordan steps up and refuses to let his team lose as he puts on a dominating 42p display and sends Chicago back to the Conference Finals.

1992: Chicago vs Cleveland, All Games

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1992 Eastern Conference Finals: This was to be the Cavaliers best shot at a title until the LeBron years. Led by all-stars Brad Daugherty and Mark Price and veteren Larry Nance the Cavs were out to prove they just weren't cannon fodder for the Champs.

Cleveland at Chicago, Game 1

Jordan 33p; Pippen 29p, 12r, 9a; Daugherty 23p; Price 21p, 9a; Nance 19p, 12r
May 19, 1992: Both teams were coming off exhausting 7 game series in the semi-finals but it would be the Bulls who welcomed the Cavaliers "soft" approach in romping to a Game 1 victory.

Cleveland at Chicago, Game 2

Jordan 20p, 11r; Daugherty 28p, 9r; Price 23p, 7a
May 21, 1992: Widely criticised after their Game 1 effort the Cavs turned it around 100% in completely dominating the Bulls on their home floor.

Chicago at Cleveland, Game 3

Jordan 36p, 9a; Pippen 23p, 9r, 7a; Ehlo 20p; Daugherty 18p, 10r; Nance 18p
May 23, 1992: Jordan and Pippen combined for 59 points as the Bulls raced out to an early lead and snatched home court advantage back in their favor.

Chicago at Cleveland, Game 4

Jordan 35p; Nance 22p, 11r; Ehlo 21p; Williams 18p
May 25, 1992: With their two stars struggling the rest of the Cavs had to step up and they did. Great team performance from Cleveland despite Jordan's 35 points. Danny Ferry did his best in trying to take out Jordan with a couple of punches.

Cleveland at Chicago, Game 5

Jordan 37p; Pippen 14p, 15r; Price 24p
May 27, 1992: A close game through the first 3 quarters was blown open in the 4th as the Bulls completely shut the Cavs down to start the 4th. The Bulls remembering what Ferry did in Game 4 took revenge as both benchs cleared with about a minute to go in the game.

Chicago at Cleveland, Game 6

Jordan 29p, 8r, 8a; Pippen 29p, 12r, 5a, 4s, 4b; Grant 20p, 9r; Nance 25p, 16r; Daugherty 18p, 13r
May 29, 1992: Probably the best game of the series as it was close throughout. Jordan struggled in the first 3 quarters but his teammates carried the load but when it mattered most it was MJ who stood head and shoulders above the rest.

Boston vs Cleveland, ALL GAMES

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1992 Eastern Conference Semi-Final: The Celtics last hurrah. The 1980's was the decade of the Magic and Bird, the Lakers & Celtics. With a rising star, Reggie Lewis, the Celtics led By Bird, McHale and Parrish had a legitimate shot to get back to the promised land. However, the upstart Cavs led by Brad Daugherty and Mark Price stood in their way. Series went 7 games and game 7 turned out to be the final game of Larry Bird's NBA career.

Boston at Cleveland, Game 1

Daugherty 26p, 17r; Nance 24p; Gamble 22p
May 2, 1992: Celts were on a high riding an 11 game winning streak when they met the Cavs to start this series. Kerr hit a demoralizing half-court shot at the end of the 3rd that laid rest plans of a Celtics come-back.

Boston at Cleveland, Game 2

Parish 27p; Lewis 26p; Daugherty 22p; Price 20p
May 4, 1992: The old man took criticism to heart as he leads the Celtics to victory.

Cleveland at Boston, Game 3

Lewis 36p; McHale 22p; Price 27p, 10a; Daugherty 22p, 11r
May 8, 1992: An exciting game that saw Cleveland take control in the 3rd. However, a 4th quarter surge by the Celtics led by Reggie Lewis saw them pull it out in the end.

Cleveland at Boston, Game 4

Lewis 42p! McHale 23p; Parish 16p, 18r; Nance 32p; Price 26p, 12a; Daugherty 20p
May 10, 1992: A thrilling game that saw the return of Larry Bird to action. Lewis with a career day of 42 points led the Celtics while old-pro Larry Nance picked up the slack for the Cavs.

Boston at Cleveland, Game 5

Daugherty 28p; Ehlo 20p, 13a; Lewis 27p; Bird 13p
May 13, 1992: Ehol, the forgotten man of the series hits his first 8 shots. Cavs defense shut down the Celts big three in the 2nd half to take control of the game and the series.

Cleveland at Boston, Game 6

Bird 16p, 14a; Lewis 26p; McHale 22p
May 15, 1992: What turned out to be Bird's final game as a player in the Boston Garden was an emotional one from the introductions to his highlight plays in the first quarter.

Boston at Cleveland, Game 7

Daugherty 28p; Williams 20p; Lewis 22p; Bird 12p
May 17, 1992: Quicker, stronger, faster, fresher. These words describe perfectly the winner's performance in this Game 7 showdown. This turned out to be Larry Bird's final NBA game.

Portland vs Phoenix, ALL GAMES

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1992 Western Conference Semi-Final: This series is most known for the highest scoring NBA Playoff game of all-time, a 153 to 151 double OT thriller. However, it was a fascinating look into the West's most dominant team led by Drexler, Kersey and Porter facing an up-and-coming Suns team just before the Charles Barkley era.

Phoenix at Portland, Game 1

Porter 31p; Drexler 26p, 10r; Johnson 24p; Majerle 23p; Hornacek 12a
May 5, 1992: A thrilling close game that came down to the final seconds. A top defensive play the difference.

Phoenix at Portland, Game 2

Johnson 35p; Ceballos 20p; Drexler 27p, 13a, 8r; Porter 27p; Kersey 25p
May 7, 1992: Balzers get off to a big start but the Suns battle back after Kevin Johnson drops 22, including 18 straight, points ion the 3rd quarter. Blazres take the lead for good when Johnson is rested in the 4th.

Portland at Phoenix, Game 3

Drexler 37p; Porter 20p, 11a, 8r; Hornacek 30p; Perry 27p; Majerle 25p; Johnson 16p, 16a
May 9, 1992: This game was the perfect example of the Suns fast-break offense.

Portland at Phoenix, Game 4

Drexler 33p, 11a, 8r; Porter 31p, 14a; Kersey 21p, 10r; Ainge 25p; Johnson 35p, 14a; Chambers 29p; Hornacek 23p; Majerle 21p, 11r
May 11, 1992: One of the best playoff games of all time. Over 300 points in this double OT thriller.

Phoenix at Portland, Game 5

Drexler 34p, 8r, 8a; Porter 20p; Chambers 19p
May 14, 1992: The upstart Suns put on a valiant effort but it was not to be. Their time would come one year later.

Portland vs Utah, Games 1, 2, 4, 5 & 6

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NOTE: Game 3 is NOT available
1992 Western Conference Finals: The powerful Blazers led by Clyde Drexler, Jerome Kersey, Terry Porter, Buck Williams & Kevin Duckworth took on the Utah Jazz. The Jazz led by Karl Malone, John Stockton and Jeff Malone fought hard as this exciting series showcased the talents of a team at its very peak versus a team on the rise.

Utah at Portland, Game 1

Porter 26p, 8a; Kersey 20p
May 16, 1992: Porter breaks his own team record for 3-ptrs in a playoff game

Utah at Portland, Game 2

Porter 41p! Drexler 36p, 12a; K Malone 25p, 11r; Stockton 24p, 11a; J Malone 21p
May 19, 1992: Porter with career-high 41p! Sloan ejected in the 4th qtr in a testy game

Portland at Utah, Game 4

K Malone 33p, 12r; J Malone 28p; Stockton 18p, 15a; Porter 34p; Drexler 27p
May 24, 1992: Jazz set team record for free throws made whilst Blazers had 6 technicals called against them. Late 4th quarter run decides the game

Utah at Portland, Game 5

K Malone 38p, 14r; J Malone 23p; Kersey 29p, 10r; Drexler 24p, 8r, 7a; Porter 24p, 11a; Duckworth 24p
May 26, 1992: Stockton injured late in first half but Jazz held bravely on to take the game into overtime.

Portland at Utah, Game 6

K Malone 23p, 19r; Stockton 18p, 12a
May 28, 1992: Utah is undefeated at home in the Playoffs. Portland is 0 - 4 this season at Utah. Game was close until Blazers started to pull away in the 3rd. Jazz make a furious comeback that falls just a bit short.