Chicago vs Atlanta, ALL GAMES

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This was set-up as Jordan vs Wilkins as the NBA's top 2 scorers went head to head. However, it seemed nothing was going to stop MJ, not even a sprained ankle.

Atlanta at Chicago, Game 1


Jordan 35p; Wilkins 24p

Bulls get their 3rd championship campaign underway with a convincing Game 1 victory.

Atlanta at Chicago, Game 2

Wilkins 37p; Jordan 29p; Pippen 25p; Willis 26p, 13r
Hawks kept it close in the first half until Jordan scored a back-breaking half court shot to end the first half.

Chicago at Atlanta, Game 3


Jordan 39p; Wilkins 29p

May 4, 1993: Despite leading 2-0 the Bulls season may have ended early as Jordan was helped off the floor with a sprained ankle in the 3rd quarter. However, he returned and silenced a stunned Atlanta crowd with 14 more points to seal the sweep.

Chicago vs Cleveland, ALL GAMES

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The Bulls had been a thorn in the Cavs side since 1989, unfortunately for them this series would end exactly the same way.

Cleveland at Chicago, Game 1


Jordan 43 points!

MJ, sensing that his team was rusty after not playing for 7 days, put on a one man show single-handedly leading his team to victory in the 4th quarter.

Cleveland at Chicago, Game 2

Jordan 18p; Pippen 19p; Grant 20p
Jordan suffered a sprained wrist in the 3rd quarter and let his teammates carry them to victory in this Game 2.

Chicago at Cleveland, Game 3


Jordan 32p; Pippen 28p, 9r; Nance 24p

Despite still suffering from a sprained wrist MJ drops 32 points in putting the Bulls in an unsurmountable 3-0 lead.

Chicago at Cleveland, Game 4

Jordan 31p, 9r; Daugherty 25p, 13r; Wilkins 22p

With the crowd fully beihind their beloved Cavs for 48 minutes they were unable to stop MJ as he scored a buzzer beater to win the game reminiscent of 1989.

Chicago vs New York, ALL GAMES

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This was supposed to be the Knicks year. Pat Riley had molded the Knicks into a 60 win giant. Unbeatable at home, tough an dgritty on the road. However, Michael Jordan wasn't about to let that interrupt history.

Chicago at New York, Game 1


Jordan 27p; Starks 25p; Ewing 25p, 17r; Pippen 24p

John Starks was the star offensively and defensively handing the Bulls their first postseason loss.

Chicago at New York, Game 2

Jordan 36p, 9r; Ewing 26p, 10r; Rivers 21p
In this game the Knicks took control and led big late. The Bulls mounted a furious comeback but the Knicks managed to stay in control and lead this best of 7 series 2-0.

New York at Chicago, Game 3


Jordan 22p, 11a, 8r; Pippen 29p; Ewing 21p, 9r

The Bulls returned home and found their championship form in dominating the Knicks.

New York at Chicago, Game 4

Jordan 54p!!! Ewing 24p, 9r; Starks 24p

Michael Jordan was simply spectacular in torching the Knicks for the most ever points in a playoff game versus the Knicks. Series is tied headed back for that infamous Game 5.

Chicago at New York, Game 5


Jordan 29p, 14a, 10r! Pippen 28p, 11r; Ewing 33p, 9r

The Bulls ended the Knicks 27 game win streak at MSG in dramatic fashion with one of the most famous sequence of plays in the history of the NBA as Charles Smith is blocked 4 times from point blank range.

New York at Chicago, Game 6

Jordan 25p, 9a; Pipen 24p; Ewing 26p, 13r
The Bulls became the first team in 16 years to comeback and win a best of 7 series after losing the first 2 games. The Knicks were left wondering what could have ben. A dramatic ending to a classic playoff series.

Phoenix vs Seattle, ALL GAMES

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1993 Western Conference Finals: The Sonics are the up and coming team in the West led by youngsters Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton, but this is supposed to be the Suns year led by MVP Charles Barkley, Kevin Johnson and Dan Majerle. This series went the full 7 games where Barkley showed trup MVP style.

Seattle at Phoenix, Game 1

Ceballos 21p; Barkley 14r; Kemp 16p, 10r
May 24, 1993: Team effort from the Suns helps them pull away in the 2nd half

Seattle at Phoenix, Game 2

Pierce 34p; Majerle 29p, 10r; Barkley 24p, 10r
May 26, 1993: Thrilling game as Perkins nails a 3-ptr with 9 seconds to go. Suns think they tied it and we're heading to OT...wait, is that a whistle I hear?

Phoenix at Seattle, Game 3

Johnson 20p, 9a; Pierce 28p; Kemp 19p, 12r
May 28, 1993: Crowd is going nuts in Seattle throughout a close game until Barkley makes his move late ion the 4th. Frank Johnson the unlikely hero of the game.

Phoenix at Seattle, Game 4

Barkley 27p; Kemp 20p; McKey 20p
May 30, 1993: A game of two halves....

Seattle at Phoenix, Game 5

Barkley 43p, 15r, 10a! Majerle 34p; Kemp 33p; Pierce 27p; Payton 20p, 8a
June 1, 1993: Majerle sets new NBA Playoff record with 8 three-pointers. None biiger than his 8th. Barkley with a monster game.

Phoenix at Seattle, Game 6

Pierce 27p; Kemp 22p, 15r; Johnson 22p
June 3, 1993: Back in Seattle as things start to get antsy between the two teams. Suns get frustrated and we're headed back to Phoenix

Seattle at Phoenix, Game 7

Barkley 44p, 22r!! K Johnson 22p, 9a; E Johnson 34p; Kemp 18p, 8r
June 5, 1993: This was the Barkley show with career playoff high 44p and 22r in a thriling game 7.