Denver vs Seattle, ALL GAMES

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1994 First Round: One of the biggest upsets in NBA history as for the first time an 8th seed beats a number 1. Seattle led by Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton were supposed to sweep this series against the young Nuggets led by Dikembe Mutombo.

Denver at Seattle, Game 1

Schrempf 21p; Payton 20p; Kemp 16p
April 28, 1994: The Sonics, the team with NBA's best regular season record, played like they were the best team as they dominated Game 1.

Denver at Seattle, Game 2

Payton 18p; Ellis 18p, 10r
April 30, 1994: More of the same in Game 2. Surely this series will end in 3.

Seattle at Denver, Game 3

Reggie Williams 31p; Mutombo 19p, 13r; Schrempf 18p
May 2, 1994: Hold the phone. Reggie Williams is the hero as the Nuggets are dominant in the paint and force a Game 4.

Seattle at Denver, Game 4

Ellis 27p, 17r; Mutombo 16r, 8b! Payton 20p; Schrempf 20p
May 5, 1994: LaPhonso Ellis is the hero in this game with big numbers. Seattle ended the season losing all 4 games it had played in Denver. Nevermind, they are heading back to their safe haven in Seattle for Game 5.

Denver at Seattle, Game 5

Pack 23p; Brian Williams 17p, 19r; Mutombo 15r, 8b! Gill 22p; Kemp 19p, 12r
May 7, 1994: One of the most dramatioc games in NBA history sees for the first time ever a number 8 seed win a playoff series. Robert Pack and Brian Williams are huge off the bench and Dikembe, what a defensive performance.

Phoenix - Golden St

1994 Playoffs, Rd 1, Gm 3
Barkley with 56 points

Houston vs Phoenix, ALL GAMES

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1994 Western Conference Semi-Final: After getting so close in 1993 surely Charles Barkley and the rest of the Suns felt they had a real shot with Michael Jordan retired. What they and the rest of the league didn't count on was a Houston Rockets team led by Hakeem Olajuwon on a mission.

Phoenix at Houston, Game 1

Olajuwon 36p, 16r; Barkley 21p, 12r; Johnson 20p, 12a
May 8, 1994: The crowd was silenced as the Suns stunned the Rockets in this Game 1. The Rockets took an early commanding lead but the Suns got on track in the 2nd half and held on for a close victory.

Phoenix at Houston, Game 2

Barkley 34p, 15r; Johnson 27p; Majerle 22p; Olajuwon 31p, 17r
May 11, 1994: A fantastic game that saw the Suns set the biggest 4th quarter comeback in NBA history by coming back from 20 down with 10 minutes to play in the 4th. Game went to overtime where the Suns took control. Only one team in NBA history had won a series after losing Games 1 & 2 at home, after this series there would be two.

Houston at Phoenix, Game 3

Johnson 38p, 12a; Barkley 18p, 14r; Maxwell 34p; Olajuwon 26p, 15r, 6b
May 13, 1994: The Houston Rockets were in a must-win situation. Perhaps the Suns felt a little overconfident as Houston took this game 3.

Houston at Phoenix, Game 4

Johnson 38p, 12a; Barkley 19p, 14r; Olajuwon 28p, 12r, 5b; Smith 21p
May 15, 1994: The Suns seem to play better when it is a team effort, but aside from kevin Johnson the Suns fell a little flat again and the Rockets unbelievably tied this series at 2 games each.

Phoenix at Houston, Game 5

Barkley 30p; Olajuwon 20p; Thorpe 20p, 13r
May 17, 1994: No come-back this time as for the first time in this epic series a home team won. Rockets dominated from the opening tip-off.

Houston at Phoenix, Game 6

Johnson 28p, 13a; Barkley 18p, 15r; Green 22p; Olajuwon 23p, 12r
May 19, 1994: Now it was the Suns who faced a must-win, and they did just that, sending the game back to Houston for an epic Game 7.

Phoenix at Houston, Game 7

Olajuwon 37p, 17r; Cassell 22p; Johnson 25p, 11a; Barkley 24p, 15r
May 21, 1994: From "Choke City" to "Clutch City" as the Rockets stepped up and moved on to the Western Conference Finals.

1994 ECSF, Chicago vs New York, All Games


Knicks - Chicago, Gms 1 & 2

1994 Conference Semis; Game 1
1994 Conference Semis; Game 2

Knicks - Chicago, Gms 3 & 4

1994 Conference Semis; Game 3
1994 Conference Semis; Game 4

Chicago at New York, Game 5

May 18, 1994

Knicks - Chicago, Gms 6 & 7

1994 Conference Semis; Game 6
1994 Conference Semis; Game 7

Knicks - Indiana, Gms 1 & 2

1994 Conference Finals; Game 1
1994 Conference Finals; Game 2

Knicks - Indiana, Gms 3 & 4

1994 Conference Finals; Game 3
1994 Conference Finals; Game 4

Knicks - Indiana, Gms 5 & 6

1994 Conference Finals; Game 5
1994 Conference Finals; Game 6

Knicks - Indiana

1994 Conference Finals; Game 7