Indiana vs New York

Reggie: 8 points in 8 seconds!
1995 East Conference Semi-Finals: Game 1

Indiana vs New York

Can the Pacers finally get over the New York hump?
1996 East Conference Semi-Finals: Game 7

Houston - Phoenix

1995 Conference Semis, Game 7

1995 ECSF, Chicago vs Orlando, All Games

d9578 to d9583
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ECSF Game 1 Chicago at Orlando

Shaq, Penny Hardaway, Horace Grant, etc
May 7, 1995

ECSF Game 2 Chicago at Orlando

Michael Jordan 38p
May 10, 1995

ECSF Game 3 Orlando at Chicago

Michael Jordan 40p
May 12, 1995

ECSF Game 4 Orlando at Chicago

Michael Jordan 26p
May 14, 1995

ECSF Game 5 Chicago at Orlando

Michael Jordan 39p
May 16, 1995

ECSF Game 6 Orlando at Chicago

Scottie Pippen 26p, 12r
May 19, 1995

Orlando vs Indiana, ALL GAMES

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1995 Eastern Conference Finals: From zero playoff victories to the NBA Finals. This is what the highly-talented Magic would achieve with a victory in the 1995 East Finals. Shquille O'Neal, Anfernee Hardaway and Horace Grant were a formindable trio but could the upstart Pacers of Reggie Miller, Rik Smiths & co. pull off the major upset?

Indiana at Orlando, Game 1

Shaq 32p, 11r; Hardaway 20p, 14a; D Scott 19p; Miller 26p
May 23, 1995: Indiana coming off a tough 7 game series versus the Knicks fired on all cylinders early as they shot out to a big early lead leaving the Magic and their fans in stunned silence. Led by Shaq, angered by learning he finished second in MVP voting, the Magic mounted a big comeback and buried the Pacers in the 2nd half.

Indiana at Orlando, Game 2

Shaq 39p, 10r; Hardaway 19p, 15a; D Scott 25p; Miller 37p; Smits 19p
May 25, 1995: This highly entertaining game saw Millerand Shaq exchangin baskets all game long, but it came down toa key play with just seconds remaining and that first Magic draft pick, Nick Anderson.

Orlando at Indiana, Game 3

Miller 26p; McKey 22p; Smits 19p; Hardaway 29p; Shaq 18p
May 27, 1995: Back in Indiana and the Pacers change things up by challengin shots and keep Shaq out of the lane as much as possible. Will it work?

Orlando at Indiana, Game 4

Miller 23p; Smits 21p, 7r, 7a; Hardaway 26p; D Scott 22p; Shaq 16p, 10r
May 29, 1995: One of the most dramatic endings to an NBA game that you will ever see.

Indiana at Orlando, Game 5

Shaq 35p, 13r; Anderson 19p; Miller 21p; McKey 21p; Smits 20p; Jackson 19p, 11a
May 31, 1995: Another thrilling game in this dramatic series. Usually it comes down to Reggie Miller at the end, but this time Mark Jackson decided to take matters into his own hands. Did it work out?

Orlando at Indiana, Game 6

Miller 36p; Smits 22p, 10r; Shaq 26p
June 2, 1995: Down 3-2 the Pacers were ready in this game and fired on all cylinders in walking away with a relatively easy victory in front of their home fans.

Indiana at Orlando, Game 7

Shaq 25p, 11r; D Scott 19p
June 4, 1995: This Game 7 showdown was decided in the 2nd half as the Magic's 3-point shooting proved to be too much for Miller and the Pacers. This set it up for a dream final showdown of Shaq vs Hakeem in the 1995 NBA Finals.

Houston vs San Antonio, ALL GAMES

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1995 Western Conference Finals: David Robinson was the NBA Regular Season MVP in leading the Spurs to the best record in the NBA. Dennis Rodman was cleaning up the boards and Sean Elliott was making the key shots, but Hakeem Olajuwon was in the absolute prime of his career. Olajuwon exploded with some amazing play and together with Clyde "The Glyde" Drexler took down the best in the West.

Houston at San Antonio, Game 1

Olajuwon 27p, 5b; Drexler 25p, 12r; Elliott 24p; Robinson 21p; Rodman 20r!
May 22, 1995: A thrilling game that came down to the final seconds and a man named Robert Horry doing best what he madxe a career out of.

New Jersey at Orlando

3 OT; Anfernee Hardaway 42p, career high; Dennis Scott 32p
November 8, 1995

San Antonio at Houston, Game 3

Robinson 29p; Johnson 20p, 13a; Elliott 21p; Rodman 14r; Olajuwon 43p, 11r! Drexler 21p
May 26, 1995: With the press calling for a sweep the pressure seemed to be off the Spurs who delivered a clutch perfomance despite another huge night from Olajuwon. Robinson, Rodman and Johnson all delivered for the Spurs to get back into the series.

San Antonio at Houston, Game 4

Robinson 20p, 16r; Rodman 19r; Olajuwon 20p, 14r
May 28, 1995: The Spurs after game 2 were in disarray, after game 4 they were back on top having recaptured home advantage. This was the most dominant game so far as the Rockets had no answer to Robinson and Rodman.

Houston at San Antonio, Game 5

Olajuwon 42p, 9r, 8a, 5b! Cassell 30p; Robinson 22p, 12r; Johnson 20p
May 30, 1995: Hakeem Olajuwon was simply unstoppable in every aspect of the game as this bizarre series continuing to see the road team win each game.

San Antonio at Houston, Game 6

Olajuwon 39p, 17r; Horry 22p; Robinson 19p, 10r; Johnson 19p, 10a; Rodman 14p, 17r
June 1, 1995: This Game 6 would see the end of the road team wins as the Rockets made NBA history to defeat their 3rd team in a single playoffs that won at least 59 games. What a series.