Chicago vs Miami, 1996 ALL GAMES

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The Bulls were fresh off a record breaking 72 win season. The Miami Heat were led by Alonzo Mourning and Tim Hardaway but the Bulls, in this version of the "3-peat", were a four pronged attack led by Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman and Toni Kukoc.

Miami at Chicago, Game 1


Jordan 35p; Hardaway 30p, 7a; Kukoc 21p, 7r

April 26, 1996: A game that was close through the midpoint of the 3rd quarter ascended into Bulls control as the Heat lost their cool.

Miami at Chicago, Game 2

Jordan 29p (26 in first half); Pippen 24p, 8a, 6r
The Bulls showed their 72 win form in dismantling the Heat in this rowdy Game 2.
NOTE: This game is Joined In Progress with 7.30 left in the first quarter due to the length of the preceding game on the same TV network.

Chicago at Miami, Game 3


Jordan 26p; Pippen 22p, 18r, 10a! Mourning 30p

The Bulls were led by an inspired Pippen who helped the Bulls overcome an injury to Jordan in dismantling the Heat and advance to meet the Knicks.

Chicago vs New York, 1996 ALL GAMES

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The old rivalry stirs again as Derek Harper joins the fun. A gruelling 5 game series sees the Bulls put this rivalry behind them for the last time.

New York at Chicago, Game 1

Jordan 44p! Ewing 21p, 16r; Harper 19p
May 5, 1996: The Knicks succeeded in shutting all the Bulls down except one, and he exploded for 44 points. So close yet so far for the Knicks.

New York at Chicago, Game 2

Jordan 28p; Pippen 19p; Rodman 19r; Ewing 23p, 10r
May 7, 1996: the unsung hero for a 2nd game in a row was Luc Longley who frustrated Ewing again in the 4th quarter to allow the Bulls to pull away.

Chicago at New York, Game 3

Jordan 46p! Pippen 24p, 8r, 6a; Starks 30p; Ewing 22p, 13r; Mason 18p, 10r
May 11, 1996: A classic game that went to overtime saw the Knicks claw back into the series with an amazing victory. Jordan just wouldn't let his team die as put up an astounding 46 points including 8 in the last 77 seconds of regulation, but Ewing, Oakley and Straks stood tall.

Chicago at New York, Game 4

Jordan 27p; Rodman 19r; Ewing 29p, 10r
May 12, 1996: After a super win the day before the Knicks carried a swagger into Game 4 but it was the Bulls bench who came up big when it mattered most.

New York at Chicago, Game 5

Jordan 35p; Ewing 22p
May 14, 1996: Over the yeras the Knicks could never win in Chicago during the playoffs and that was their downfall again this season. Jordan would not allow this team to lose as they wne tback to the Eastern Finals for the first time since 1993.

Chicago vs Orlando, 1996 ALL GAMES

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This was Shaquille O'Neal's chance to shine once again, and together with Anfernee Hardaway they were a dynamic one-two punch. However, they ran into the record setting 1996 Chicago Bulls.

Orlando at Chicago, Game 1

Jordan 21p; Rodman 13p, 21r! Hardaway 38p; Shaq 27p
May 19, 1996: This was all-round embarrassment for the Magic as the Bulls romped to an almost 40 point win.

Orlando at Chicago, Game 2

Jordan 35p; Pippen 17p, 10r, 9a; Shaq 36p, 16r
May 21, 1996: A true game of two halves as the Magic bounced back from Game 1 and raced to an early lead. The Bulls adjusted well at halftime limiting Shaq and Jordan caught fire scoring 25 in the half.

Chicago at Orlando, Game 3

Pippen 27p; Jordan 17p; Hardaway 17p
May 25, 1996: The Bulls have the offense but also the defense as they held the Magic to the 2nd lowest point toal in playoff history.

Chicago at Orlando, Game 4

Jordan 45p; Hardaway 28p, 8a; Shaq 28p, 9r
May 27, 1996: The best game fo the series was saved for last as Jordan put on a dazzling display and was unstoppable scoring 45 points. The Magic did their best but it wasn't enough in this magical season for the Bulls.

Seattle vs Utah, ALL GAMES

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1996 Western Conference Finals: Over the last few seasons Seattle were the team that should have been dominating but something kept getting in the way. In 1996 everything seemed to fall into place as they took on a team supposedly in their prime, the Utah Jazz. It was Kemp and Payton vs Malone and Stockton. It seemed now or never for the Utah duo but their time would come...

Utah at Seattle, Game 1

Kemp 21p, 11r; Payton 21p; Malone 21p
May 18, 1996: Utah came off a tough series and the Sonics were well rested for this one.

Utah at Seattle, Game 2

Malone 32p, 13r; Payton 18p
May 20, 1996: Jazz were ready to play from the start but as the game came down to the final 30 seconds and they didn't do something that perhaps they should have.

Seattle at Utah, Game 3

Malone 28p, 18r; Hornacek 28p; Russell 24p; Payton 25p
May 24, 1996: Back in Utah and the Jazz stepped up shutting down Kemp and smothering Payton with great D.
NOTE: TV network loses video feed for last 5 minutes of 3rd quarter.

Seattle at Utah, Game 4

Perkins 20p; Payton 19p; Kemp 18p; Malone 25p, 12r
May 26, 1996: Sonics became a team in this game. Even though Kemp was in foul trouble all night long the Sonics kept up tenacious defense on Malone. Game came down to the final shot.

Utah at Seattle, Game 5

Payton 31p; Kemp 24p, 13r; Malone 29p; Hornacek 27p
May 28, 1996: Game goes to overtime thanks to a huge Kemp block on Malone and a questionable no-call.

Seattle at Utah, Game 6

Malone 32p, 10r, 7a, 4s; Hornacek 23p; Stockton 14p, 12a; Kemp 26p, 14r
May 30, 1996: Emotional game for Malone as he plays his heart outand we head back to Seattle

Utah at Seattle, Game 7

Kemp 26p, 14r; Payton 21p; Malone 22p; Stockton 22p
June 2, 1996: The Jekyll and Hyde Sonics are finally going to the NBA Finals. Kemp and Payton were magnificent throughout in leading their team in this close, exciting game. Many wondered if this was the Jazz's last shot.