Chicago vs New Jersey, 1998 ALL GAMES

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In 1998 the Bulls started their quest for their 2nd "3-peat". They faced a tough first round test in the New Jersey Nets who would be laying the foundations for their title runs in future years. A pesky bunch of players led by Kerry Kittles, Sam Cassell, Keith Van Horn and Sherman Douglass.

New Jersey at Chicago, Game 1

Jordan 39p, 7r; Pippen 24p, 7r; Gatling 24p; Williams 21r!
April 24, 1998: The Nets were walking wounded but they did their fans proud by taking the number one seed Bulls into overtime.

New Jersey at Chicago, Game 2

Jordan 32p; Kukoc 19p; Rodman 16r; Kittles 23p; Douglas 20p, 12a
April 26, 1998: Another close game as it shold not be this difficult for the Bulls, but it is.

Chicago at New Jersey, Game 3

Jordan 38p; Burrell 23p; Douglas 19p, 8a
April 29, 1998: The Nets put up a brave fight as they showed the NBA world their time would come, but in the end this was Jordan's year.

Chicago vs Charlotte, 1998 ALL GAMES

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After acquiring Anthony Mason in the off-season the Charlotte Hornets enjoyed payback with Mason's best year as a pro. He joined a team that included Glen Rice and Vlade Divac hoping they could end the Bulls magical run. Alas, another domino was about to fall.

Charlotte at Chicago, Game 1

Jordan 35p, 11r; Pippen 25p; Rice 25p
May 3, 1998; Jordan and Pippen combined to score just 10 less than the entire Hornets team. That pretty much sums up the game for the Hornets.

Charlotte at Chicago, Game 2

Jordan 22p; Rodman 18r
May 6, 1998: After a lousy game 1 performance the Hornets stunned the Bulls with clutch play from their bench in the 4th to take this close game and even up the series at one game each.

Chicago at Charlotte, Game 3

Jordan 27p; Pippen 18p; Rodman 10p, 17r; Rice 31p
May 8, 1998: The Bulls bounced back impressively after Jordan enjoyed being more freeness after being shut down by Anthony Mason in game 2. Note: This would be Michael Jordan's 1000th consecutive game (regular season and playoffs) that he scored double digits.

Chicago at Charlotte, Game 4

Jordan 31p; Rodman 18r
May 10, 1998: With MJ struggling Scottie Pippen stepped up and took control in a decisive 3rd quarter surge that propelled the Bulls to an unsurmountable 3-1 lead.

Charlotte at Chicago, Game 5

Jordan 33p; Rodman 21r! Rice 30p
May 13, 1998: A hard fought game that nearly saw Glen Rice and Jordan come to blows sees the Bulls return to the East Finals for the 6th time in 8 seasons.

Miami vs New York, ALL GAMES

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1998 First Round: This was the middle year of this intense 3-year rivalry. In 1997 the Knicks seemed destined to win the seires until a fight had 5 Knicks suspended and Miami took control of the series. Here in 1998 the Heat were heavy favorites led by Alonzo Mourning, Tim Hardaway and Dan Majerle but the Knicks were formidable with Allan Houston, Charles Oakley, Larry Johnson and John Starks. Miami seemed destined to win the series until a historic Game 4 that altered Game 5.

New York at Miami, Game 1

Hardaway 34p; Johnson 21p; Houston 17p
April 24, 1998: Knicks looking for revenge after 1997 but came out a little flat as the Heat rode the magnificent Tim Hardaway.

New York at Miami, Game 2

Starks 25p; Houston 24p; Johnson 22p; Mourning 30p; Lenard 25p
April 26, 1998: Heat take an early big lead but the Knicks respond with veteran Terry Cummings and order him to keep Alonzo off the scoresheet. Mission accomplished.

Miami at New York, Game 3

Lenard 28p; Hardaway 27p; Houston 27p; Johnson 22p
April 28, 1998: Series is taking a nasty streak following Knicks taunts in Game 2 and now the Heat's turn in this one. Leads on to game 4....

Miami at New York, Game 4

Hardaway 33p; Mourning 29p; Houston 18p; Johnson 18p; Starks 17p
April 30, 1998: This terrific series will do down in history for this game and what happened at the end. The bad blood between Alonzo Mourning and Larry Johnson, stemming from their days together at Charlotte, spilled over into a fight with 1.5 seconds left in the game. Both players would be suspended for the deciding Game 5 but who would it hurt more?

New York at Miami, Game 5

Houston 30p; Starks 22p; Oakley 18p, 13r; Ward 14a; Hardaway 21p
May 3, 1998: No Mourning, no Johnson. Knicks build up a 20 point lead and the Heat battle all the way back. But, whose calm heads and solid play will win this game 5?

Chicago vs Indiana, 1998 ALL GAMES

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The 1998 Eastern Conference Finals was a war consiting of 7 battles. Each one hard fought, each team wanting this more and more. The Pacers were led by Reggie Miller, Chris Mullin, Mark Jackson and Rik Smits. It would go the distance as home court advantage had never meant so much.

Indiana at Chicago, Game 1

Jordan 31p
May 17, 1998: Were both teams nervous as this game was quite sloppy for an East final, but it was Rodman who provided the much needed spark off the bench.

Indiana at Chicago, Game 2

Jordan 41p! Pippen 21p; Miller 19p; Mullin 18p
May 19, 1998: After receiving his MVP trophy before the game Jordan put on an MVP perfomance with 41 points. A super game that brought this series to life.

Chicago at Indiana, Game 3

Jordan 30p; Pippen 23p, 9r; Miller 28p
May 23, 1998: A fantastic game sees Reggie Miller leave with an injury but he limps onto the floor in the 4th lifiting the spirits of the Pacers and taking game 3.

Chicago at Indiana, Game 4

Jordan 28p; Smits 26p
May 25, 1998: An incredible game that had bit of everything including an amazing finish.

Indiana at Chicago, Game 5

Jordan 29p, 7r; Pippen 20p, 8r, 7a; Kukoc 19p, 7a
May 27, 1998: With Jalen Rose serving a suspension the Bulls took advantage and worked their way to a key win.

Chicago at Indiana, Game 6

Jordan 35p; Pippen 19p; Smits 25p; Davis 19p, 8r
May 29, 1998: Their backs against the wall and the Pacers stepped up as a team and refused to lose on thier home court sending this classic series to a game 7.

Indiana at Chicago, Game 7

Jordan 28p, 9r, 8a; Pippen 17p, 12r; Kukoc 21p; Miller 22p
May 31, 1998: Despite it being a classic series Michael Jordan did not want this to be his final display in a Bulls uniform and his utter determination carried the Bulls into the 1998 NBA Finals.