LA Lakers vs Portland, ALL GAMES

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2000 Western Conference Finals: One of the more dramatic playoff series of all-times. Best remembered for an incredible come-back but should also be remembered for the start of the Lakers dynasty for the next few seasons. Lakers were led by Shaquille O'Neal & a young Kobe Bryant facing a top Portland team led by Scottie Pippen, Rasheed Wallace & Steve Smith.

Portland at LA Lakers, Game 1

Shaq 41p, 11r, 7a! Kobe 13p; Pippen 19p
May 20, 2000: Rasheed Wallace gets ejected in the 3rd quarter and coach Dunleavy decides to play the percentages with hack-a-shaq. Backfires as Shaq was hot from the line and scores 41 points overall.

Portland at LA Lakers, Game 2

Wallace 29p, 12r; Smith 24p; Pippen 21p; Shaq 23p, 12r
May 22, 2000: A close game was broken open in the 3rd quarter by some brilliant Portland play. Series tied 1-1.

LA Lakers at Portland, Game 3

Shaq 26p, 12r; Kobe 25p, 7r, 7a; Wallace 19p; Stoudamire 19p
May 26, 2000: A fantastic game with a super ending sees Kobe blocking the 7 foot 3 Sabonis to preserve victory for the Lakers.

LA Lakers at Portland, Game 4

Shaq 25p, 11r; Rice 21p; Kobe 18p; Wallace 34p, 13r; Smith 20p
May 28, 2000: Nobody thought the Lakers would win 2 in Portland but that's exactly what they did. A wacky game that saw Shaq perfect from the line and guard Ron Harper be an inside force.

Portland at LA Lakers, Game 5

Wallace 22p, 10r; Pippen 22p; Shaq 31p, 21r! Kobe 17p
May 30, 2000: Lakers have a chance to wrap up the series at home but fail to do so. Pippen and Wallace come up huge on both ends of the court to send the series back to Portland for Game 6.

LA Lakers at Portland, Game 6

Smith 26p; Wells 20p; Kobe 33p; Shaq 17p, 11r
June 2, 2000: Blazers seemed to get contributions from every player. When the Lakers made a run at them someone steeped up with a key play. The Blazers were determined not to lose the series at home and off we go for a historic game 7 in LA.

Portland at LA Lakers, Game 7

Kobe 25p, 11r; Shaq 18p; Wallace 30p; Smith 18p
June 4, 2000: Scottie Pippen nails a 3-ptr to put the Blazers up 71-55 late in the 3rd quarter. Everything is working, offensively and defensively for the Blazers. Then one of the most monumental collapses in NBA playoff history sees the Lakers turn it on, the Blazers go ice cold, and history is made.

Indiana - Milwaukee
Indiana - NY Knicks

2000 Playoffs, Rd 1, Gm 5; Reggie Miller 41 pts
2000 Conference Finals; Miller 34 pts, Indiana in Finals!

New York vs Miami, ALL GAMES

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2000 Eastern Conference Semi-Final: This would be the 4th consecutive year and final time this teams would meet in the playoffs in their current forms. This was a war with 7 battles. Every battle was decided by less than 10 points. The Heat were again led by Tim Hardaway and Alonzo Mourning with the Knicks löed by Latrell Sprewell, Patrick Ewing and Allan Houston. A classic series that showcased what the non-Jordan years were like. Every game a tough defensive battle to the very last minute.

New York at Miami, Gm 1

Mourning 26p; Mashburn 21p; Houston 21p
May 7, 2000:

New York at Miami, Gm 2

Mashburn 25p; Mourning 17p, 17r
May 9, 2000:

Miami at New York, Gm 3

Mourning 23p, 9r; Houston 24p; Sprewell 23p
May 12, 2000:

Miami at New York, Gm 4

Ward 20p; Mourning 27p, 14r
May 14, 2000:

New York at Miami, Gm 5

Sprewell 24p; Mashburn 21p
May 17, 2000:

Miami at New York, Gm 6

Houston 21p; Ewing 15p, 18r; Mourning 22p, 10r
May 19, 2000:

New York at Miami, Gm 7

Sprewell 24p; Ewing 20p, 10r; Mourning 29p, 13r
May 21, 2000: