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2002 Western Conference Finals: This match-up was the biggest rivalry in the NBA of its day and the series turned out to be one of the best in NBA history. Game after game came down to the final minute and it was fittingly decided in a Game 7 overtime. The Lakers were led by Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant & Robert Horry whilst the Kings were the number 1 seed in the West led by Chris Webber, Mike Bibby and Vlade Divac.

LA Lakers at Sacramento, Game 1

Kobe 30p; Shaq 26p; Webber 28p, 14r; Bibby 19p; Jackson 20p
May 18, 2002: This was the match-up everyone had been waiting for. In many ways it overshadowed the finals no matter who the winner would face as it was believed these were the two best teams in the NBA. The Kings, almost invincible at home, would surely take Game 1 but the Lakers had other ideas.

LA Lakers at Sacramento, Game 2

Shaq 35p, 12r; Kobe 22p; Horry 20r! Webber 21p, 13r; Bibby 21p
May 20, 2002: The Lakers surprised a lot of folks taking game 1 but people forget they hadn't lost a road game since the 2000 Finals! The Kings made sure they would head back to LA even.

Sacramento at LA Lakers, Game 3

Webber 26p, 9r; Bibby 24p; Christie 17p, 12r; Kobe 22p; Shaq 20p, 19r
May 24, 2002: The Kings were determined to get home court advantage back and played with a passion for 3 qaurters. The Lakers tried a miracle run in the 4th but would it be enough?

Sacramento at LA Lakers, Game 4

Shaq 27p, 18r; Kobe 25p; Horry 18p, 14r; Divac 23p; Webber 20p; Bibby 21p; Turkoglu 18p, 12r
May 26, 2002: This is one of the most memorable games in NBA history as it all came down to Robert Horry and his miracle play. But what many people forget is that the Lakers came back from 24 points down!

LA Lakers at Sacramento, Game 5

Webber 29p, 13r; Bibby 23p; Kobe 30p; Shaq 28p
May 28, 2002: Lakers had their miracle finish in Game 4 and it looked like the Kings would need one to pull out game 5. Would they get it and take a 3-2 lead?

Sacramento at LA Lakers, Game 6

Shaq 41p, 17r; Kobe 31p, 11r; Webber 26p, 13r, 8a; Bibby 23p
May 31, 2002: The Lakers were in a must-win for the first time since 2000. Shaq refused to let his team lose as he manhandled the Kings for 41p and send the series to that decisive game 7.

LA Lakers at Sacramento, Game 7

Shaq 35p, 13r; Kobe 30p, 10r, 7a; Bibby 29p; Webber 20p, 11a, 8r; Divac 15p, 10r
June 2, 2002: It all came down to this historical series, game 7 and decided in overtime. This was the Kings best shot for their first NBA title in over 50 years but it wasn't to be as the Lakers dynasty moved on.

NJ Nets - Indiana Detroit - Toronto

2002 Playoffs; Rd 1, Gm 5
2002 Playoffs; Rd 1, Gm 5

2002 ECF, All Games

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ECF, Boston at New Jersey, Game 1

Kenyon Martin, Jason Kidd, Richard Jefferson, etc
May 19, 2002

ECF, Boston at New Jersey, Game 2

Pauln Pierce, Antoine Walker, Kenny Anderson, etc
May 21, 2002

ECF, New Jersey at Boston, Game 3

May 25, 2002

ECF, New Jersey at Boston, Game 4

Paul Pierce 31p; Antoine Walker 30p
May 27, 2002

ECF, Boston at New Jersey, Game 5

Nets: Balanced offense, great team play
May 29, 2002

ECF, New Jersey at Boston, Game 6

Nets subdue Boston at the Garden
May 31, 2002