Conference Finals

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2007 San Antonio vs Utah Boxset


Utah at San Antonio, Gm 1

Duncan 27p, 10r; Williams 34p, 9a
May 20

Utah at San Antonio, Gm 2

Duncan 26p, 14r; Boozer 33p, 15r
May 22

San Antonio at Utah, Gm 3

Williams 31p, 8a; Parker 25p
May 26

San Antonio at Utah, Gm 4

Ginobili turns up the heat on the Jazz
May 28

Utah at San Antonio, Gm 5

Spurs put on a superlative performace en route to their 4th NBA Finals
May 30
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2007 Cleveland vs Detroit Boxset


Cleveland at Detroit, Gm 1

Close Game; Pistons Defesne keeps LeBron in check. Can the other Cavs step up?
May 21

Cleveland at Detroit, Gm 2

A tale of two halves
May 24

Detroit at Cleveland, Gm 3

Good Game; LeBron 32p, 9r, 9a
May 27

Detroit at Cleveland, Gm 4

Exciting game; Cavs supporting cast helps derail the Pistons plans.
May 29

Cleveland at Detroit, Gm 5

Historic classic game. LeBron puts on a Jordan-esque performance scoring the Cavs final 25 points (48 points total) in a thrilling, unbelievable game.
May 31, 2007

Detroit at Cleveland, Gm 6

Can LeBron and the Cavs take the next step to the Finals? Competitive game; Gibson 31p; Hamilton 29p; LeBron 20p, 14r, 8a
June 2