March 12, 2009: 11 Vintage 1980's Games


Chicago Bulls at Detroit Pistons

Jordan 59p!!! Isiah Thomas 24p, 8a; Dumars 18p, 9a
April 3, 1988
This turned out to be the 5th highest scoring regular season game of Michael Jordan's career. A symphony of Basketball at its finest as MJ dropped 59 points on Thomas, Laimbeer, Dumars, Rodman and the rest of the Detroit Pistons. Oh, and the game was pretty good too!

Chicago Bulls at Philadelphia 76ers

Jordan 49p! Barkley 40p, 21r! Oakley 18p, 17r
January 30, 1987
Michael Jordan has another incredible night by dropping 49 points on the Sixers. But Philadelphia, who were hot of late, received a spark from Charles Barkley who put 40p and 21 rebounds on the stat sheet. Who would prevail in this fun game?

Chicago Bulls at Atlanta Hawks

Jordan 40p, 12a, 10r! Vincent 22p; Wilkins 20p, 10r; Moses Malone 21p, 13r
April 9, 1989
Michael Jordan was a one-man wrecking crew with 40points, 12 assists and 10 rebounds! But, the Hawks were a good team led by Dominique Wilkins and Moses Malone. Who would come out on top?

New York Knicks at Chicago Bulls

Jordan 27p, 8r, 5a, 8s, 3b; Oakley 16p, 17r; Ewing 31p, 11r, 4b; G Wilkins 33p
March 6, 1987
Michael Jordan came into this game averaging over 37 points per game this season. But, Gerald Wilkins became only the 2nd guard to outscore him in a game that season with a sublime performance. A fabulous game that saw the lead change many times but in the last minute both Jordan and Ewing stood up for their team and a former Bull would be the hero.

LA Lakers at Philadelphia 76ers

Magic Johnson 16p, 18a, 9r; Worthy 24p; Abdul-Jabbar 18p; Barkley 29p, 13r; Toney 26p, 9a
February 22, 1987
A fantastic game that was tied 13 times and 17 lead changes. The Lakers were the best team in the NBA led by stars Magic, Kareem and Worthy. But, the 76ers were strating to feel a revival led by younsgter Charles Barkley. A big name does win this one.

Boston Celtics at Atlanta Hawks

Dominique Wilkins 54p!! Bird 26p, 15r, 14a! Willis 18p, 21r; Rivers 18a; McHale 36p, 11r
February 3, 1987
Dominique Wilkins exploded for 54 points, 40 of them after halftime to lead the Hawks in a super game versus the Boston Celtics led by Larry Bird's triple double. An exciting encounter that went to overtime that wasn't decided until the very last seconds.

Utah Jazz at Boston Celtics

Bird 38p; McHale 20p, 13r; Parish 17p, 14r; Johnson 16p, 11a; Karl Malone 31p, 12r; Stockton 18p, 11a; Bailey 25p
December 16, 1987
The Celtics came into the game having lost their last two at home. They hadn't lost 3 in a row at home in almost 10 years! Will Bird's heroci 38 points be enough or will the young duop of Malone and Stockten extend that streak?

Boston Celtics at Philadelphia 76ers

Bird 39p, 12a, 10r! McHale 29p; Barkley 28p, 18r; Robinson 22p
April 5, 1987
These two old foes faced each other late in the season and this thrillin game went to overtime. Would Larry Bird's huge triple double lead the way? Or would the Sixers led by Charles Barkley come out on top?

Milwaukee Bucks at Philadelphia 76ers

Barkley 46p, 16r! Gminski 22p, 17r; Cummings 23p; Pierce 23p; Moncrief 21p
February 11, 1988
Jim Lynum was the new coach for the underperforming 76ers, would he get his first victory? Charles Barkley with a monster game of 46 points and 16 rebounds did his best to try and make that happen but would the crafty veterans of Milwaukee stop that effort. A highly-entertaining game that was contested to the very end.

Cleveland Cavaliers at Atlanta Hawks

Dominique Wilkins 41p; Moses Malone 21p, 9r; Nance 28p; Daugherty 21p, 9r
January 24, 1989
The Cavaliers owned the NBA's best record at this point in the season, led by All-Stars Brad Daugherty and Mark Price. But, the Atlanta Hawks were led by the Human Highlight film, Dominique Wilkins who lit up the Cavs for 41 points!

Seattle Sonics at LA Lakers

Magic Johnson 29p, 21a, 9r! Worthy 24p; McDaniel 39p; Ellis 27p
April 23, 1989
This dynamic game was to be the last ever regular season game for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Before the game a retirement ceremony was held and part of that ceremony, including Abdul-Jabbar's speech, is included on this DVD.