Final Round

2009: LA Lakers vs Orlando, All Games

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1 - ORL 75 | LAL 100 Info
2 - ORL 96 | LAL 101 Info
3 - LAL 104 | ORL 108 Info
4 - LAL 99 | ORL 91 Info
5 - LAL 99 | ORL 86 Info

Orlando at LA Lakers, Game 1

Kobe's 40p, 8r, 8a leads an impressive display from the Lakers to open the 2009 NBA Finals
June 4

Orlando at LA Lakers, Game 2

Fantastic game 2. Magic have chance to win at end of regulation. Will they be kicking themselves for the miss? Kobe 29p, 8a; Gasol 24p, 10r; Odom 19p, 8r; Lewis 34p, 11r, 7a; Turkoglu 22p; Howard 17p, 16r, 4b, 4s
June 7

LA Lakers at Orlando, Game 3

Magic shoot a finals record 62.5% from the field. Can the Lakers overcome? Kobe 31p, 8a; Gasol 23p; Howard 21p, 14r; Lewis 21p; Alston 20p
June 9

LA Lakers at Orlando, Game 4

Super game as Derek Fisher delivers. Kobe 32p, 8a, 7r; Gasol 16p, 10r; Turkoglu 25p; Howard 16p, 21r, 9b!
June 12

LA Lakers at Orlando, Game 5

Kobe finally lands that elusive title as team leader. Kobe 30p; Gasol 14p, 15r; Lewis 18p, 10r
June 15, 2009