2008-09 Season

2008-09 Golden State Warriors Boxset

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Golden State Home Games:

s1014 Wed, Oct 29 New Orleans  @  Golden State 108 : 103 Fantastic game; Paul 21p, 11a; Maggette 27p; Jackson 26p; West 24p
s1062 Wed, Nov 05 Denver  @  Golden State 101 : 111 Thrilling game; Anthony 28p; Jackson 29p; Nene 19p, 15r; Azubuike 22p
s1077 Fri, Nov 07 Memphis  @  Golden State 109 : 104 Mayo looks the real deal with 20p, 9r; Biedrins 23p, 12r; Jackson 27p; Gay 23p
s1105 Tue, Nov 11 Minnesota  @  Golden State 110 : 113    OT Exciting game that went the distance; Jefferson 25p, 12r; Jackson 30p; Azubuike 22p
s1119 Thu, Nov 13 Detroit  @  Golden State 107 : 102 Exciting game out West; Hamilton 24p; Biedrins 17p, 19r; Wallace 19p, 11r; Iverson 23p
s1157 Tue, Nov 18 Portland  @  Golden State 106 : 111 Fun game sees Oden drop 22p, 10r; Morrow 25p; Roy 22p, 9a
s1182 Fri, Nov 21 Chicago  @  Golden State 115 : 110 Rose 25p comes up big in the 4th; Jackson 32p; Hughes 26p; Biedrins 23p, 10r; Maggette 24p
s1254 Mon, Dec 01 Miami  @  Golden State 130 : 129    OT Super thrilling game; Wade 37p, 13a; Crawford 40p! Maggette 29p; Marion 21p, 15r; Haslem 21p, 13r
s1321 Wed, Dec 10 Milwaukee  @  Golden State 96 : 119 Warriors with a nice run-n-shoot display; Redd 27p; Biedrins 18p, 14r
s1335 Fri, Dec 12 Houston  @  Golden State 119 : 108 McGrady 24p, 10r, 9a leads the way; Yao 19p, 14r; Biedrins 18p, 12r
s1359 Mon, Dec 15 Orlando  @  Golden State 109 : 98 Nelson ties career high 32p; Biedrins 23p, 9r; Lewis 21p
s1435 Fri, Dec 26 Boston  @  Golden State 89 : 99 Celtics look to bounce back from Xmas day hangover; Jackson 28p; Belinelli 22p; Pierce 21p
s1457 Mon, Dec 29 Toronto  @  Golden State 111 : 117 Fun game out West; Bosh 30p, 14r; Jackson 30p, 7r, 7a; Calderon 21p, 16a; Belinelli 23p
s1525 Wed, Jan 07 L.A. Lakers  @  Golden State 114 : 106 Highly entertaining game; Gasol 33p, 18r! Kobe 21p; Crawford 25p; Biedrins 12p, 17r, 8a, 3s, 3b; Bynum 18p, 11r
s1550 Sun, Jan 11 Indiana  @  Golden State 117 : 120 Fantastic game out west; Granger 42p! Crawford 32p; Azubuike 21p
s1575 Wed, Jan 14 Sacramento  @  Golden State 135 : 133     Triple OT Am amazing triple overtime thriller; Miller 30p, 22r! Crawford 35p and played 60 min! Watson 26p; Salmons 25p, 14r
s1588 Fri, Jan 16 Atlanta  @  Golden State 114 : 119 Fun game in California; Maggette 24p, 16r; Craeford 29p; Johnson 25p; Jackson 24p; Evans 21p; Bibby 20p, 7a, 6r, 4s
s1608 Mon, Jan 19 Washington  @  Golden State 98 : 119 Warriors hot shooting pulls them through; Crawford 28p, 8a; Jackson 26p; Jamison 22p; Blatche 22p
s1626 Wed, Jan 21 Oklahoma City  @  Golden State 122 : 121 Amazing game with a fantastic ending; Westbrook 30p; Durant 27p, 12r; Jackson 29p; Green 26p; Maggette 26p
s1638 Fri, Jan 23 Cleveland  @  Golden State 106 : 105 LeBron 32p, 9r, 8a first ever Buzzer beater! Ellis 20p back for the Warriors; Jackson 24p, 8r, 8a; Maggette 23p
s1654 Sun, Jan 25 L.A. Clippers  @  Golden State 92 : 107 One team will end a streak; Gordon 21p; Maggette 20p
s1713 Mon, Feb 02 San Antonio  @  Golden State 110 : 105    OT Exciting game in California; Jackson 33p, 11a; Duncan 32p, 15r; Ginobili 32p; Parker 23p
s1730 Wed, Feb 04 Phoenix  @  Golden State 112 : 124 Lots of points out West; Jackson 30p, 11r, 10a! Carford 27p; Azubuike 25p; Richardson 24p
s1759 Sun, Feb 08 Utah  @  Golden State 96 : 116 Game decided in 2nd half; Williams 31p, 10a, 7r; Maggette 24p; Jackson 20p, 10r, 8a; Okur 21p, 9r
s1771 Tue, Feb 10 New York  @  Golden State 127 : 144 Over 270 combined points in regulation! Jackson 35p, 10a; Robinson 30p; Lee 27p, 11r; Azubuike 22p, 10r; Harrrington 24p, 9r
s1787 Thu, Feb 12 Portland  @  Golden State 98 : 105 Warriors head into break on a high; Roy 37p; Maggette 24p; Ellis 20p; Aldridge 20p
s1807 Wed, Feb 18 L.A. Lakers  @  Golden State 129 : 121 Entertaining high scoring game; Kobe 30p, 9a; Gasol 24p, 13r; Jackson 24p, 9a; Maggette 24p; Odom 22p
s1826 Sat, Feb 21 Oklahoma City  @  Golden State 120 : 133 Nelson gets 1300th victory as an NBA coach; Westbrook 31p, 11a; Green 27p, 15r; Durant 32p; Jackson 26p, 9a; Maggette 25p; Crawford 24p
s1875 Fri, Feb 27 Charlotte  @  Golden State 112 : 109 Thrilling back and forth game; jackson 33p, 8a; Felton 26p, 9a; Diaw 22p
s1891 Sun, Mar 01 Utah  @  Golden State 112 : 104 Williams just amazing with 20a! Maggette 27p; Brewer 21p, 9r; Okur 23p
s1965 Wed, Mar 11 New Jersey  @  Golden State 112 : 116 Fun to watch game as these two go back and forth; Harris 31p, 12a; Jackson 29p; Ellis 19p
s1978 Fri, Mar 13 Dallas  @  Golden State 110 : 119 Who will win this up-tempo game; Jackson 31p, 10a, 7r; Kidd 21p, 11a, 10r; Ellis 29p, 11r; Nowitzki 27p, 9r; Terry 20p
s1994 Sun, Mar 15 Phoenix  @  Golden State 154 : 130 Over 280 combined points in regulation, 154 by the Suns! Richardson 31p; Shaq 26p; Ellis 26p; Barnes 20p, 11a; Barbosa 21p
s2007 Tue, Mar 17 L.A. Clippers  @  Golden State 120 : 127 Elllis 29p leads the way; Davis 29p; Thornton 25p, 9r; Randolph 20p, 11r; Morrow 20p
s2033 Fri, Mar 20 Philadelphia  @  Golden State 111 : 119 Wright 25p with a big night for the Warriors; Dalembert 15p, 23r! Young 23p; Ellis 21p; Williams 20p
s2103 Mon, Mar 30 Memphis  @  Golden State 114 : 109 Exciting game; Mayo 24p, 10a; Crawford 26p; Ellis 29p; Conley 21p; Gay 21p
s2120 Wed, Apr 01 Sacramento  @  Golden State 141 : 143    OT Over 280 combined points in this amazing affair; Martin 50p! Ellis 42p, 9r, 9a! Azubuike 27p, 13r; Garcia 22p
s2133 Fri, Apr 03 New Orleans  @  Golden State 103 : 111 Paul drops 43p, 9a will it be enough? Crawford 39p; West 31p, 14r; Morrow 24p; Randolph 20p, 15r
s2172 Wed, Apr 08 Minnesota  @  Golden State 105 : 97 Telfair 21p steps up late to help the Wolves to victory; Crawford 31p; Azubuike 26p, 8r; Love 20p, 12r
s2187 Fri, Apr 10 Houston  @  Golden State 113 : 109 Rockets keep battling away to hold onto 3rd seed; Azbuike 32p; Scola 28p, 9r; Brooks 20p
s2213 Mon, Apr 13 San Antonio  @  Golden State 101 : 72 Division race will come down to final day; Randolph 24p, 16r; Gooden 20p, 15r

Golden State Away Games:

s1020 Fri, Oct 31 Golden State  @  Toronto 108 : 112    OT Great game featuring two new look teams; Bosh 31p, 9r; Harrington 26p, 11r; Calderon 16p, 13a; Parker 23p
s1031 Sat, Nov 01 Golden State  @  New Jersey 105 : 97 Game decided with a big 3rd quarter; Carter with huge alley-oop slam; Biedrins 23p, 11r; Jackson 23p; Boone 17p, 14r; Carter 20p
s1045 Mon, Nov 03 Golden State  @  Memphis 79 : 90 Marc Gasol with a big game 27p, 16r; Biedrins 16p, 22r
s1091 Sun, Nov 09 Golden State  @  Sacramento 98 : 115 Kings with a good performance; Martin 27p; Biedrins 16p, 18r
s1132 Sat, Nov 15 Golden State  @  L.A. Clippers 121 : 103 Undrafted rookie Morrow explodes for 37p, 11r; Davis 25p, 11a; Biedrins 17p, 16r; Jackson 20p, 10a
s1194 Sun, Nov 23 Golden State  @  Philadelphia 81 : 89 Sixers starting to click; Brand 23p, 12r
s1205 Tue, Nov 25 Golden State  @  Washington 100 : 124 Can Wiz win for new coach Tapscott? Crawford debut for Warriors; Butler 35p; Blatche 25p, 12r; Jamison 25p, 11r
s1213 Wed, Nov 26 Golden State  @  Boston 111 : 119 Fun game that comes down to the 4th quarter; Maggette 32p; Jackson 30p; Rondo 22p; Allen 25p; Garnett 21p, 13r
s1227 Fri, Nov 28 Golden State  @  Cleveland 97 : 112 Cavs set franchise record starting season 9-0 at home; LeBron 23p, 8a, 7r; Ilgauskas 21p
s1239 Sat, Nov 29 Golden State  @  New York 125 : 138 Knicks set all kind of team records: Points in a half; Duhon 22a! Lee 37p, 21r! Harringon 36p, 12r; Maggette 32p, 12r; Watson 23p; Crawford 21p, 10r
s1284 Fri, Dec 05 Golden State  @  Houston 112 : 131 Yao explodes with 19 of his 33p, 14r in the 4th; Jackson 26p; Artest 28p; Maggette 23p, 10r; Crawford 22p
s1294 Sat, Dec 06 Golden State  @  San Antonio 88 : 123 Spurs dominate at home; Duncan 20p, 13r
s1343 Sat, Dec 13 Golden State  @  Denver 105 : 123 Balanced Nuggets becoming powerhouse out West; Anthony 27p, 9r; Crawford 25p; Kurz 20p; Billups 16p, 11a
s1367 Wed, Dec 17 Golden State  @  Indiana 120 : 127 Fun game; Granger scores 13 of his 41p, 11r in the final 6 minutes! Crawford 29p; Jack 24p; Daniels 23p
s1379 Fri, Dec 19 Golden State  @  Atlanta 99 : 115 Will the Hawks continue good home form? Belinelli 27p; Williams 22p
s1389 Sat, Dec 20 Golden State  @  Charlotte 110 : 103 Warrior ride Crawford's 50p to big victory! Wallace 26p; Bell 21p; Azubuike 21p, 13r
s1403 Mon, Dec 22 Golden State  @  Orlando 81 : 113 Magic simply dominant; Nelson 22p; Lewis 21p
s1414 Tue, Dec 23 Golden State  @  Miami 88 : 96 If Heat win they will match last season's win total! Wade 32p, 8r, 8a, 3s, 3b; Cook 20p
s1449 Sun, Dec 28 Golden State  @  L.A. Lakers 113 : 130 Lakers on a Christmas high; Kobe 31p; Crawford 22p
s1471 Wed, Dec 31 Golden State  @  Oklahoma City 100 : 107 Fun game out in Oklahoma; Durant 25p, 10r; Green 26p; Wilcox 23p, 9r; Azubuike 24p
s1481 Fri, Jan 02 Golden State  @  Minnesota 108 : 115 Can shorthanded Warriors top Jefferson 32p, 10r and the Wolves? Jacksoin 25p; Gomes 21p, 10r
s1505 Mon, Jan 05 Golden State  @  Utah 114 : 119 Fun game out in Utah; Williams 25p, 15a; Crawford 28p; Okur 20p, 11r; Maggette 23p; Biedrins 14p, 17r; Millsap 19p, 14r
s1545 Sat, Jan 10 Golden State  @  Portland 100 : 113 Roy 19p first game back from injury; Aldridge 26p; Maggette 25p
s1676 Wed, Jan 28 Golden State  @  Dallas 93 : 117 Which Mavs team will show up? Jackson 25p; Terry 22p; Maggette 21p; Howard 19p
s1690 Fri, Jan 30 Golden State  @  New Orleans 91 : 87 Tantalising game; Paul 31p, 8a
s1697 Sat, Jan 31 Golden State  @  Houston 93 : 110 Too much Yao 25p, 11r and Artest 27p, 7r, 7a; Brooks 22p
s1742 Fri, Feb 06 Golden State  @  Phoenix 105 : 115 Shaq becomes 7th player in NBA history with 27000 career points; Hill 27p; Richardson 25p; Jackson 24p; Stoudemire 19p, 15r
s1841 Mon, Feb 23 Golden State  @  L.A. Clippers 105 : 118 Davis 25p, 10a, 9r with a big game versus his old team; Gordon 27p; Randolph 27p, 11r; Jackson 28p
s1901 Tue, Mar 03 Golden State  @  Minnesota 118 : 94 One team in control; Jackson 23p
s1910 Wed, Mar 04 Golden State  @  Chicago 88 : 110 Big win for the Bulls; Salmons 23p, 9r; Noah 14p, 17r
s1921 Fri, Mar 06 Golden State  @  Detroit 91 : 108 Pistons turnaround to good play continues; Crawford 25p, 8a; Hamilton 22p
s1933 Sat, Mar 07 Golden State  @  Milwaukee 120 : 127 Lots of offense in Milwaukee; Jefferson 35p; Crawford 32p; Jackson 23p, 11a; Maggette 22p
s2022 Thu, Mar 19 Golden State  @  L.A. Lakers 106 : 114 Last game before lengthy road trip for the Lakers; Ellis 27p; Azubuike 25p; Kobe 21p; Gasol 21p, 14r
s2046 Sun, Mar 22 Golden State  @  New Orleans 89 : 99 Hornets 1-2 combo too much; Paul 27p, 8r, 8a; West 23p; Jackson 22p, 10r
s2057 Tue, Mar 24 Golden State  @  San Antonio 106 : 107 Fantastic game; Parker 30p, 10a; Duncan 21p, 10r; Ellis 27p; Mason 24p
s2068 Wed, Mar 25 Golden State  @  Dallas 106 : 128 Mavs looking good; Nowitzki 26p; Morrow 29p; Terry 26p; Ellis 22p; Barea 20p
s2088 Sat, Mar 28 Golden State  @  Denver 116 : 129 Too much Anthony 31p; Crawford 30p; Kleiza 22p; Azubuike 21p, 9r
s2151 Sun, Apr 05 Golden State  @  Sacramento 105 : 100 Azubuike 30p, 15r leads the way; Crawford 20p, 8r
s2194 Sat, Apr 11 Golden State  @  Utah 118 : 108 Watson 38p, 9a leads the way for the Warriors; Williams 26p, 14a; Boozer 25p, 12r; Kurz 21p. NOTE: 1st half quality not at usual Pontel standards>
s2228 Wed, Apr 15 Golden State  @  Phoenix 113 : 117 Fun close game; Morrow 33p, 12r; Watson 20p, 12a; Hill 27p, 10r