2008-09 Season

2008-09 Phoenix Suns Boxset

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Phoenix Home Games:

s1018 Thu, Oct 30 New Orleans  @  Phoenix 108 : 95 Posey takes over as hero in the 4th; Nash 24p, 9a; Paul 20p, 10a, 8r; Stoudemire 21p, 12r; Stojakovic 20p; Peterson 21p
s1039 Sat, Nov 01 Portland  @  Phoenix 96 : 107 Winner riders a big 3rd quarter to victory; Stoudemire 23p, 13r; Barnes 21p; Nash 20p; Roy 20p; Fernandez 20p. NOTE: Game is Joined In Progress 2nd quarter. DVD will include end of Washington vs Detroit
s1097 Mon, Nov 10 Memphis  @  Phoenix 102 : 107 Exhilarating game; Mayo 33p; Brabosa 27p; Gay 20p
s1116 Wed, Nov 12 Houston  @  Phoenix 94 : 82 Testy game sees a fight in the 3rd quarter; McGrady 27p; Shaq 18p, 13r, 4b
s1144 Sun, Nov 16 Detroit  @  Phoenix 86 : 104 Shaq's hard foul and ejection the story of this game; Stoudemire 29p, 11r
s1170 Thu, Nov 20 L.A. Lakers  @  Phoenix 105 : 92 Kobe & Shaq share a hug before the game starts; Kobe 24p; Stoudemire 21p
s1231 Fri, Nov 28 Miami  @  Phoenix 107 : 92 Wade 43p! Shaq and Marion face old teams for first time; Barbosa 20p
s1250 Sun, Nov 30 New Jersey  @  Phoenix 117 : 109 Harris with 47p! 21 in the 4th quarter, stun the Suns in a great match-up; Carter 28p; Stoudemire 25p, 12r; Nash 26p, 9a
s1295 Sat, Dec 06 Utah  @  Phoenix 104 : 106 Exciting game out West; Stoudemire 22p, 20r! Millsap 20p, 12r; Barbosa 25p; Williams 15p, 15a
s1311 Tue, Dec 09 Milwaukee  @  Phoenix 110 : 125 Shaq with a big night of 35p to lead the way; Villanueva 24p, 9r; Stoudemire 22p; Jefferson 22p; Nash 19p, 10a
s1333 Fri, Dec 12 Orlando  @  Phoenix 112 : 113 Super game between these two; Nash 21p, 10a; Stoudemire 21p, 14r
s1357 Mon, Dec 15 New York  @  Phoenix 103 : 111 D'Antoni's first game back in Phoenix; Robinson 27p, 9r; Stoudemire 21p, 14r; Shaq 23p, 12r; Nash 21p
s1398 Sat, Dec 20 Denver  @  Phoenix 101 : 108 A little Nash 16p, 11a heroics helps out; Stoudemire 27p, 10r; Nene 20p, 15r; Smith 23p
s1422 Thu, Dec 25 San Antonio  @  Phoenix 91 : 90 Buzzer beating ending to a Christmas day treat; Stoudemire 25p, 13r; Duncan 25p, 17r; Parker 27p; Shaq 23p, 12r
s1485 Fri, Jan 02 L.A. Clippers  @  Phoenix 98 : 106 Red hot Suns in control; Camby 19p, 23r! Stoudemire 23p; Gordon 21p
s1522 Wed, Jan 07 Indiana  @  Phoenix 113 : 110 Thrilling game with an amazing buzzer beater; Granger 37p; Stoudemire 23p, 11r; Nash 16p, 12a
s1539 Fri, Jan 09 Dallas  @  Phoenix 128 : 100 Suns ride a 40 point 4th quarter to victory; Shaq 25p, 10r in 27 min! Richardson 21p; Barbosa 20p
s1564 Tue, Jan 13 Atlanta  @  Phoenix 102 : 107 Highly entertaining game; Shaq 26p, 10r; Nash 23p; Barbosa 22p; Williams 16p, 12r
s1586 Fri, Jan 16 Minnesota  @  Phoenix 105 : 103 Exciting game as Suns take on hot Wolves; Shaq 22p, 11r; Jefferson 22p, 12r; Barbosa 22p
s1680 Thu, Jan 29 San Antonio  @  Phoenix 114 : 104 Entertaining game; Ginobili 30p, 9r; Stoudemire 28p, 10r; Nash 16p, 18a; Parker 26p; Hill 20p, 10r; Duncan 20p, 15r
s1700 Sat, Jan 31 Chicago  @  Phoenix 122 : 111 Fun run-n-gun game out in Phoenix; Barbosa 32p; Rose 26p; Gordon 26p
s1711 Mon, Feb 02 Sacramento  @  Phoenix 81 : 129 Suns win by 48 points! Stoudemire 25p; Richardson 24p
s1742 Fri, Feb 06 Golden State  @  Phoenix 105 : 115 Shaq becomes 7th player in NBA history with 27000 career points; Hill 27p; Richardson 25p; Jackson 24p; Stoudemire 19p, 15r
s1795 Tue, Feb 17 L.A. Clippers  @  Phoenix 100 : 140 Gentry first game in charge lets the Suns loose as they put 140 on the board! Barbosa 24p; Stoudemire 23p; Gordon 24p; Hill 20p
s1819 Fri, Feb 20 Oklahoma City  @  Phoenix 118 : 140 Suns score at least 140 for the 3rd game in a row, all in regulation! Barbosa 41p, 7r, 7a! Durant 35p, 8r; Richardson 34p; Shaq 22p, 9r
s1830 Sun, Feb 22 Boston  @  Phoenix 128 : 108 Life without KG for the next couple of weeks begins; Rondo 32p, 10a; Allen 31p; Pierce 26p; Richardson 21p
s1849 Tue, Feb 24 Charlotte  @  Phoenix 102 : 112 Suns look to bounce back from game on Sunday; Diaw 27p, 10r; Bell 23p; Nash 22p; Shaq 20p, 11r; Richardson 20p
s1872 Fri, Feb 27 Toronto  @  Phoenix 113 : 133 Shaq 45p, 11r with biggest game in 7 years! Marion 27p, 11r; Amundson 20p
s1884 Sun, Mar 01 L.A. Lakers  @  Phoenix 111 : 118 Kobe erupts for 49p, 11r! Will it be enough? Shaq 33p; Gasol 30p; Barnes 26p; Barbosa 22p
s1952 Tue, Mar 10 Dallas  @  Phoenix 122 : 117 Shaq 21p, 8r moves into 6th on all-time NBA scoring list; Nowitzki 34p, 13r; Nash 23p, 13a; Terry 25p
s1967 Thu, Mar 12 Cleveland  @  Phoenix 119 : 111 LeBron with 3rd straight triple double 34p, 13a, 10r and blocks a 360 dunk! Williams 30p; Barnes 21p; Nash 20p
s1984 Sat, Mar 14 Oklahoma City  @  Phoenix 95 : 106 Game decided in the 4th; Barbosa 22p; Durant 22p; Westbrook 20p
s2018 Wed, Mar 18 Philadelphia  @  Phoenix 116 : 126 Suns surging; Shaq 26p, 11r; Nash 24p, 10a; Richardson 25p; Miller 23p, 8a; Young 23p; Hill 21p
s2040 Sat, Mar 21 Washington  @  Phoenix 96 : 128 Can Suns get a season high 4th straight win? Richardson 35p; Jamison 25p
s2053 Mon, Mar 23 Denver  @  Phoenix 115 : 118 Thrilling game sees the Nuggets take on the red hot Suns; Hill 23p, 10r; Anthony 29p; Richardson 22p; Billups 20p
s2069 Wed, Mar 25 Utah  @  Phoenix 114 : 118 Exciting game as Suns battle for Playoff lives; Williams 25p, 10a; Hiull 26p; Barnes 21p, 9r; Richardson 21p
s2119 Wed, Apr 01 Houston  @  Phoenix 109 : 114 Great game, can the Suns stay in the hunt? Nash 25p, 17a; Artest 28p; Shaq 22p, 10r; Yao 20p, 14r; Hill 23p
s2132 Fri, Apr 03 Sacramento  @  Phoenix 111 : 139 Suns look for revenge for earlier in the week; Nash 29p, 9a; Garcia 29p; Thompson 23p; Hawes 22p, 10r
s2211 Mon, Apr 13 Memphis  @  Phoenix 110 : 119 Game decided in the 4th; Warrick 26p, 9r; Gay 26p; Nash 18p, 12a
s2228 Wed, Apr 15 Golden State  @  Phoenix 113 : 117 Fun close game; Morrow 33p, 12r; Watson 20p, 12a; Hill 27p, 10r


Phoenix Away Games:

s1011 Wed, Oct 29 Phoenix  @  San Antonio 103 : 98 Entertaining game; Porter debuts as new Suns coach; Duncan 32p; Parker 32p; Stoudemire 22p; Nash 13a; Shaq 15p, 13r
s1048 Tue, Nov 04 Phoenix  @  New Jersey 114 : 86 Game decided in 2nd half in first match-up of Lopez twins; Bell 22p; Carter 19p
s1051 Wed, Nov 05 Phoenix  @  Indiana 113 : 103 Stoudemire with a huge night of 49p, 11r! Granger 23p; Ford 23p
s1073 Fri, Nov 07 Phoenix  @  Chicago 83 : 100 Rose with a huge slam on Barbosa; Stoudemire 26p; Gordon 23p
s1083 Sat, Nov 08 Phoenix  @  Milwaukee 104 : 96 Shaq's best game as a Sun so far 29p, 11r; Sessions 23p; Stoudemire 24p
s1130 Fri, Nov 14 Phoenix  @  Sacramento 97 : 95    OT Tough close game; Shaq 29p, 13r, 6a; Hill 22p, 9r; Salmons 21p; Miller 20p, 11r
s1147 Mon, Nov 17 Phoenix  @  Utah 97 : 109 All the focus on Shaq after Sunday's game; Stoudemire 30p; Boozer 21p, 15r; Miles 21p
s1207 Tue, Nov 25 Phoenix  @  Oklahoma City 99 : 98 Exciting game; Nash 20p, 15a, 8r; Durant 29p; Stoudemire 22p
s1216 Wed, Nov 26 Phoenix  @  Minnesota 110 : 102 Wolves overmatched versus the Suns; Jefferson 28p, 17r; Nash 20p; Shaq 18p, 10r
s1271 Wed, Dec 03 Phoenix  @  New Orleans 91 : 104 No Nash and Shaq, can Suns pull it out? Paul 24p, 15a; West 23p, 14r; Stoudemire 26p
s1274 Thu, Dec 04 Phoenix  @  Dallas 97 : 112 Mavs and Nowtizki 39p are red hot; Nash 20p, 10a; Stoudemire 28p
s1322 Wed, Dec 10 Phoenix  @  L.A. Lakers 110 : 115 Can shorthanded Suns deal the Lakers a loss? Gasol 28p; Barnes 25p, 10r; Hill 23p; Stoudemire 21p, 11r; Bynum 17p, 11r
s1376 Thu, Dec 18 Phoenix  @  Portland 119 : 124 Roy explodes for career high 52p in this thrilling game; Stoudemire 23p, 8r, 8a; Blake 22p, 10a; Barnes 22p
s1454 Mon, Dec 29 Phoenix  @  Oklahoma City 110 : 102 Nash leaves early with injury, can the Suns overcome? Shaq 28p, 12r; Westbrook 31p; Green 22p, 11r
s1461 Tue, Dec 30 Phoenix  @  Memphis 101 : 89 No Nash, no problem; Shaq 24p, 13r; Barbosa 28p; Warrick 25p; Gasol 16p, 13r
s1548 Sun, Jan 11 Phoenix  @  L.A. Clippers 109 : 103 Can Clips end streak? Stoudemire 26p; Thornton 23p; Hill 21p; Camby 18p, 18r; Nash 14p, 12a
s1579 Thu, Jan 15 Phoenix  @  Denver 113 : 119    OT Fantastic game; Nash 20p, 14a, 7r; Billups 26p, 8a; Hill 25p; Martin 24p, 8r, 7s; Stoudemire 21p. NOTE: Game Joined In Progress due to length of Cavs - Bulls game.
s1599 Sun, Jan 18 Phoenix  @  Toronto 117 : 113 Lively game as Stoudemire 31p and Nash 18a lead the way; Parker 26p; Graham 22p; Bosh 20p, 12r. NOTE: 2nd half quality not at usual Pontel standards
s1610 Mon, Jan 19 Phoenix  @  Boston 87 : 104 Game decided by halftime; Rondo 23p, 7a
s1620 Wed, Jan 21 Phoenix  @  New York 109 : 114 D'Antoni takes on former team at MSG; Lee 25p, 16r; J Richardson 27p; Nash 19a! Shaq 21p, 12r
s1630 Fri, Jan 23 Phoenix  @  Charlotte 76 : 98 Diaw 26p, 11r and Richardson face former teams; Wallace 28p, 8r; Shaq 20p
s1648 Sun, Jan 25 Phoenix  @  Atlanta 104 : 99 Lively game in Atlanta; Stoudemire 23p; Smith 19p, 12r; Shaq 19p, 11r
s1655 Mon, Jan 26 Phoenix  @  Washington 103 : 87 All-Star Shaq 29p, 8r leads the way; Stoudemire 22p, 15r; Butler 28p; Jamison 27p, 13r; Barbosa 23p
s1730 Wed, Feb 04 Phoenix  @  Golden State 112 : 124 Lots of points out West; Jackson 30p, 11r, 10a! Carford 27p; Azubuike 25p; Richardson 24p
s1758 Sun, Feb 08 Phoenix  @  Detroit 107 : 97 Nash with 21a leads the way! Hamilton 27p; Iverson 25p
s1761 Mon, Feb 09 Phoenix  @  Philadelphia 91 : 108 Trade talk must be affecting Suns play; Young 25p; Speights 24p; Iguodala 22p
s1774 Wed, Feb 11 Phoenix  @  Cleveland 92 : 109 Williams celebrates All-Star selection with 44p! LeBron 26p; Stoudemire 27p
s1808 Wed, Feb 18 Phoenix  @  L.A. Clippers 142 : 119 Suns with back to back 140 point games; Stoudemire with 42p, 11r! Nash 21p, 12a; Thornton 33p; Gordon 23p
s1862 Thu, Feb 26 Phoenix  @  L.A. Lakers 106 : 132 Lakers too much for the Suns; Odom 23p, 9r; Kobe 22p, 8a
s1898 Tue, Mar 03 Phoenix  @  Orlando 99 : 111 Game decided in the 4th; Lewis 29p, 12r; Nash 20p, 8a, 7r; Richardson 27p; Turkoglu 22p
s1906 Wed, Mar 04 Phoenix  @  Miami 129 : 135 Over 260 combined points in Shaq's return to Miami; Wade 35p, 16a! Nash 29p, 10a; Beasley 28p, 9r; Cook 27p; Shaq 22p; Richardson 22p
s1923 Fri, Mar 06 Phoenix  @  Houston 112 : 116 Big game out West; Nash 32p, 13a; Brooks 30p; Barbosa 24p; Artest 21p
s1938 Sun, Mar 08 Phoenix  @  San Antonio 98 : 103 With Stoudemire out it is starting to get tough for the Suns; Parker 30p, 9a; Nash 23p, 11a; Barbosa 20p
s1994 Sun, Mar 15 Phoenix  @  Golden State 154 : 130 Over 280 combined points in regulation, 154 by the Suns! Richardson 31p; Shaq 26p; Ellis 26p; Barnes 20p, 11a; Barbosa 21p
s2072 Thu, Mar 26 Phoenix  @  Portland 109 : 129 Suns come crashing back down to Earth; Aldirdge 29p, 12r; Roy 26p, 9r; Fernandez 23p; Shaq 20p
s2089 Sat, Mar 28 Phoenix  @  Utah 99 : 104    OT Excellent game; Okur 26p, 11r; Williams 21p, 13a
s2099 Sun, Mar 29 Phoenix  @  Sacramento 118 : 126 Suns really need to win to have any shot at playoffs; Nash 31p, 14a; Shaq 24p; Hawes 20p, 10r; Thompson 21p
s2143 Sun, Apr 05 Phoenix  @  Dallas 116 : 140 Huge game for both teams; Kidd 19p, 20a! Nowitzki 28p; Howard 24p; Barbosa 24p; Hill 23p
s2168 Wed, Apr 08 Phoenix  @  New Orleans 105 : 100 Suns win this close game but will watch the playoffs at home; Paul 29p, 16a! Nash 24p, 13a; West 28p, 12r
s2181 Fri, Apr 10 Phoenix  @  Memphis 89 : 106 Grizz end 10 game slide versus Suns; Mayo 20p; Gay 20p. NOTE: 1st half quality not at usual Pontel standards
s2191 Sat, Apr 11 Phoenix  @  Minnesota 110 : 97 Suns still playing with pride; Telfair 21p