Bulls Legends

Here you will find some of the very best games played by NBA Legends of the Chicago Bulls. More games (especially Playoff games from the 1990's), and individual games of Boxsets, can be found in the relevant sections of our Shop.


Chicago Bulls at Boston Celtics

1986 Playoffs, Round 1, Game 2; Jordan 63 pts
"I think he's God disguised as Michael Jordan." -Larry Bird

Chicago Bulls at Cleveland Cavaliers, Game 5

Jordan lands "The Shot" at the buzzer!

May 7, 1989: First Round, Game 5


New York at Chicago, Game 4

Jordan 47p, 11r! Cartwright 21p;
May 14, 1989 Eastern Semi-Finals, Game 4: Michael Jordan started this game with a noticible limp, but got stronger as the game went on including an amazing 18 points in the 4th quarter to give the Bulls a 3-1 series lead.

New York at Chicago, Game 6

Jordan 40p!
May 19, 1989 Eastern Semi-Finals, Game 6: This series probably marked the first-time that Jordan became a one-man nemesis to the Knicks for the next decade. A brilliant game 6 between two hungry teams would eventually see Jordan and the Bulls move on to meet the Pistons in the Eastern Finals. But, what an amazing finish as Trent Tucker's 4 point play that seemed destined to send the game to overtime, but up stepped Jordan. Note: Kenny Walker and Scottie Pippen ejected in the 3rd quarter for fighting.

Chicago vs Portland

Jordan: 53 points! Vandweghe 35p; Drexler: 23p

January 8, 1987: This was Michael Jordan's 2nd career regular season 50 point game.

Chicago vs Philadelphia

Jordan 56 points, 8 steals, 7 rebounds! Barkley ties career high with 25 rebounds! Fantastic close game.
March 24, 1987: NOTE: Game has unique camera angle footage for about 30 minutes in first half that some viewers may find unsuitable.

Chicago vs Indiana

Jordan: 53 points, 8 assists. Jordan nails at least 50p for the 6th time this season!
April 12, 1987: NOTE: Game has unique camera angle footage during most of 2nd half that some viewers may find unsuitable.

Chicago Bulls at Philadelphia 76ers

Jordan 49p! Barkley 40p, 21r! Oakley 18p, 17r
January 30, 1987
Michael Jordan has another incredible night by dropping 49 points on the Sixers. But Philadelphia, who were hot of late, received a spark from Charles Barkley who put 40p and 21 rebounds on the stat sheet. Who would prevail in this fun game?

Chicago Bulls at Detroit Pistons

Jordan 59p!!! Isiah Thomas 24p, 8a; Dumars 18p, 9a
April 3, 1988
This turned out to be the 5th highest scoring regular season game of Michael Jordan's career. A symphony of Basketball at its finest as MJ dropped 59 points on Thomas, Laimbeer, Dumars, Rodman and the rest of the Detroit Pistons. Oh, and the game was pretty good too!

New York Knicks at Chicago Bulls

Incredible Pippen buzzer beater, finishes with 23p; Jordan 37p, 9r; Ewing 23p, 10r

December 29, 1988

Chicago Bulls at Atlanta Hawks

Jordan 40p, 12a, 10r! Vincent 22p; Wilkins 20p, 10r; Moses Malone 21p, 13r
April 9, 1989
Michael Jordan was a one-man wrecking crew with 40points, 12 assists and 10 rebounds! But, the Hawks were a good team led by Dominique Wilkins and Moses Malone. Who would come out on top?
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1989 East Conf Finals: Chicago vs Detroit, ALL GAMES

Special Boxset Price for the 1989 Eastern Conference Finals. Price will reduce when added to Basket.
1989 Eastern Conference Finals: This was the era of the Bad Boys as the Detroit Pistons led by Isiah Thomas, Joe Dumars, Bill Laimbeer and Dennis Rodman brought a new era to the NBA with their style of defensive play. The Pistons ended up winning the NBA Championship in 1989 and 1990 and in this series you can see them take on the up-and-coming Chicago Bulls led by Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. The Bulls time would come two years later, but they gave the Pistons all they could handle in this classic series.

Chicago - Cleveland

March 28, 1990: Jordan career-high 69 point game!!!
Jordan is able to score the most points of his career in a game that lets Chicago clinch their playoff spot!

Chicago - Houston

January 30, 1992: Jordan dunk over Hakeem; Great Game!

Chicago - Washington

December 23, 1992: Jordan 57 pts

Chicago - Charlotte

March 1993: Jordan 52 pts

Chicago - Washington

March 20, 1993: Jordan 47 pts in 3 Qtrs!

Chicago - Indiana

March 19, 1995: Jordan first game back

Chicago - NY Knicks

March 29, 1995: Jordan 55 pts
Jordan shows the Knicks that he's as tough as ever, nailing 55 pts in his return to MSG!

Chicago at Atlanta

Jordan 32p; Pippen 23p, 10r; Kukoc 18p; Blaylock 20p, 11a
March 25, 1995: One week earlier Michael Jordan returned from retirement to the delight of fans everywhere. This game was before the historic 55 points and put a stamp on his return as his buzzer beater stunned the Hawks and sent the announcers and Bulls fans into pandemonium.

Chicago - Detroit

March 7, 1996: Jordan 53 pts

Chicago - Miami

November 6, 1996: Jordan 50 pts

Chicago - NY Knicks

January 21, 1997: Jordan 51 pts

Chicago - Denver

February 18, 1997: Pippen 47 pts

Chicago - Clippers

November 21, 1997: Jordan season-high 47 pts

Chicago - Dallas Chicago - Milwaukee

December 29, 1997: Jordan 41 pts; Rodman 27 r
January 2, 1998: Jordan 44 pts; Rodman 21 r

Chicago - NY Knicks

January 9, 1998: Jordan 44 pts

Chicago - Houston

January 18, 1998: Jordan 45 pts; Barkley 35 pts

Chicago - NY Knicks

March 8, 1998: MJ plays with old sneakers

Chicago at Philadelphia, Game 3

Jordan 46p! Pippen 22p, 13r; Hawkins 29p; Gilliam 25p, 11r; Barkley 19p
May 10, 1991: Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals comes down to the final minute. Jordan puts on a heroic display with 46p but the plucky Sixers led by Charles Barkley and Hersey Hawkins have other ideas.
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1991 NBA Finals Boxset

1991 NBA Finals: Chicago 4, L.A. Lakers 1
Bulls Finally Get That Championship Feeling
f921 to f926

1992 NBA Finals Boxset

1992 NBA Finals: Chicago 4, Portland 2
Repeat is Extra Sweet for Bulls
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1993 NBA Finals Boxset

1993 NBA Finals: Chicago 4, Phoenix 2
Paxson's Trey Propels Bulls Into NBA History
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1996 NBA Finals Boxset

1996 NBA Finals: Chicago 4, Seattle 2
Bulls' Record-Setting Season Ends in Victory
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1997 NBA Finals Boxset

1997 NBA Finals: Chicago 4, Utah 2
MJ Adds More Finals Heroics to His Legacy
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1998 NBA Finals Boxset

1998 NBA Finals: Chicago 4, Utah 2
Jordan's Jumper Secures Chicago's Sixth Title