Lakers Legends

Here you will find some of the very best games played by NBA Legends of the LA Lakers. More games, and individual games of Boxsets, can be found in the relevant sections of our Shop.


LA Lakers - Philadelphia

February 23, 1986: Dr J, Magic, and Barkley

LA Lakers at Philadelphia 76ers

Magic Johnson 16p, 18a, 9r; Worthy 24p; Abdul-Jabbar 18p; Barkley 29p, 13r; Toney 26p, 9a
February 22, 1987
A fantastic game that was tied 13 times and 17 lead changes. The Lakers were the best team in the NBA led by stars Magic, Kareem and Worthy. But, the 76ers were strating to feel a revival led by younsgter Charles Barkley. A big name does win this one.

Detroit - Lakers

January 19, 1986: Isaiah Thomas v. Magic Johnson

Seattle Sonics at LA Lakers

Magic Johnson 29p, 21a, 9r! Worthy 24p; McDaniel 39p; Ellis 27p
April 23, 1989
This dynamic game was to be the last ever regular season game for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Before the game a retirement ceremony was held and part of that ceremony, including Abdul-Jabbar's speech, is included on this DVD.

Houston - Lakers

1986 Conference Finals, Game 5
Sampson brings his game with a miracle buzzerbeater, Houston wins series!

NBA Finals, Game 6: LA Lakers at Philadelphia 76ers

1980 Finals; Game 6
A 20-yr-old Magic Johnson subs in at center for an injured Kareem.
f841 to f847

1984 NBA Finals Boxset

1984 NBA Finals: Boston 4, L.A. Lakers 3
Celtics Win First Bird-Magic Finals Showdown
f851 to f856

1985 NBA Finals Boxset

1985 NBA Finals: L.A. Lakers 4, Boston 2
Kareem, Lakers Conquer the Celtic Mystique.
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f871 to f876

1987 NBA Finals Boxset

1987 NBA Finals: L.A. Lakers 4, Boston 2
Magic Maneuvers Lakers Past Celtics
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1988 NBA Finals Boxset

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1988 NBA Finals: Los Angeles 4, Detroit 3. Lakers Capture the Elusive Repeat. Talented Detroit team faces off against the returning champions in their first ever appearance in the NBA Finals
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2000 NBA Finals Boxset

2000 NBA Finals: L.A. Lakers 4, Indiana 2
Shaq Makes Mark in New Millennium
f021 to f024

2002 NBA Finals Boxset

2002 NBA Finals: L.A. Lakers 4, New Jersey 0
A Sweeping Statement
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2004 Detroit vs Lakers Boxset

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2008: LA Lakers vs Boston, All Games

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Boston - LA Lakers

February 16, 1992: Magic Johnson's Number Retirement

Portland at LA Lakers

Ceballos 38p; Van Exel 19p, 15a; Divac 18p, 16r; Strickland 28p, 10a
November 21, 1995: Another early season contest between two rebuilding teams with tradition. The Lakers were led by Nick Van Exel, Cedric Ceballos and Vlade Divac. The Blazers main man was Rod Strickland and new to the line-up was European legend Arvydas Sabonis in one of his first games in the NBA. A back-and-forth game comes down to an unsung hero off the bench.

Golden State at LA Lakers

Magic 19p, 10a, 8r; Ceballos 33p; Smith 23p, 10r; Hardaway 24p, 10a; Sprewell 22p, 8r, 7a
January 30, 1996: Almost five years earlier Earvin "Magic" Johnson announced his shock retirement from the NBA. The itch to play never left and this was his first game back in a Lakers uniform as he led the Lakers to victory over the Warriors led by Tim Hardaway, Latrell Sprewell and Joe Smith.

Chicago - Lakers

December 17, 1996: Great game by Jordan, Kukoc, Rodman, Shaq

Lakers - NJ Nets

April 2, 1998: Shaq 50 pts
d9191 to d9196

LA Lakers vs Portland, ALL GAMES

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Portland came into this Western Conference Final series as the best team in the West with 63 wins. A formindable team of Clyde "The Glide" Drexler, Jerome Kersey, Terry Porter and Buck Williams. They met a Lakers team led by veterans Magic Johnson and James Worthy with a valiant supporting crew led by Byron Scott, Vlade Divac and Sam Perkins. The series seemed to be going the Lakers way until Game 6 when Portland was cruising on a fast break late in the 4th quarter to put away the game and head back to Portland....

Golden State at LA Lakers, Game 5

Magic 28p, 14r, 12a! Worthy 25p, 10r; Hardaway 27p, 20a! Mullin 26p; Richmond 26p
May 14, 1991: Warriors desperate for win and get a big lead in the 4th, but the Lakers are too powerful led by Magic in a classic that goes into overtime.

Lakers - Clippers Lakers - Golden State

March 6, 2000: Shaq 61 pts, 23 r
April 5, 2000: Shaq 49 pts

Lakers - Sacramento Laker - Denver

March 12, 2000: Kobe 40 pts; Shaq 39 pts, 20 r
March 13, 2000: Shaq 40 pts

Lakers - NY Knicks Lakers - Sacramento

March 19, 2000: Shaq 43 pts
April 14, 2000: Shaq 41 pts 16 r

LA Lakers @ Golden State

An amazing game that see two players top 50 points! Kobe 51 pts, 8a, 7r; Jamison 51 pts, 13r; Shaq 25p, 10r; Hughes 24p, 9a
December 6, 2000

Lakers - Toronto Lakers - Houston

December 17, 2000: Kobe 40, Carter 31 pts
December 21, 2000: Kobe 45 pts

Lakers - Dallas Lakers - Sacramento

December 5, 2001: Shaq 46 pts; Nowitzki 33 pts
December 7, 2001: Shaq 31 pts; Stojakovic 25 pts

LA Lakers - Seattle LA Lakers - Phoenix

January 7, 2003: Kobe NBA Record, 12 3-ptrs, 9 straight
January 5, 2003: Shaq 36 pts, 16 r, Kobe 31 pts, 12 r

Houston @ LA Lakers

Super Double OT game that sees Kobe score 52 pts, 8r, 7a including the well known highlight of his dunk over Yao Ming 24p, 14r!
February 18, 2003

LA Lakers - Minnesota LA Lakers - Indiana

March 7, 2003: Shaq 40 pts, 14 r; Kobe 30 pts
March 5, 2003: Buzzer beater, great Kobe dunk

Washington @ LA Lakers

Kobe with a season high 55 pts versus Michael Jordan 23p and the rest of the Wizards. Shaq 26p, 13r
March 28, 2003

Toronto @ L.A. Lakers

KOBE: 81 POINTS!!!!!! Yes, 81 points.
 January 22, 2006: The highest indiviual scoring game in the history of televised NBA!

Portland @ L.A. Lakers

Kobe 65 points!!!!! With some of the most unbelieveable shots you'll ever see! On top of this, what a thriller of a game!!!
March 16, 2007

Minnesota @ L.A. Lakers

After scoring 65p a few mights earlier Kobe goes bonkers with another 50p game!!! Back-to-Back 50+ games! Garnett 26p, 15r; Davis 33p
March 18, 2007

L.A. Lakers @ Memphis

He's done it again! NBA history with 3rd straight 50+ point game. Kobe goes for 60!!!
March 22, 2007

L.A. Lakers @ NO/Okla. City

Are you kidding us? Kobe 4th straight game with 50+ points!!!! Kobe 50p; Paul 28p, 12a
March 23, 2007

Dallas @ L.A. Lakers

Kobe 62 points in only 3 quarters!!!!!
 December 20, 2005

L.A. Lakers @ Charlotte

Incredible Triple Overtime Game; Kobe 58p!!! Okafor 22p, 25r!!
December 29, 2006

Utah @ L.A. Lakers

Kobe 52p!!! Including 30 in the 3rd quarter! Boozer 26p
November 30, 2006

L.A. Lakers @ New York

Kobe sets visiting player record at MSG with 61 points!!! Gasol 31p, 14r; Lee 22p, 12r; Harrington 24p; Chandler 20p
Mon, Feb 02, 2009