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Chicago Bulls at Cleveland Cavaliers, Game 5

Jordan lands "The Shot" at the buzzer!

May 7, 1989: First Round, Game 5


Chicago - Cleveland

March 28, 1990: Jordan career-high 69 point game!!!
Jordan is able to score the most points of his career in a game that lets Chicago clinch their playoff spot!
d9264 to d9270

Boston vs Cleveland, ALL GAMES

Special Boxset Price for this 1992 Eastern Conference Semi-Final. Price will reduce when added to Basket.
1992 Eastern Conference Semi-Final: The Celtics last hurrah. The 1980's was the decade of the Magic and Bird, the Lakers & Celtics. With a rising star, Reggie Lewis, the Celtics led By Bird, McHale and Parrish had a legitimate shot to get back to the promised land. However, the upstart Cavs led by Brad Daugherty and Mark Price stood in their way. Series went 7 games and game 7 turned out to be the final game of Larry Bird's NBA career.

Boston at Cleveland, Game 1

Daugherty 26p, 17r; Nance 24p; Gamble 22p
May 2, 1992: Celts were on a high riding an 11 game winning streak when they met the Cavs to start this series. Kerr hit a demoralizing half-court shot at the end of the 3rd that laid rest plans of a Celtics come-back.

Boston at Cleveland, Game 2

Parish 27p; Lewis 26p; Daugherty 22p; Price 20p
May 4, 1992: The old man took criticism to heart as he leads the Celtics to victory.

Cleveland at Boston, Game 3

Lewis 36p; McHale 22p; Price 27p, 10a; Daugherty 22p, 11r
May 8, 1992: An exciting game that saw Cleveland take control in the 3rd. However, a 4th quarter surge by the Celtics led by Reggie Lewis saw them pull it out in the end.

Cleveland at Boston, Game 4

Lewis 42p! McHale 23p; Parish 16p, 18r; Nance 32p; Price 26p, 12a; Daugherty 20p
May 10, 1992: A thrilling game that saw the return of Larry Bird to action. Lewis with a career day of 42 points led the Celtics while old-pro Larry Nance picked up the slack for the Cavs.

Boston at Cleveland, Game 5

Daugherty 28p; Ehlo 20p, 13a; Lewis 27p; Bird 13p
May 13, 1992: Ehol, the forgotten man of the series hits his first 8 shots. Cavs defense shut down the Celts big three in the 2nd half to take control of the game and the series.

Cleveland at Boston, Game 6

Bird 16p, 14a; Lewis 26p; McHale 22p
May 15, 1992: What turned out to be Bird's final game as a player in the Boston Garden was an emotional one from the introductions to his highlight plays in the first quarter.

Boston at Cleveland, Game 7

Daugherty 28p; Williams 20p; Lewis 22p; Bird 12p
May 17, 1992: Quicker, stronger, faster, fresher. These words describe perfectly the winner's performance in this Game 7 showdown. This turned out to be Larry Bird's final NBA game.

Cleveland at Chicago, Game 1

Jordan 33p; Pippen 29p, 12r, 9a; Daugherty 23p; Price 21p, 9a; Nance 19p, 12r
May 19, 1992: Both teams were coming off exhausting 7 game series in the semi-finals but it would be the Bulls who welcomed the Cavaliers "soft" approach in romping to a Game 1 victory.

Chicago at Cleveland, Game 3

Jordan 36p, 9a; Pippen 23p, 9r, 7a; Ehlo 20p; Daugherty 18p, 10r; Nance 18p
May 23, 1992: Jordan and Pippen combined for 59 points as the Bulls raced out to an early lead and snatched home court advantage back in their favor.

Cleveland at Chicago, Game 5

Jordan 37p; Pippen 14p, 15r; Price 24p
May 27, 1992: A close game through the first 3 quarters was blown open in the 4th as the Bulls completely shut the Cavs down to start the 4th. The Bulls remembering what Ferry did in Game 4 took revenge as both benchs cleared with about a minute to go in the game.

Cleveland @ Sacramento

Oct 29

New Jersey @ Cleveland

  27 Sat

Detroit @ Cleveland

LeBron career high 43p!! Hamilton 28p
 Wed 24

Cleveland @ Toronto

LeBron career high 56p!!! Rose 30p
 Sun 20, March 2005

Milwaukee @ Cleveland

LeBron 40p, 10r, 10a!!
 Sat 9

Cleveland @ Philadelphia

Fantastic Game; LeBron 36p, 11r, 10a; Iverson 37p, 12a; Hughes 37p; Webber 26p, 11r
 November 19

Cleveland @ Milwaukee

LeBron 52p!!! Ford 24p
 December 10, 2005

Miami @ Cleveland

LeBron 41p, 10a! Wade 33p
 December 17

Cleveland @ Phoenix

LeBron 46p; Marion 25p, 12r
 January 14

Cleveland @ Utah

LeBron 51p!
 January 21

San Antonio @ Cleveland

LeBron 44p!
 February 13

Cleveland @ Boston

Great Game; Pierce 50p! LeBron 43p, 12r, 11a!
 February 15

Dallas @ Cleveland

LeBron 46p! Cavs clinch Playoff spot
March 29

Miami @ Cleveland

Classic Game; LeBron 47p, 12r, 10a! Wade 44p! "People got a view of absolute greatness." - Pat Riley
April 1

Cleveland @ Detroit

Good Game; LeBron 41p! Hamilton 29p
March 7

Cleveland @ Memphis

Incredible game; LeBron 51p! Conley 20p, 7a
Tue, Jan 15

Cleveland @ L.A. Lakers

Great game; LeBron vs Kobe; LeBron 41p, 9r; Kobe 33p, 12r
Sun, Jan 27

Cleveland @ New York

LeBron turns MSG into his playoground with 50p, 10a!!!
Wed, Mar 05

Cleveland @ New York

LeBron explodes for 52p, 11r, 9a in this great game! Harrington 39p, 13r
Wed, Feb 04

Cleveland @ Indiana

Crazy and controversial end to a competitive game; LeBron 47p! Murphy 18p, 15r
Tue, Feb 10

Cleveland @ Milwaukee

Great game; LeBron drops 55 points including some insane 3 pointers! Villanueva 26p, 13r; Williams 23p
Fri, Feb 20

Cleveland @ Miami

Amazing game as LeBron 42p, 8r and Wade 41p, 9a, 7r, 7s battle each other the whole way; Williams 30p
Mon, Mar 02

Cleveland @ Sacramento

Thrilling game sees Cavs clinch central divison; LeBron 51p, 9a!!! Martin 34p
Fri, Mar 13

Orlando at Cleveland, Game 2

WOW! Game replaces Michael Jordan's 1989 game 5 as most memorable buzzer beater (LeBron) in Cleveland history; LeBron 35p; Williams 19p; Lewis 23p; Turkoglu 21p
May 22, 2009