Hawks Legends

Here you will find some of the very best games played by NBA Legends of the Atlanta Hawks. More games, and individual games of Boxsets, can be found in the relevant sections of our Shop.


Boston - Atlanta

March 12, 1985: Bird 60 pts

Boston Celtics at Atlanta Hawks

Dominique Wilkins 54p!! Bird 26p, 15r, 14a! Willis 18p, 21r; Rivers 18a; McHale 36p, 11r
February 3, 1987
Dominique Wilkins exploded for 54 points, 40 of them after halftime to lead the Hawks in a super game versus the Boston Celtics led by Larry Bird's triple double. An exciting encounter that went to overtime that wasn't decided until the very last seconds.

Chicago Bulls at Atlanta Hawks

Jordan 40p, 12a, 10r! Vincent 22p; Wilkins 20p, 10r; Moses Malone 21p, 13r
April 9, 1989
Michael Jordan was a one-man wrecking crew with 40points, 12 assists and 10 rebounds! But, the Hawks were a good team led by Dominique Wilkins and Moses Malone. Who would come out on top?

Cleveland Cavaliers at Atlanta Hawks

Dominique Wilkins 41p; Moses Malone 21p, 9r; Nance 28p; Daugherty 21p, 9r
January 24, 1989
The Cavaliers owned the NBA's best record at this point in the season, led by All-Stars Brad Daugherty and Mark Price. But, the Atlanta Hawks were led by the Human Highlight film, Dominique Wilkins who lit up the Cavs for 41 points!

Boston - Atlanta

1988 Conference Semis, Game 7; Wilkins 47 pts

Chicago at Atlanta

Jordan 32p; Pippen 23p, 10r; Kukoc 18p; Blaylock 20p, 11a
March 25, 1995: One week earlier Michael Jordan returned from retirement to the delight of fans everywhere. This game was before the historic 55 points and put a stamp on his return as his buzzer beater stunned the Hawks and sent the announcers and Bulls fans into pandemonium.
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2008: Boston vs Atlanta, All Games

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Atlanta at Boston, Gm 1

Celts look to get off to a good start; Horford 20p, 10r; Garnett 16p, 10r
April 20

Atlanta at Boston, Gm 2

Celts continue domination; Garnett 19p, 10r
April 23

Boston at Atlanta, Gm 3

Crowd gets the Hawks ready, will they be? Garnett 32p, 10r; Smith 27p, 9r; Johnson 23p
April 26

Boston at Atlanta, Gm 4

Great game 4; Johnson 35p; Smith 28p; Allen 21p; Garnett 20p
April 28

Atlanta at Boston, Gm 5

Celts dominate at home again; Pierce 22p; Garnett 22p; Johnson 21p
April 30

Boston at Atlanta, Gm 6

Fantastic game; Garnett 22p; Allen 20p
May 2, 2008

Atlanta at Boston, Gm 7

Who will come out on top? Pierce 22p; Garnett 18p, 11r
May 4