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Here you will find some of the very best games played by NBA Legends of the Utah Jazz. More games, and individual games of Boxsets, can be found in the relevant sections of our Shop.

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1997 NBA Finals Boxset

1997 NBA Finals: Chicago 4, Utah 2
MJ Adds More Finals Heroics to His Legacy
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1998 NBA Finals Boxset

1998 NBA Finals: Chicago 4, Utah 2
Jordan's Jumper Secures Chicago's Sixth Title

Utah - Golden St

April 7, 1998: Malone 56 pts
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1992 West Finals: Portland vs Utah

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1992 Western Conference Finals: The powerful Blazers led by Clyde Drexler, Jerome Kersey, Terry Porter, Buck Williams & Kevin Duckworth took on the Utah Jazz. The Jazz led by Karl Malone, John Stockton and Jeff Malone fought hard as this exciting series showcased the talents of a team at its very peak versus a team on the rise.

Utah at Portland, Game 1

Porter 26p, 8a; Kersey 20p
May 16, 1992: Porter breaks his own team record for 3-ptrs in a playoff game

Utah at Portland, Game 2

Porter 41p! Drexler 36p, 12a; K Malone 25p, 11r; Stockton 24p, 11a; J Malone 21p
May 19, 1992: Porter with career-high 41p! Sloan ejected in the 4th qtr in a testy game

Portland at Utah, Game 4

K Malone 33p, 12r; J Malone 28p; Stockton 18p, 15a; Porter 34p; Drexler 27p
May 24, 1992: Jazz set team record for free throws made whilst Blazers had 6 technicals called against them. Late 4th quarter run decides the game

Utah at Portland, Game 5

K Malone 38p, 14r; J Malone 23p; Kersey 29p, 10r; Drexler 24p, 8r, 7a; Porter 24p, 11a; Duckworth 24p
May 26, 1992: Stockton injured late in first half but Jazz held bravely on to take the game into overtime.

Portland at Utah, Game 6

K Malone 23p, 19r; Stockton 18p, 12a
May 28, 1992: Utah is undefeated at home in the Playoffs. Portland is 0 - 4 this season at Utah. Game was close until Blazers started to pull away in the 3rd. Jazz make a furious comeback that falls just a bit short.
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Seattle vs Utah, ALL GAMES

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1996 Western Conference Finals: Over the last few seasons Seattle were the team that should have been dominating but something kept getting in the way. In 1996 everything seemed to fall into place as they took on a team supposedly in their prime, the Utah Jazz. It was Kemp and Payton vs Malone and Stockton. It seemed now or never for the Utah duo but their time would come...

Utah at Seattle, Game 1

Kemp 21p, 11r; Payton 21p; Malone 21p
May 18, 1996: Utah came off a tough series and the Sonics were well rested for this one.

Utah at Seattle, Game 2

Malone 32p, 13r; Payton 18p
May 20, 1996: Jazz were ready to play from the start but as the game came down to the final 30 seconds and they didn't do something that perhaps they should have.

Seattle at Utah, Game 3

Malone 28p, 18r; Hornacek 28p; Russell 24p; Payton 25p
May 24, 1996: Back in Utah and the Jazz stepped up shutting down Kemp and smothering Payton with great D.
NOTE: TV network loses video feed for last 5 minutes of 3rd quarter.

Seattle at Utah, Game 4

Perkins 20p; Payton 19p; Kemp 18p; Malone 25p, 12r
May 26, 1996: Sonics became a team in this game. Even though Kemp was in foul trouble all night long the Sonics kept up tenacious defense on Malone. Game came down to the final shot.

Utah at Seattle, Game 5

Payton 31p; Kemp 24p, 13r; Malone 29p; Hornacek 27p
May 28, 1996: Game goes to overtime thanks to a huge Kemp block on Malone and a questionable no-call.

Seattle at Utah, Game 6

Malone 32p, 10r, 7a, 4s; Hornacek 23p; Stockton 14p, 12a; Kemp 26p, 14r
May 30, 1996: Emotional game for Malone as he plays his heart outand we head back to Seattle

Utah at Seattle, Game 7

Kemp 26p, 14r; Payton 21p; Malone 22p; Stockton 22p
June 2, 1996: The Jekyll and Hyde Sonics are finally going to the NBA Finals. Kemp and Payton were magnificent throughout in leading their team in this close, exciting game. Many wondered if this was the Jazz's last shot.
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Utah vs Houston, ALL GAMES

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1997 Western Conference Finals: One of the great series of all-time. Olajuwon, Barkley and Drexler lead the Rockets while Malone, Stockton and Hornacek lead the Jazz. Decided on a 3 pointer buzzer-beater to send Utah to the 1997 NBA Finals.

Houston at Utah, Game 1

Olajuwon 30p, 13r; Malone 21p
May 19, 1997: Jazz had been resting for a week whilst the Rockets are coming off a gruelling 7 game series versus the Sonics. Malone received his MVP award earlier in the day as the Jazz cruise in Game 1.

Houston at Utah, Game 2

Olajuwon 30p; Barkley 16p, 12r; Malone 24p, 15r; Stockton 26p, 12a
May 21, 1997: The story of this series isn't about 3 future hall-of-famers on the Rockets but rather their 27 year old rookie PG. Can they hold off the Jazz?

Utah at Houston, Game 3

Johnson 31p; Olajuwon 27p; Barkley 19p, 16r; Malone 21p; Stockton 17p, 10a
May 23, 1997: Home cooking as Eddie Johnson gives the Rockets a huge spark off the bench. Game tied at the half and decided late.

Utah at Houston, Game 4

Olajuwon 27p, 10r; Barkley 20p, 16r; Malone 22p, 10r; Stockton 22p, 8a
May 25, 1997: Jazz determined to get the ball to Malone more but game decided with a 3 at the buzzer from an ulikely hero!

Houston at Utah, Game 5

Olajuwon 33p, 10r; Malone 29p, 14r
May 27, 1997: MVP Malone feeling the pressure and he responds big time. Three point shooting the downfall for the Rockets.

Utah at Houston, Game 6

Drexler 33p; Stockton 25p, 13a; Malone 24p, 11r; Barkley 20p
May 29, 1997: One of the most classic playoff games of all time. Drexler has a big game and the Rockets are up by 10 with 3 minutes to go and the Jazz start to chip away and eventually tie the game.... Stockton has the ball in his hands as the clock runs down...