First Round, Game 1: Milwaukee Bucks at Chicago Bulls

Jordan 38p, 8r, 7a; Pippen 17p, 13a, 10r, 3s, 3b; Robertson 22p
April 27, 1990

Milwaukee at Chicago, Gm 2

First Round, Game 2: Jordan 36p; Pippen 32p
April 29, 1990: This was the year when the Bulls were one win away from their first NBA Finals. They would have to wait until 1991 for that honor but the 1990 playoffs were a great preview of what was to come. A super game 2 that was decided late.

Chicago at Milwaukee, Gm 3

First Round, Game 3: Jordan 48p! Robertson 38p; Roberts 23p
May 1, 1990: Despite Michael Jordan dropping 48 points the Bucks rallied to stay alive in this first round series.

Chicago at Milwaukee, Gm 4

First Round, Game 4: Jordan 25p; Pippen 20p; Robertson 20p; Pierce 19p
May 3, 1990: The last game of this first round series sees the Bulls turn it up a notch and pull out the win decisively.

ECSF, Game 1: Philadelphia 76ers at Chicago Bulls

Jordan 39p; Pippen 18p, 12a, 8r; Barkley 30p, 20r
May 7, 1990

ECSF, Game 2: Philadelphia 76ers at Chicago Bulls

Jordan 45p, 8r, 7a
May 9, 1990

Chicago at Philadelphia, Gm 3

East Semi-Finals, Game 3: Jordan 49p! Barkley 34p; Hawkins 27p
May 11, 1990: The Bulls trailed by as much as 27 points at one point but led my Michael Jordan's 49 points, including 24 in the 4th quarter, the Bulls nearly made it all the way back.

Chicago at Philadelphia, Gm 4

East Semi-Finals, Game 4: Jordan 45p, 11a! Barkley 22p
May 13, 1990: Bulls had to again come from behind to take an unassailable 3-1 lead in this 7 game series.

Philadelphia at Chicago, Gm 5

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East Semi-Finals, Game 5. NOTE: Game has video interference for several minutes of playing time at end of 3rd quarter and beginning of 4th quarter. Jordan 37p; Pippen 29p; Barkely 17p
May 16, 1990: The Bulls had a plan, shutdown Barkley, and it worked as the rest of the Sixers team was unable to overcome the double-teaming of Sir Charles.

Portland - San Antonio

1990 Conference Semis, Game 7; Rookie David Robinson

Complete ECF, all 7 games

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ECF, Gm 1: Chicago Bulls at Detroit Pistons

Michael Jordan 34 p ; Joe Dumars 27 p
May 20, 1990

ECF, Gm 2: Chicago Bulls at Detroit Pistons

Joe Dumars 31 p; Michael Jordan 20 p
May 22, 1990

ECF, Gm 3: Detroit Pistons at Chicago Bulls

The leaders take over: Michael Jordan 47 p, 10 r; Scottie Pippen 29 p, 11 r; Isiah Thomas 36 p
May 26, 1990

ECF, Gm 4: Detroit Pistons at Chicago Bulls

Michael Jordan 42 p; Dennis Rodman for Detroit 20 p, 20 r
May 28, 1990

ECF, Gm 5: Chicago Bulls at Detroit Pistons

The stars let the other guys play: MJ 22 p, Isiah Thomas 7 p
May 30, 1990

ECF, Gm 6: Detroit Pistons at Chicago Bulls

Michael Jordan 29 p, 10 r (Quality advisory: below normal Pontel standard)
June 1, 1990

ECF, Gm 7: Chicago Bulls at Detroit Pistons

Michael Jordan 31 p, rest of team dies
June 3, 1990