1988-89 Season

Chicago at Boston

MJ 52p
November 9, 1988

Milwaukee Bucks @ Chicago Bulls

Super game; Jordan 50p; Sikma 26p; Krystkowiak 24p, 18r
February 16, 1989

Los Angeles Lakers @ Chicago Bulls

Magic 31p, 12a; MJ 42p
December 20, 1988

Denver Nuggets @ Chicago Bulls

Michael Jordan 38p; Alex English 34p
January 13, 1989

Boston Celtics @ Chicago Bulls

Michael Jordan 42p, 11a, 8 steals
January 15, 1989

Golden State Warriors @ Los Angeles Lakers

Magic 35p, 14r
March 01, 1989

Chicago Bulls @ Los Angeles Lakers

Michael Jordan triple teamed, so he assists others 21p, 16a
March 21, 1989

Cleveland Cavaliers @ Chicago Bulls

Michael Jordan triple double 37p
March 31, 1989

Detroit Pistons @ Chicago Bulls

Michael Jordan 40p, 11a; Laimbeer, Rodman & Dumars do the damage
April 07, 1989:
Note: Game is Joined In progress early 1st quarter

Chicago Bulls @ Atlanta Hawks

Michael Jordan 40p, 12a, 10r triple double
April 09, 1989

Chicago Bulls @ Milwaukee Bucks

Michael Jordan 50p, buzzerbeater; video quality below Pontel standard
February 16, 1989

Golden State Warriors at LA Lakers

Close game that comes down to the wire; Mullin 28p; Teagle 35p; Manute Bol 5b; Magic 28p, 12a, 8r; Worthy 30p
February 8, 1989

Milwaukee Bucks at LA Lakers

Terrific game. Magic 26p, 11a; Scott 32p; Sikma 27p; Pierce 29p
April 2, 1989

Chicago Bulls at Houston Rockets

Michael Jordan 34p, Scottie Pippen dunks over Ralph Sampson!
November 28, 1987

Chicago Bulls at Philadelphia 76ers

Michael Jordan 52 p; Charles Barkley 42 p, 16 r
November 16, 1988

New York Knicks at Chicago Bulls


Incredible Pippen buzzer beater, finishes with 23p; Jordan 37p, 9r; Ewing 23p, 10r

December 29, 1988

NY Knicks - Boston

January 3, 1989: Ewing, Jackson, McHale, Johnson, Walton

Chicago Bulls at Atlanta Hawks

Jordan 40p, 12a, 10r! Vincent 22p; Wilkins 20p, 10r; Moses Malone 21p, 13r
April 9, 1989
Michael Jordan was a one-man wrecking crew with 40points, 12 assists and 10 rebounds! But, the Hawks were a good team led by Dominique Wilkins and Moses Malone. Who would come out on top?

Phoenix Suns at Chicago Bulls

Michael Jordan 53 p, 14r Highlight dunk in 4th qtr (Quality advisory: below normal Pontel standard)
January 21, 1989

Cleveland Cavaliers at Atlanta Hawks

Dominique Wilkins 41p; Moses Malone 21p, 9r; Nance 28p; Daugherty 21p, 9r
January 24, 1989
The Cavaliers owned the NBA's best record at this point in the season, led by All-Stars Brad Daugherty and Mark Price. But, the Atlanta Hawks were led by the Human Highlight film, Dominique Wilkins who lit up the Cavs for 41 points!

Seattle Sonics at LA Lakers

Magic Johnson 29p, 21a, 9r! Worthy 24p; McDaniel 39p; Ellis 27p
April 23, 1989
This dynamic game was to be the last ever regular season game for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Before the game a retirement ceremony was held and part of that ceremony, including Abdul-Jabbar's speech, is included on this DVD.

Philadelphia 76ers at New York Knicks

First Round, Game 2. Incredible game and comeback by the Knicks.
April 29, 1989

Golden State Warriors at Miami Heat

Richmond 26p; Mullin 24p, 8r; Garland 22p; Bol 6b; Thompson 30p, 16r; Long 24p, 14r. Heat inaugural season
January 30, 1989

Seattle Sonics at Portland Trailblazers

McKey 34p; Ellis 24p; McDaniel 23p, 8r; Drexler 25p, 7r, 6a; Kersey 18p, 10r
January 24, 1989

Detroit Pistons at New York Knicks

Ewing 32p, 15r, 6b; Jackson 21p, 8a, 7r; Laimbeer 19p; Mahorn 17p, 8r; Dumars & Rodman
April 14, 1989

Chicago Bulls at Cleveland Cavaliers

Jordan 32p, 11r, 7a; Pippen 16p; Nance 24p, 8r; Harper 20p
January 5, 1989

Phoenix Suns at Houston Rockets

Olajuwon 33p, 16r, 4b; Thorpe 34p, 11r; Floyd 18a; Chambers 27p, 13r; K Johnson 17p, 15a; E Johnson 24p
April 13, 1989

Boston Celtics at Atlanta Hawks

Moses Malone 29p, 10r; Wilkins 27p; Doc Rivers, Spudd Webb, Reggie Lewis, Parish and McHale all play
April 13, 1989

Milwaukee Bucks at Washington Bullets

Double OT thriller played in Baltimore! Cummings 29p, 14r; Pierce 29p; Sikma 12p, 18r; Malone 38p; Eackles 23p
January 6, 1989

New York Knicks at LA Lakers

Ewing 25p; Oakley 23p, 11r; Jackson 19p, 9a; Magic 26p, 11r, 11a, 5s; Worthy 26p, 14r, 7a; Green 21p
January 24, 1989