New York Knicks at Philadelphia 76ers

This deciding game 3 goes to overtime. Jackson 24p, 9a; Wilkins 22p, 11r, 8a; Barkley 29p, 11r
May 2, 1989: First Round, Game 3

1989 First Round: Chicago Bulls vs Cleveland Cavs Box Set

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First Round, Gm 1: Chicago Bulls at Cleveland Cavaliers

Michael Jordan 31 p , 11 a
April 28, 1989

First Round, Gm 2: Chicago Bulls at Cleveland Cavaliers

Michael Jordan 30 p, 10 a ; Ron Harper 31 p, 11 r
April 30, 1989

First Round, Gm 3: Cleveland Cavaliers at Chicago Bulls

Michael Jordan 44 p , 10 a; Horace Grant 17 r
May 3, 1989

First Round, Gm 4: Cleveland Cavaliers at Chicago Bulls

Michael Jordan 50 p, Horace Grant 16 r
May 5, 1989

Chicago Bulls at Cleveland Cavaliers, Game 5

Jordan lands "The Shot" at the buzzer!

May 7, 1989: First Round, Game 5

Golden State Warriors at Utah Jazz

A look at a young Karl Malone 37p, 22r and John Stockton; Mullin 22p; Richmond 21p; Manute Bol 6b
April 29, 1989: First Round, Game 2

Utah at Golden State, Game 3

Mullin 35p; Richmond 26p, 11r; Stockton 34p, 16a; Malone 33p, 14r
May 2, 1989 First Round, Game 3: This was supposed to be the year the Jazz broke into the NBA elite by winning the Midwest title they received a first round series versus the Pacific number 4 team, Golden State. This wasn't only an upset but the manner in which it was done was amazing. The Warriors led by Chris Mullin and rookie sensation Mitch Richmond swept the Utah Jazz who were led by Karl Malone, John Stockton and Thurl Bailey.

1989 East Conf Semi Finals: Chicago vs New York Boxset

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ECSF Game 1: Chicago Bulls at New York Knicks

Michael Jordan Triple Double 34p, 12a, 10r; Ewing 22p, 10r
May 9, 1989

ECSF Game 2: Chicago Bulls at New York Knicks

7 players in double digits (MJ 14p), but balance doesn't work; Ewing 23p; Jackson 20p, 16a
May 11, 1989

ECSF Game 3: New York Knicks at Chicago Bulls

Michael Jordan 40p. 9a, 15r; Ewing 19p
May 13, 1989

New York at Chicago, Game 4

Jordan 47p, 11r! Cartwright 21p;
May 14, 1989 Eastern Semi-Finals, Game 4: Michael Jordan started this game with a noticible limp, but got stronger as the game went on including an amazing 18 points in the 4th quarter to give the Bulls a 3-1 series lead.

Chicago at New York, Game 5

Jordan 38p; Ewing 32p, 11r; Jackson 14p, 14a
May 16, 1989 Eastern Semi-Finals, Game 5: The Knicks were facing a must-win and appeared headed to an easy win but up stepped Jordan as he single-handedly almost brought the Knicks down.

New York at Chicago, Game 6

Jordan 40p!
May 19, 1989 Eastern Semi-Finals, Game 6: This series probably marked the first-time that Jordan became a one-man nemesis to the Knicks for the next decade. A brilliant game 6 between two hungry teams would eventually see Jordan and the Bulls move on to meet the Pistons in the Eastern Finals. But, what an amazing finish as Trent Tucker's 4 point play that seemed destined to send the game to overtime, but up stepped Jordan. Note: Kenny Walker and Scottie Pippen ejected in the 3rd quarter for fighting.

1989 East Conf Finals: Chicago vs Detroit, ALL GAMES

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1989 Eastern Conference Finals: This was the era of the Bad Boys as the Detroit Pistons led by Isiah Thomas, Joe Dumars, Bill Laimbeer and Dennis Rodman brought a new era to the NBA with their style of defensive play. The Pistons ended up winning the NBA Championship in 1989 and 1990 and in this series you can see them take on the up-and-coming Chicago Bulls led by Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. The Bulls time would come two years later, but they gave the Pistons all they could handle in this classic series.

Chicago at Detroit, Game 1

Jordan 32p, 11r; Laimbeer 15p, 15r
May 21, 1989: Jordan was quoted as saying that if the beat the Pistons in Game 1 they will win the series. Well, one of those predictions came true as the Bulls raced out and held onto the lead. The Pistons knew they had to win game 2.

Chicago at Detroit, Game 2

Thomas 33p; Jordan 27p; Grant 16p, 20r; Dumars 20p
May 23, 1989: This was a tight game until a decisive run late in the 4th quarter saw the Pistons tie the series at one.

Detroit at Chicago, Game 3

Jordan 46p! Aguirre 25p; Johnson 19p; Rodman 13r
May 27, 1989: This turned out to be the best game of this series. Jordan showed the world what he would deliver over the next 10 years with a key 46 point performance including the game-winner to send the Chicago crowd into a frenzy.

Detroit at Chicago, Game 4

Thomas 27p, 10r; Rodman 18r; Jordan 23p; Pippen 18p, 11r

May 29, 1989: In what was probably a must-win game for the Pistons they did not disappoint. A tough defensive game, typical of the bruiser Pistons style saw them come out on top in the continuation of this classic series.

Note: Game is missing about 2 minutes start of 4th quarter.

Chicago at Detroit, Game 5

Thomas 17p, 12a; Aguirre 19p; Johnson 22p; Jordan 18p, 9a
May 31, 1989: The Pistons showed what talent they have extending deep into their bench as an array of players kep Jordan in check. Vinnie Johnson spuured the Pistons on with 16 points in the 4th quarter.

Detroit at Chicago, Game 6

Thomas 33p; Rodman 15r; Jordan 32p, 13a
June 2, 1989: Pippen got knocked unconcious early in the game and did not return but it seemed to spur the Bulls who raced out to a big 1st quarter lead, but the Pistons led by Isiah Thomas kept chipping away and eventually took this game and earned a rematch with the LA Lakers.

Portland at LA Lakers, Gm 1

First Round, Game 1: Magic 30p, 16a; Scott 29p; Thompson 20p; Drexler 30p; Kersey 23p
April 27, 1989: The Lakers were going for the 3-peat in 1989 and nothing looked like it would slow them down as they win here for the first of 11 staright wins en-route to the Finals.

LA Lakers at Portland, Gm 3

First Round, Game 3: Abdul-Jabbar 22p; Scott 25p; Worthy 24p
May 3, 1989: The Blazers battled the Lakers hard in this Game 3. But the Lakers have not ost a first round game since the league went to 16 teams in 1984.

Phoenix at LA Lakers, Gm 2

Conference Finals, Game 2: Magic 22p; Worthy 19p; K Johnson 22p; Chambers 21p; Majerle 21p
May 23, 1989: A Young Phoenix Suns game was still a few years away from their title shot, but led by Kevin Johnson, Tom Chambers and Dan Majerle they put on a brave face in this game 2. NOTE: Magic Johnson awarded MVP trophy at start of game is on DVD.

LA Lakers at Phoenix, Gm 4

Conference Finals, Game 4: Magic 21p, 20a! Chambers 41p! Scott 35p
May 28, 1989: A fantastic decide at Phoenix as the Suns threw everything they had at the Lakers. But the Lakers determination for a thrid straight title was too much as they swept their 3rd consecutiove series. However, due to an injury to Magic in Game 1 of the finals this would be the last victory of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's career.