1980 to 1984-85 Seasons

Washington Bullets @ Chicago Bulls

Michael Jordan's first ever NBA game!
October 26, 1984

Philadelphia 76ers @ Phoenix Suns

Dr J Julius Erving 31p, Moses Malone 23p; Rookie Barley 17p; Larry Nance, Alvan Adams, Maurice Lucas
November 23, 1984

Detroit - Denver

December 13, 1983: Highest score in NBA history! (edited version: Most of first half not included)
Pistons coach had predicted a high-scoring game, but he didn't see this one coming!
Game is missing most of the first half.

North Carolina - Maryland North Carolina - Duke


January 1984 vs Maryland: Jordan college classic, slam dunk to finish game. Game also features Len Bias, Kenny Smith, Sam Perkins and Brad Daugherty

vs Duke, March 1984, ACC tounrmanet Semi-Final: Carolina had gone undefeated in conference play. Can they get past Johnny Dawkins and the Blue Devils for a 3rd time this season? 

Philadelphia - Boston

March 1984: Dr. J, Moses Malone, Cheeks, Bird

San Antonio Spurs at Chicago Bulls

Michael Jordan 45 p - George Gervin "The Iceman" 28 p (Quality advisory: below normal Pontel standard)
November 13, 1984

Detroit Pistons at Chicago Bulls

Michael Jordan 49 p - Vinnie Johnson 28 p
February 12, 1985

Boston - Atlanta

March 12, 1985: Bird 60 pts