1987 First Round: Chicago Bulls vs Boston Celtics Boxset

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First Round, Game 1: Chicago Bulls at Boston Celtics,

Michael Jordan 35p, Oakley 21p, 12r; Bird 17p, 13a, 9r; McHale 21p
April 23, 1987

First Round, Game 2: Chicago Bulls at Boston Celtics

Jordan 42p; Oakley 25p, 15r; Bird 29p, 8r, 7a; McHale 20p, 10r
April 26, 1987

First Round, Game 3: Boston Celtics at Chicago Bulls

Jordan 30p, 11r, 7a; Oakley 19r; Bird 32p, 14r; Johnson 24p, 10a. Advisory: Quality below Pontel's normal standard
April 28, 1987

Boston - Milwaukee

1987 Conference Semis, Game 4; Bird 42 pts

1987 ECF Boxset, Games 1 to 7

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ECF Game 1: Detroit Pistons @ Boston Celtics

Bird 18p, 16r, 11a! Parish 31p; McHale 21p; Thomas 18p, 10a
May 19, 1987

ECF, Game 2: Detroit Pistons at Boston Celtics

Bird 31p, 12a, 9r; Parish 20p, 9r; Thomas 36p, 10a; Dantley 24p
May 21, 1987

ECF Game 3: Boston Celtics at Detroit Pistons

Thomas 23p, 7a; Dantley 25p; Bird 17p, 11r
May 23, 1987

ECF Game 4: Boston Celtics @ Detroit Pistons

Eastern Conference Finals, Game 4: Dantley 32p; Thomas 22p, 8a
May 24, 1987

ECF, Game 5: Detroit Pistons at Boston Celtics


Larry steals the ball!

Incredible steal from Larry Bird in finals second of the game allow Celtics to take the lead in the series.

ECF, Game 6: Boston Celtics at Detroit Pistons

Must win game for the Pistons. Dantley 24p; Thomas 21p, 9a; Bird 35p, 9r; McHale 23p, 12r
May 28, 1987

ECF, Game 7: Detroit Pistons at Boston Celtics

After the miracle of Game 5 Larry Bird refuses to let his team lose in this thrilling game 7 with 37p, 9r, 9a; McHale 22p, 10r; Dumars 35p; Thomas 25p, 9a
May 30, 1987

Golden State Warriors @ Los Angeles Lakers

West Conference Semi-Finals, Game 1: Magic 25p, 14a, 12r
May 05, 1987

Los Angeles Lakers @ Golden State Warriors

West Conference Semi-Finals, Game 4: Sleepy Floyd 51p, 10a! Scott 28p; Kareem 27p
May 10, 1987

Los Angeles Lakers @ Seattle SuperSonics

West Conference Finals, Game 3: Worthy 39p, Xavier McDaniel 42p, 10r
May 23, 1987