Dallas vs Sacramento, ALL GAMES

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2003 Western Conference Semi-Final: An old-fashioned run-n-gun 7 game series for the classics. The Kings were led by Chris Webber, but an injury in Game 2 that put him out for the series caused the rest of the team to step up. Stojakovic, Christie and Turkoglu did just that stretching Nowitzki, Nash and the rest of the Mavs to a decisive Game 7 in Dallas. Who would take it?

Sacramento at Dallas, Gm 1

Stojakovic 26p, 9r; Webber 24p, 9a; Jackson 23p; Nash 20p, 7a; Finley 20p; Van Exel 20p; Nowitzki 18p, 11r
May 6, 2003:

Sacramento at Dallas, Gm 2

Van Exel 36p; Nowitzki 24p, 12r; Finley 24p; Webber 31p; Stojakovic 24p
May 8, 2003: Game is Joined In Progress with 2 min left 1st quarter due to length of preceding game on same network. Ending of that game is on DVD.

Dallas at Sacramento, Gm 3

Nowitzki 25p, 20r; Nash 31p, 11a; Van Exel 40p! Finley 20p; Stojakovic 39p; Divac 20p, 10r
May 10, 2003:

Dallas at Sacramento, Gm 4

Stojakovic 15p, 12r
May 11, 2003:

Sacramento at Dallas, Gm 5

Nash 25p; Nowitzki 16p, 15r, 9a; Christie 21p, 9r, 7a
May 13, 2003: Game is Joined In Progress with 11 minutes left 2nd quarter.

Dallas at Sacramento, Gm 6

Stojakovic 24p, 10r; Divac 21p; Jackson 21p; Christie 20p, 9r; Van Exel 35p; Nowitzki 21p, 12r; Finley 21p
May 15, 2003:

Sacramento at Dallas, Gm 7

Nowitzki 30p, 19r; Van Exel 23p; Nash 18p, 13a; Bibby 25p; J Jackson 24p
May 17, 2003:

2003 ECF, All Games

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ECF, Game 1 New Jersey at Detroit

Nets team play: No player reaches 20p!
May 18, 2003

ECF, Game 2 New Jersey at Detroit

May 20, 2003

ECF, Game 3 Detroit at New Jersey

Jason Kidd 34p, 12r
May 22, 2003

ECF, Game 4 Detroit at New Jersey

Jason Kidd 26p, 12r
May 24, 2003