November 10th to November 12th

Auburn at Georgia

Game of the Week
November 12

USC at California

USC marching on towards 3rd straight title
November 12

Navy at Notre Dame

Irish on track for major bowl
November 12

Indiana at Michigan

Michigan still in Big 10 hunt?
November 12

Florida State at Clemson

State needs this one
November 12

Miami at Wake Forest

Florida at South Carolina

Spurrier vs old team; decent game
November 12

Northwestern at Ohio State

Surprisingly one-sided
November 12

LSU at Alabama

Good Game; Joined In Progress 9 min to go 1st quarter; end of Maryland - N.C. on DVD
November 12

Texas A&M at Oklahoma

Memphis at Tennessee

Iowa at Wisconsin

Who wants the Big 10 title?
November 12

Arizona State at UCLA

NC State at Boston College

BC doing well in the ACC
November 12

Boise State at Fresno State

Battle of WAC powers
November 10

Maryland at North Carolina

Stanford at Oregon State