October 20th to October 22nd

Auburn at LSU

Game of the Week
October 22

USC at Washington

SC gets some relief after last week's classic
October 22

BYU at Notre Dame

Irish bounce back in big way
October 22

Michigan at Iowa

Florida State at Duke

FSU also bounces back in big way
October 22

Texas Tech at Texas

Longhorns demand respect
October 22

Tennessee at Alabama

Close Game, good ending
October 22

Ohio State at Indiana

Penn State at Illinois

Lions look fantastic
October 22

Oregon State at UCLA

Baylor at Oklahoma

Washington State at California

Alternate Game of the Week
October 22

Nebraska at Missouri

Smith: 246 yds rushing!
October 22

Arkansas at Georgia

TCU at Air Force

TCU looks to be the class of the Mountain West
October 22

Virginia Tech at Maryland

Vick does it all
October 20

Northwestern at Michigan State

Big 10 is a wacky conference
October 22

Hawaii at San Jose State

Louisville at Cincinnati

Cardinal bounce back
October 22

Syracuse at Pittsburgh

Panthers look to get back to .500
October 22

Purdue at Wisconsin

Badgers making Big 10 claims
October 22

Wyoming at Colorado State