September 29th to October 1st

USC at Arizona State

Notre Dame at Purdue

Michigan at Michigan State

Alternate Game of the Week
October 1

Syracuse at Florida State

Seminoles rolling
October 1

South Florida at Miami

Tougher than you might think
October 1

Florida at Alabama

Texas at Missouri

Longhorns looking good
October 1

Iowa State at Nebraska

Kansas State at Oklahoma

Sooners back on track
October 1

Washington at UCLA

Mississippi at Tennessee

A bit of relief after last week
October 1

Minnesota at Penn State

Lions going for 5 - 0!
October 1

South Carolina at Auburn

Spurrier comes crashing down to earth
October 1

Arizona at California

Bears go for easy victory
October 1

Baylor at Texas A&M

LSU at Mississippi State

Tigers bounce back
October 1

Virginia Tech at West Virginia

Air Force at Colorado State

Lots of offense
September 29th

Florida Atlantic at Louisville

Illinois at Iowa

Clemson at Wake Forest

Indiana at Wisconsin

Badgers try to stay undefeated
October 1

Virginia at Maryland