September 15th to September 17th

Arkansas at Southern Cal

USC showing why they're number 1
September 17

Michigan State at Notre Dame

September 17

Oklahoma at UCLA

Bruins make a statement
September 17

Florida State at Boston College

Pittsburgh at Nebraska

Tennessee at Florida

Defensive struggle
September 17

Miami at Clemson

September 17

Central Michigan at Penn State

Eastern Mich at Michigan

Wolverines take out their frustrations
September 17

Rice at Texas

Easy for the Longhorns
September 17

Alabama at South Carolina

Bama faces old nemesis Spurrier
September 17

Wisconsin at North Carolina

Another defensive struggle
September 17

San Diego State at Ohio State

Buckeyes prepare for tough conference schedule
September 17

Virginia at Syracuse

Mississippi at Vanderbilt

Connecticut at Georgia Tech

Tech gets nervous over Uconn
September 17

SMU at Texas A & M

Aggies destroy
September 17

Fresno State at Oregon

Ohio at Virginia Tech

Hokies dominate
September 17

Houston at UTEP

Utah at TCU

West Virginia at Maryland

Mountaineers need a win
September 17

Oregon State at Louisville

Cardinals looking good
September 17