1984 through 1994

Boston College vs Miami

1984: Powerhouse Miami is about to win yet again in its decade of dominance. What they don't count on is a man by the name of Doug Flutie and the miracle play

Texas vs Arkansas

October 1987: A game full of future NFL greats comes down to perhaps the most dramatic end of the 1987 season.

Florida State vs Nebraska

January 1, 1988: A game full of future NFL greats comes down to perhaps the most dramatic end of the 1987 season.

Oklahoma vs Miami

January 1, 1988: The Orange Bowl is the setting for this incredible national title game as #1 takes on #2. Barry Switzer vs Jimmy Johnson

Florida State vs Miami

October 1987: Number 3 vs Number 4. One of the best games of all time and the ending that started the tradition between these two teams!

Miami vs Notre Dame

October 15, 1988: Jimmy Johnson vs Lou Holtz; team of the 80's vs team of the ages. A high-scoring classic affair that will keep you riveted to the edge of your seat.

Notre Dame vs Miami (2 edited games)

1989 & 1990: Two teams set to dominate the decade square off in a pair of memorable duels for bragging rights and the inside track to the national championship.

Notre Dame vs Colorado

January 1, 1991: One of the most unbelievable endings to a game, and not just any game, this was the National Championship. Rocket Ismail and an official is what this game is remembered for.

Virginia vs Tennessee

January 1, 1991: This Sugar Bowl classic is one that you don't want to miss. A classic struggle between 2 top-ranked teams down in the Bayou.


November 21, 1992: This game has it all! Classic rivalry, close, points galore and an ending to match.

Notre Dame vs Penn State

November 14, 1992: Lou Holtz vs Joe Paterno. Two of the biggest names in college football go head to head in this dramatic game that has the stadium rocking.

Stanford vs Arizona

October 17, 1992: Bill Walsh is back coaching the Cardinal looking to pull them of mediocrity, but Arizona says not in my backyard. A terrific ending to a great game.

Arkansas vs Tennessee

October 10, 1992: Saturday in the SEC, perhaps the best place to be in college football. This game lives up to the hype with a classic struggle and finish to match.

Florida State vs Miami

October 3, 1992: This is it. Finally, Florida States turn to shine has arrived. Miami, the team of the 80's run is over...... Isn't it?

Michigan vs Notre Dame

September 12, 1992: College football's two biggest teams go head to head to see who's really got the baset fans (and the best team!) Watch as this clash of the titans goes down to the wire

Alabama vs Florida

December 5, 1992: The battle for southern supremacy in the inaugral SEC Championship game. A national championship game invitation is at stake for Alabama…if they win, of course.

Notre Dame vs Michigan

September 10, 1993: The traditional early season clash between two of the best teams comes down to the very end, exactly as the scriptwriters envisioned

Florida State vs Nebraska

January 1, 1994: Nobody can beat the mighty Cornhuskers, or can they? Will this game mark the end of Florida State's jinx? One of the best ever national title games.

USC vs Penn State

September 11, 1993: East meets West in this matchup of traditional powerhouses. Penn State tries to corral the explosive offense of USC and the end result is much closer than expected.

Boston College vs Notre Dame

November 20, 1993: This has to be the most dramatic game of the season. Over 75 points, a 4th quarter you just won't believe! A game that will have you falling out of your seat in amazement.

Notre Dame vs Florida State

November 13, 1993: #1 vs #2, This is it, the national championship in November. Watch NBA point guard Charlie Ward in action leading FSU.

BYU vs San Diego State

November 11, 1993: Gotta love the WAC! Scoreboard lit up like a pinball game. Added bonus of seeing the best running back in the NFL, Marshall Faulk, strut his stuff.

Notre Dame vs Michigan

September 11, 1993: The rematch! Apparently, there was some unfinished business after last year's game, so the Irish and Wolverines decided to get together again. Sit back and enjoy!

Stanford vs Colorado

September 18, 1993: Bill Walsh coaching Stanford. Kordell Stewart at QB for Colorado. Can Stanford pull off the big upset or will Colorado continue its run of greatness.

Colorado vs Miami

September 25, 1993: Kordell Stewart leads exciting Colorado into a match against seemingly unbeatable Miami. What tricks does the flashy Stewart have up his sleeve for the big, fast Hurricanes?

Notre Dame vs Texas A&M

January 1, 1994: The Fighting Irish's eye-popping offensive talent goes up against the the Agiies' famed "Wrecking Crew" defense. The irresitable force against the immovable object with all the tradition of the Cotton Bowl!

Texas vs Colorado

October 1, 1994: A Midwestern battle featuring rising Texas challenging Colorado's unquestioned supremacy as the most exciting team in the conference over the last few years.

Notre Dame vs Florida State

November 12, 1994: Isn't it always fun when these two get together? The Seminoles and Fighting Irish were two of the 90's premier teams. In this game, they show why.

Florida vs Alabama

December 3, 1994: Roll Tide is the cry heard around the state of Alabama back in 1994 as the undefeated Crimson Tide face the mighty Gators in one of the best SEC Championship games of all-time.

Florida State vs Florida

November 26, 1994: The state of Florida is in shock after one of the most amazing 4th quarters in history.

Duke vs North Carolina

November 19, 1994: At the end of this game you will be be convinced that you just witnessed a basketball game judging from the scoreline.

Florida vs Auburn

October 15, 1994: Can't anybody in the SEC play defense this season? This is one of those games that will have you asking, how did they do that?

Alabama vs Georgia

October 1, 1994: We top off our '94 season with another of those incredible SEC matchups. This game epitomises SEC. Great teams, great atmosphere, great game.