2001 through 2003

Georgia Tech at Clemson

September 29, 2001
A wild game in Atlanta sees the scoreboard go back and forth and a guy named Dantzler seems to do it all for Clemson....

Michigan at Michigan State

November 3, 2001
One of the most controversial endings in the history of College Football has a certain set of fans fuming to this very day.... Notable Players: TJ Duckett, Chris Perry

Arkansas at Mississippi

November 3, 2001
This game goes 7, yes 7, Overtimes in a game that nobody deserved to lose, but someone had to.... Notable Player: Eli Manning

GMAC Bowl: East Carolina vs Marshall

December 19, 2001
The highest scoring Bowl game of all time. Also one of the best games of all time..... Notable Players: Byron Leftwich, David Garrard, Travis Henry, Darius Watts

Holiday Bowl: Texas vs Washington

December 28, 2001
Over 1000 combined yards, QB controversy, great ending. One of those Bowl games that has it all.... Notable Player: Roy Williams

LSU at Kentucky


November 9, 2002

The Bluegrass Miracle: Perhaps the most stunning end to a college football game ever. Kentucky suffering from sanctions was having a cinderella season and they score the "winnning" FG with 10 seconds left. But, sometimes, miracles are all you need as LSU pulls it out with the most incredible of Hail Marys as unknowing Kentucky fans storm the field at the other end in celebration...

Washington at Michigan

August 31, 2002
Two top 10 teams open the season facing each other. Whose nerve will hold out the longest..... Notable Players: Braylon Edwards, Chris Perry.

Notre Dame at Michigan State

September 21, 2002
A storybook ending to this traditional matchup.... Notable Player: Charles Rogers

NC State at Texas Tech

September 21, 2002
A wild shootout with almost 100 combine points! Huge comeback with a nailbiting finish.... Notable Players: Philip Rivers, Wes Welker, Jerricho Cotchery

Arkansas at Tennessee

October 5, 2002
Another one of those games that never ends as they match each other in overtime after overtime after overtime.... Notable Players: Jason Witten, Matt Jones

Florida State at Miami

October 12, 2002
This game picks up where the 90's left off. FSU are looking to get back to the big time versus number 1 Miami and the game comes down to that last second FG..... Notable Players: Willis McGahee, Andre Johnson, Anquan Boldin, Kellen Winslow, Greg Jones

Ohio State at Purdue

November 9, 2002
Ohio State currently at number 2 in the BCS standings expect to walk over Purdue. Instead, they are in for one of their toughest tests of the season.... Notable Players: Michael Jenkins, Kyle Orton, Mike Nugent, Maurice Clarett

Virginia Tech at Syracuse

November 9, 2002
High-scoring multiple OT thriller. Another one of those games that shows why a kicker plays an important role. Tech has aspirations for a national title, but can the Orangemen derail that aspiration..... Notable Players: David Tyree, Lee Suggs

Georgia at Auburn

November 16, 2002
A cinderella day for an unheralded wide receiver. Georgia needs the victory to get into the SEC Championship Game, but a future NFL QB trys his best to stop that.... Notable Players: Jason Campbell, Ronnie Brown

LSU at Arkansas

November 29, 2002
LSU is cruising, ending Arkansas' dream season, but a young guy by the name of Matt Jones and the matter of a miracle finish and you never know..... Notable Player: Dominick Davis

MAC Championship Game: Marshall vs Toledo

December 7, 2002
An ill-tempered but fantastic MAC Championship game. Over 90 combined points, big comebacks and a great finish.... Notable Players: Byron Leftwich, Darius Watts

Fiesta Bowl: Miami vs Ohio State

January 4, 2003
This is what the BCS is all about. Big teams, big players, big plays, big finish.... Notable Players: Willis McGahee, Maurice Clarett, Kellen Winslow, Mike Nugent, Michael Jenkins, Andre Johnson

Florida at Miami

September 6, 2003
The Gators get out to a huge lead against the Canes and their own former QB Brock Berlin, but Berlin has other ideas and slowly but surely starts to lead his team back, but will it be enough.... Notable Players: Frank Gore, Kellen Winslow

Arkansas at Alabama

September 27, 2003

Arkansas must be the team of the early 21st century involved in highest number of exciting games and this one doesn't disappoint....

Michigan at Minnesota

October 10, 2003
Minnesota is 6-0, and the roll out to a huge lead. Can they hold on against a rampaging Michigan team poised to make history..... Notable Players: Laurence Maroney, Marion Barber, Braylon Edwards

Texas Tech at Oklahoma State

October 18, 2003; Game is Joined In Progress 3 mins into 1st quarter
100 combined points, over 1300 yards of offen^se and a QB who just won't quit. What a game, what a comeback, can there be one last miracle...... Notable Players: Tatum Bell, Wes Welker

Tennessee at Alabama

October 25, 2003
Two storied schools, rich in tradition battle each other in this marathon of a game. Can the Tide turn around a disappointing season or will the Volunteers continue their winning ways. Find out in this 5 hour marathon....

Notre Dame at Boston College

October 25, 2003
A chance to see highly touted freshman Brady Quinn in action against a determined Boston College. Quinn does his bit, but will it be enough....

Arkansas at Kentucky

November 1, 2003
48 combined points at the end of regulation. Almost 130 at the end of the game! Another one of those you gotta see it to believe it....

Texas Tech at Texas

November 15, 2003
Remember last year was the battle cry in this one and like last year this game turns out to be a real classic. Lots of points and dramatic twists..... Notable Players: Vince Young, Cedric Benson, Roy Williams

Florida State at Florida

November 29, 2003
A great game topped with a great finish but marred by scenes of ugliness after the game ended.....