November 5th to November 7th

More games may be added on Monday


Connecticut at Cincinnati

Game of the Week; Almost 100 combioned points in this barnstormer
November 7

Wake Forest at Georgia Tech

Alternate Game of the Week; Can top 10 Jackets withstand Deacons?
November 7

Oklahoma at Nebraska

Close defensive game in this annual rivalry
November 7

Navy at Notre Dame

People should stop underestimating Navy, will the Irish?
November 7

Purdue at Michigan

Close fun game in the Big House
November 7

Florida State at Clemson

Close game decided in the 4th quarter
November 7

Virginia at Miami

Too much Hurricanes
November 7

Vanderbilt at Florida

Tougher than expected for Florida
November 7

Ohio State at Penn State

Top 15 match-up that could decide Big 10
November 7

USC at Arizona State

Tough defensive game
November 7

LSU at Alabama

Top 10 match-up decided in the 4th quarter
November 7

Oregon State at California

Perhaps the Beavers wil no longer be overlooked
November 7

Boise State at Louisiana Tech

Can La. Tech pull off the upset of the season?
November 6

Central Florida at Texas

Longhorns keep marching along
November 7

Louisville at West Virginia

WVU needs the win to stay in Big East hunt
November 7

Northwestern at Iowa

Can number 4 Iowa remain unbeaten versus underrated Northwestern?
November 7

Syracuse at Pittsburgh

Pitt looks to remain in the Big East hunt
November 7

Tennessee Tech at Georgia

Bulldawgs take an off week from tough SEC schedule
November 7

BYU at Wyoming

Too much Hall and the rest of the Cougars
November 7

Army at Air Force

Game decided in the 2nd half
November 7

Duke at North Carolina

Two teams better known for Basketball have quite the rivalry in football the last few years also
November 7

Oregon at Stanford

Almsot 100 combined points and over 1000 yards of offense!
November 7

Washington at UCLA

Exciting game from out West
November 7

New Mexico at Utah

Utes setting it up for TCU showdown
November 7

Memphis at Tennessee

Houston at Tulsa

One of the best games of the season
November 7
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