October 14th to 16th

Oregon State at Washington

Thilling Finish. Game of the Week
October 16th

California at USC

How to break a losing streak
October 16th

Western Michigan at Notre Dame

Not as easy as it looks
October 16th

Iowa at Michigan

Wolverines dominate stats, but is it enough?
October 16th

Boston College at Florida State

Getting it done the hard way
October 16th

Mississippi State at Florida

Defensive battle
October 16th

Illinois at Michigan State

Spartans demand respect
October 16th

Maryland at Clemson

Tigers try to avoid usual Maryland meltdown
October 16th

Minnesota at Purdue

Boilermakers in control
October 16th

Missouri at Texas A&M

Tigers: Visions of Grandeur
October 16th

North Carolina State at East Carolina

Ole Miss at Alabama

Joined in Progress, 1 min into game
October 16th

Pittsburgh at Syracuse

Sunseri: 4 TD's
October 16th

Vanderbilt at Georgia

Arkansas at Auburn

Gotta be kidding!
October 16th

SMU at Navy

Exciting come-from-behind
October 16th

Texas at Nebraska

Big 12 grudge match
October 16th

Wake Forest at Virginia Tech

Huskies: 600 yds offense
October 16th

South Florida at West Virginia

Mountaineers in control
October 14th


BYU tries to penetrate TCU's defensive brick wall
October 16th

Kansas State at Kansas

South Carolina at Kentucky

Thriller; 2nd game of the week
October 16th

Cincinnati at Louisville

Close exciting game, 900 yds offense
October 15th

Iowa State at Oklahoma

Sooners: 672 yds offense
October 16th

McNeese State at LSU

Ohio State at Wisconsin

Anything can happen in the Big 10
October 16th

Arizona at Washington State

Wildcats outcat Cougars
October 16th

Air Force at San Diego State

AF: over 300 yds rusging, but is it enough?
October 16th

Boise State at San Jose State

Broncos think thy're Nr. 1
October 16th

New Mexico State at Fresno State

Closer than the score suggests
October 16th

Nevada at Hawaii

Furious comeback, but is it enough?
October 16th