October 21st to October 23rd

Florida at Mississippi State

Kansas at Oklahoma

Boston College at Notre Dame

Alternate Game of the Week
Oct 23

Michigan at Purdue

Florida State at Wake Forest

Demons put up a hell of a fight
Oct 23

Miami at NC State

Indiana at Ohio State

Buckeyes look to end losing streak
Oct 23

Washington at USC

USC just too dominant
Oct 23

Georgia at Arkansas

Alabama at Tennessee

BYU at Air Force

Cougars looking good
Oct 23

Texas at Texas Tech

Can either team play some defense?
Oct 23

Northwestern at Wisconsin

Badgers look to continue good fortunes
Oct 23

UCLA at Arizona State

Lots of points, close game
Oct 23
JIP by TV network

Fresno State at Boise State

Can BSU keep the streak going?
Oct 23

San Jose State at Hawaii

Chang gets the job done
Oct 23

Iowa at Penn State

Troy State at LSU

A lot closer than you would think
Oct 23

Syracuse at West Virginia

WVU need a good showing
Oct 21

South Florida at Louisville

Louisville looking to rebound after tough loss
Oct 22

Rutgers at Pittsburgh

Both teams look to establish themselves in Big East
Oct 23

Maryland at Clemson

Tough defensive battle
Oct 23

Oklahoma State at Missouri