November 24th to November 26th

Florida State at Florida

Battle of the Sunshine State
November 26

Notre Dame at Stanford

November 26

Texas at Texas A&M

Tougher than most thought
November 25

Nebraska at Colorado

Huskers dominate
November 25

Virginia at Miami

Sloppy Miami but can they come through
November 26

Arizona at Arizona State

Arkansas at LSU

Alternate Game of the Week
November 25

Oklahoma State at Oklahoma

Georgia at Georgia Tech

Local rivalry heats up
November 26

North Carolina at Virginia Tech

Tech win and they're in ACC title game
November 26

Syracuse at Louisville

Syracuse trying to stop first 10 loss season
November 26

Tennessee at Kentucky

Tennessee need to win to avoid last place finish in SEC!
November 26

Maryland at N.C. State

Pittsburgh at West Virginia

West Virginia still playing for BCS bid
November 24

Wisconsin at Hawaii

Fresno State at Nevada

Good Game; a stunner
November 26