Philadelphia - Orlando, Gms 3 & 4

1999 Playoffs; Rd 1, Gm 3: Iverson 10 Steals
1999 Playoffs Rd 1, Gm 4: Iverson 37 pts
d9921 to d9925

Miami vs New York, ALL GAMES

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1999 First Round: It was a shortned NBA season due to the lockout and a revamnped Knicks team featuring new faces Latrell Sprewell and Marcus Camby, along with the regulars of Ewing, Houston and Johnson couldn't seem to get on track and stumbled into the Playoffs as an 8 seed. The Heat were a heavy favorite at number 1 again led by Alonzo Mourning and Tim Hardaway this time joined by Jamal Mashburn and Terry Porter. The series goes the distance with a historic ending.

New York at Miami, Game 1

Houston 22p; Sprewell 22p; Mourning 27p
May 8, 1999: Sprewell was a huge spark off the bench and steady play from the Knick regulars pulled this game out.

New York at Miami, Game 2

Mourning 26p; Ewing 16p, 15r
May 10, 1999: What the Knicks managed to do in Game 1 the Heat did in Game 2.

Miami at New York, Game 3

Sprewell 20p; Houston 18p; Mourning 18p
May 12, 1999: The series continues its back and forth pattern as the Knicks ride a 32-2 run!

Miami at New York, Game 4

Mourning 16p, 13r
May 14, 1999: Another wacky game featuring runs as the Knicks use a 21-5 spurt to take an 11pt lead in the 3rd but the Heat respond with a 41-15 run of their own and off to game 5 we go.

New York at Miami, Game 5

Ewing 22p, 11r; Mourning 21p
May 16, 1999: Both teams had early runs that made this game level in the 2nd quarter. The game stayed close throughout to the famous ending of the shot off the rim... Off the backboard.... And....