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Here you will find some of the very best games played by NBA Legends of the New York Knicks. More games, and individual games of Boxsets, can be found in the relevant sections of our Shop.


New York Knicks vs LA Lakers, Game 7

1970 Finals: Game 7
f941 to f947

1994 NBA Finals Boxset

1994 NBA Finals: Houston 4, New York 3
Houston's Championship: Dream Come True
f991 to f995

1999 NBA Finals Boxset

1999 NBA Finals: San Antonio 4, New York 1
'Little General' Marches Spurs to First Title

NY Knicks - Boston

December 25, 1985: Incredible Comeback

New York Knicks at Chicago Bulls

Jordan 27p, 8r, 5a, 8s, 3b; Oakley 16p, 17r; Ewing 31p, 11r, 4b; G Wilkins 33p
March 6, 1987
Michael Jordan came into this game averaging over 37 points per game this season. But, Gerald Wilkins became only the 2nd guard to outscore him in a game that season with a sublime performance. A fabulous game that saw the lead change many times but in the last minute both Jordan and Ewing stood up for their team and a former Bull would be the hero.

NY Knicks - Boston

January 3, 1989: Ewing, Jackson, McHale, Johnson, Walton

New York vs Detroit

1984 First Round, Game 5
One of great Playoff Games of all time; Isiah at his best

New York at Chicago, Game 4

Jordan 47p, 11r! Cartwright 21p;
May 14, 1989 Eastern Semi-Finals, Game 4: Michael Jordan started this game with a noticible limp, but got stronger as the game went on including an amazing 18 points in the 4th quarter to give the Bulls a 3-1 series lead.

Chicago at New York, Game 5

Jordan 38p; Ewing 32p, 11r; Jackson 14p, 14a
May 16, 1989 Eastern Semi-Finals, Game 5: The Knicks were facing a must-win and appeared headed to an easy win but up stepped Jordan as he single-handedly almost brought the Knicks down.

New York at Chicago, Game 6

Jordan 40p!
May 19, 1989 Eastern Semi-Finals, Game 6: This series probably marked the first-time that Jordan became a one-man nemesis to the Knicks for the next decade. A brilliant game 6 between two hungry teams would eventually see Jordan and the Bulls move on to meet the Pistons in the Eastern Finals. But, what an amazing finish as Trent Tucker's 4 point play that seemed destined to send the game to overtime, but up stepped Jordan. Note: Kenny Walker and Scottie Pippen ejected in the 3rd quarter for fighting.

Orlando - NY Knicks

February 14, 1993: Shaqs rookie year v. Ewing's 9 blocks

Chicago - NY Knicks

March 29, 1995: Jordan 55 pts
Jordan shows the Knicks that he's as tough as ever, nailing 55 pts in his return to MSG!

Knicks - Chicago, Gms 1 & 2

1994 Conference Semis; Game 1
1994 Conference Semis; Game 2

Knicks - Chicago, Gms 3 & 4

1994 Conference Semis; Game 3
1994 Conference Semis; Game 4

Knicks - Chicago, Gms 6 & 7

1994 Conference Semis; Game 6
1994 Conference Semis; Game 7

Knicks - Indiana, Gms 1 & 2

1994 Conference Finals; Game 1
1994 Conference Finals; Game 2

Knicks - Indiana, Gms 3 & 4

1994 Conference Finals; Game 3
1994 Conference Finals; Game 4

Knicks - Indiana, Gms 5 & 6

1994 Conference Finals; Game 5
1994 Conference Finals; Game 6

Knicks - Indiana

1994 Conference Finals; Game 7
d9837 to d9841

Miami vs New York, ALL GAMES

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1998 First Round: This was the middle year of this intense 3-year rivalry. In 1997 the Knicks seemed destined to win the seires until a fight had 5 Knicks suspended and Miami took control of the series. Here in 1998 the Heat were heavy favorites led by Alonzo Mourning, Tim Hardaway and Dan Majerle but the Knicks were formidable with Allan Houston, Charles Oakley, Larry Johnson and John Starks. Miami seemed destined to win the series until a historic Game 4 that altered Game 5.

New York at Miami, Game 1

Hardaway 34p; Johnson 21p; Houston 17p
April 24, 1998: Knicks looking for revenge after 1997 but came out a little flat as the Heat rode the magnificent Tim Hardaway.

New York at Miami, Game 2

Starks 25p; Houston 24p; Johnson 22p; Mourning 30p; Lenard 25p
April 26, 1998: Heat take an early big lead but the Knicks respond with veteran Terry Cummings and order him to keep Alonzo off the scoresheet. Mission accomplished.

Miami at New York, Game 3

Lenard 28p; Hardaway 27p; Houston 27p; Johnson 22p
April 28, 1998: Series is taking a nasty streak following Knicks taunts in Game 2 and now the Heat's turn in this one. Leads on to game 4....

Miami at New York, Game 4

Hardaway 33p; Mourning 29p; Houston 18p; Johnson 18p; Starks 17p
April 30, 1998: This terrific series will do down in history for this game and what happened at the end. The bad blood between Alonzo Mourning and Larry Johnson, stemming from their days together at Charlotte, spilled over into a fight with 1.5 seconds left in the game. Both players would be suspended for the deciding Game 5 but who would it hurt more?

New York at Miami, Game 5

Houston 30p; Starks 22p; Oakley 18p, 13r; Ward 14a; Hardaway 21p
May 3, 1998: No Mourning, no Johnson. Knicks build up a 20 point lead and the Heat battle all the way back. But, whose calm heads and solid play will win this game 5?
d9921 to d9925

Miami vs New York, ALL GAMES

Special Boxset Price for this 1999 First Round Series. Price will reduce when added to Basket.
1999 First Round: It was a shortned NBA season due to the lockout and a revamnped Knicks team featuring new faces Latrell Sprewell and Marcus Camby, along with the regulars of Ewing, Houston and Johnson couldn't seem to get on track and stumbled into the Playoffs as an 8 seed. The Heat were a heavy favorite at number 1 again led by Alonzo Mourning and Tim Hardaway this time joined by Jamal Mashburn and Terry Porter. The series goes the distance with a historic ending.

New York at Miami, Game 1

Houston 22p; Sprewell 22p; Mourning 27p
May 8, 1999: Sprewell was a huge spark off the bench and steady play from the Knick regulars pulled this game out.

New York at Miami, Game 2

Mourning 26p; Ewing 16p, 15r
May 10, 1999: What the Knicks managed to do in Game 1 the Heat did in Game 2.

Miami at New York, Game 3

Sprewell 20p; Houston 18p; Mourning 18p
May 12, 1999: The series continues its back and forth pattern as the Knicks ride a 32-2 run!

Miami at New York, Game 4

Mourning 16p, 13r
May 14, 1999: Another wacky game featuring runs as the Knicks use a 21-5 spurt to take an 11pt lead in the 3rd but the Heat respond with a 41-15 run of their own and off to game 5 we go.

New York at Miami, Game 5

Ewing 22p, 11r; Mourning 21p
May 16, 1999: Both teams had early runs that made this game level in the 2nd quarter. The game stayed close throughout to the famous ending of the shot off the rim... Off the backboard.... And....