1994 through 2000

Penn State vs Michigan State

November 25, 1995: If Penn State wins this they're off to the Rose Bowl. Standing in their way are the stubborn Spartans of Michigan State. A classic Big 10 encounter that comes down to the final minute of the game.

Michigan vs Michigan State

November 4, 1995: One of the biggest state rivalries in sports. Michigan State desperately wants to upstage its rival but Michigan has plans of its own. A great game that isn't decided until the end.

Virginia vs Florida State

November 2, 1995: FSU is the big bully, Virginia is the underdog. Do nice guys really finish last? This game is an absolute classic, one that people are talking about to this very day.

Texas vs Notre Dame

September 21, 1996: Not often that Notre Dame faces an opponent out of Texas but this game lives up to the hype and expectations of the nation.

Florida vs Florida State

November 22, 1997: Whenever these two teams faces each other it's a classic especially when the game has huge points, huge names, and a huge finish.

Georgia Tech vs Georgia

November 29, 1997: One of the top 3 state rivalries in college football and this game doesn't disappoint. A game that will have you guessing who wins until the clock hits zero.

Miami vs Nebraska

January 1, 1995: After years of winning games by 40 points, Miami is starting to hear footsteps and Nebraska is leading the charge. Watch as the new-school Hurricanes battle the old-school Cornhuskers.

Florida vs Florida State

January 2, 1995: Apparently, these two didn't get enough of each other in their late November showdown, so they go at it again. You know what they say: familiarity breeds contempt…

Ohio State vs Penn State

October 7, 1995: Ohio State welcomes Penn State into the Big Ten in style as this matchup of traditional powerhouses comes down to who wants it more at the end.

Notre Dame vs Army

October 14, 1995: The closest thing you'll get to a buzzer-beater in football. The heavily favored Irish have taken the Cadets too lightly and Army is mounting a furious rally. But will it be enough?

Stanford vs USC

November 4, 1995: Doesn't it seem as though every Pac-10 game ends up with both teams scoring 30 points and the winner being in doubt until the very end? Well, here's a perfect example!

California vs Arizona

November 15, 1997: Cal and Arizona decide to test out the new overtime rules that college football is experimenting with. The result? Lots of points and lots of excitement.

Alabama vs Auburn

November 22, 1997: Let's see, this has a traditional rivalry, fans going crazy, and it's late in the season. Is there any serious fan of college football out there that wouldn't want to see this game?

Nebraska vs Colorado

November 28, 1997: No matter what their records are, this one is always fun. Nebraska hopes to continue their march to the national championship, but the Buffs don't like to be overlooked, especially by their rivals from up north.

Tennessee vs Auburn

December 6, 1997: College football fans everywhere say thank you for the SEC Championship game! Peyton Manning is the star of this one as he leads his Vols against surprising Auburn.

Miami vs Penn State

September 18, 1999: The Hurricanes are anxious to show they can play with the big boys once more. What better way than to schedule a September showdown with Penn State.

Florida vs Alabama

October 2, 1999: These two have battled for SEC glory throughout the 90's and they're still doing so as the decade draws to a close. Only this time, the defenses forgot to show up. Sit back and enjoy.

Texas vs Nebraska

October 23, 1999: The Longhorns are trying to decide if Chris Simms is ready to step in at QB. The Cornhuskers option offense has been unstoppable over the last 5 years, but the Longhorns have a habit of coming up big in big games.

Penn State vs Michigan

November 13, 1999: The Nittany Lions are rolling through their schedule and Michigan RB Anthony "A-Train" Thomas is rolling through would-be tacklers. Something's got to give and only the toughest will remain.

Stanford vs Notre Dame

November 27, 1999: Stanford continues its Rose Bowl campaign against the Fighting Irish. The knock against the Cardinal is no defense, but their offense is so powerful they almost don't need one. Almost.

Notre Dame vs Nebraska

September 9, 2000: The Irish have something to prove after last season. All the "experts" are picking Nebraska by about 30, but the Irish have a history of knocking off #1 teams in South Bend. Can the Irish pull off the upset?

Tennessee vs Florida

September 16, 2000: One of these two teams is always in the title chase at year's end. The other looks back at this game and wonders what went wrong. As an added bonus, controversy abounds in this game after a questionable call helps decide the outcome.

Miami vs Florida State

October 7, 2000: Florida State, as usual, has been breezing through the ACC. Miami has its sights set on making Florida State relive the "wide-right" debacle of the mid-90's. The winner of this one has bragging rights until next year.

Northwestern vs Michigan

November 4, 2000: Maybe the most memorable game of this season as these two combine for over 100 points. The defenses just sit idly by as jaws and records drop.

Nebraska vs Colorado

November 24, 2000: Is this game ever decided by more than 3 points? Certainly not this time as the Buffs and the 'Huskers get extra fired up for their annual grudge match.

Kansas State vs Oklahoma

December 2, 2000: OK, this is where the Sooners' charmed season stops, right? Kansas State is hungry for revenge and Oklahoma looks ripe for the picking. A great Big 12 Championship game.

Minnesota vs Northwestern

October 28, 2000: On the surface, this is a matchup of Big Ten ne'er do wells. As the old adage goes, don't judge a book by its cover. These two light up the scoreboard and the last play is something you can tell your grandchildren about.