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Kind words from our customers is what makes it all worthwhile for us.
Here is just a sample of the thousands of messages we
have received over the years.

"Dear Pontel.Com, first of all, I would like to tell you how good you are... the service is perfect, fast and with a high quality at a reasonable price. Keep up the good work!"  -Jacopo M. (Italy)
"Thank you for great service, as usual ! I look forward to making more business with you, especially once the season starts." -David P. (Sweden)
"THANKS PONTEL, for DVDs, arrived WEDNESDAY ( NZ)  time. Amazing speed of delivery !!. Picture quality outstanding!! You can expect another order soon. Once again THANKS" -Raymond M. (New Zealand)
"Your service has been excellent once again and has brought my home state of Michigan to my TV room right here in
Shanghai!" -Lou W. (China)
"Dear (Pontel),

Complaints about service are a part of any business.  Compliments are all too rare, but just as important.

In September, I was one of those complaining customers.  My football DVDs were arriving later than usual and I was having to wait until after the weekend to view my purchases.  Your letter at the time was informative and helpful.  At the time you could not guarantee delivery by any particular date, but assured me that every effort was being made to get DVDs out as quickly as possible.  Your explanation of the process was beneficial.

I am writing today because after your letter I never waited through the weekend to receive a DVD.  I received each game on the Friday after it was played like clockwork.  I even took the chance of inviting friends over to watch the final regular-season Michigan game on the Friday after it was played.  The game did not disappoint.  Neither did Pontel.  My game arrived that afternoon and my friends saw a memorable 100th Anniversary match-up with Ohio State that we are still talking about.  Thank you for responding to my letter, but a greater thanks for the quality service I received throughout the season, up to and including the final game.  I have never been more pleased with Pontel's service.  I am one satisfied customer." -Tim L.. (Switzerland)
"Just a quick note saying Thank you for your excellent service that you've provided this NBA season. Every week without fail my dvd arrived and the quality was awesome. Thanks again." -Paul S. (England)
"Hallo Pontel, letzten Donnerstag habe ich von Euch mein 1. NFL Spiel 2004 erhalten. Ich bin hochzufrieden (so excited)! Top Bild Quali, superschnelle Lieferung und dann noch Primetime mit auf der Scheibe. Danke, da werde ich noch öfter zugreifen. Ist es möglich ein kleines 4er ABO zu nehmen und das Spiel dann jede Woche individuell neu zu bestimmen, also nicht immer vom gleichen Team.
Danke für das Super-Amerika-NFL Feeling" -Sven S. (Germany)
"Hi, Just watched the first NFL DVD you sent me. I am a happy bunny !!! Good coverage of a great game, prime time and above all the American commentators give it an extra dimension. Thank you Pontel for bringing back the NFL in my house." -Peter D. (Belgium)
"Got the first of my DVD's on Sat just wanted to let you know that they are fantastic quality and to thank you for the quickness of your response to my order" -Matthew R. (England)
"Just a quick note to say thank you very much for the two DVD’s of the Pittsburgh Steelers games I ordered from you.
They arrived on time and in perfect order. Excellent Service!!! As a Steelers supporter in England I have never been able to watch the Steelers games I wanted but you have opened up a new window of opportunity for me. Also the confidence of the excellent service you have given me will ensure that I shall order more games from yourselves in the future." -Peter K. (England)
"Hi there, and thanks for your quick response. Believe it or not the DVD's actually arrived two hours after I sent this email, they are more than what I expected and I am very pleased with the outcome. Expect a regular order from me, great work. I placed another order of two last night, thank you." -Craig M. (Australia)
"Dear Pontel, Can I just say a big big thank you for your excellent service over the past 17 weeks of the nfl season I received all dvd's on time (the following friday). I wont need any nfl playoff dvd's because they are all on t.v. The only shame was my team the bucs had a awful season but thats got nothing to do with your excellent quality. So until next season, thank you." -Guy M. (England)
"I'm just watching the Fiesta Bowl game from one of your DVDs and I felt like saying "Thank You". Thanks for a great College Football season, I was able to experience thanks to your DVDs. Everything went great. The games always arrived in time and there were really great games among them, I guess, some of them will be called "classics" in a few years. I'm still looking forward to watching the last two games I got from you (Sugar and Orange Bowl) and I'm of course looking forward to August, when I will be able to spend my next College Football season with you. Thanks from (I think) one of the biggest College Football (and UCLA) fans in Germany." -Martin J. (Germany)
"Hi Pontel, jusst a quick word to say thanks for the dvds. Top quality, top team (chicago bears) and cracking price.
Some feedback follows...the only thing I thought was a disappointment AT FIRST was the fact you left the adverts in.....this didn't happen when I bought the videos (back in the 80's)....then I realized this gave me a chance for brb (be right back, bathroom, kitchen, etc break)......or I could just fast forward (at dvd speed). (To be) Perfectly honest with you....the yank adverts are real funny so not a big problem. (I'll) be ordering the next 4 games real soon. Keep up the excellent work." -Jon J. (England)
"Thanks for the info, I think Pontel are doing a good job. I enjoy ordering from you"  -Lars G. (Norway)
"Also, thanks again for last years provision of college football games. I have been getting college football games from you since 1997 and your games are consistently excellent and are always on time and well packaged." -Chris E. (England)
"I received the games about a week ago and have watched them. I have really enjoyed them and they are of excellent quality, just like all the games you send. They came quickly as well (a few days after I ordered them!!). I have been ordering NBA games off you for a while now and would like to congratulate you on your good service and wide variety of games. Thanks a lot for the games and keep up the good work." -Charlie H. (England)
"Ich bin sehr erfreut darueber, dass sie meine Bestellung so schnell bearbeitet haben." -Max W. (Germany)
"Recieved my first order of DVDs the other day. Thanks. They arrived 10 times faster than anticipated." -Russell B. (Australia)
"Thank you very much, I received the DVD today. I have had a good experience ordering from Pontel for the first time so you can expect more orders from me fairly soon." -Adam D. (Australia)
"I recieved my first order friday. I very much enjoyed the games and the quality of the DVDs is excellent. Original commentary and nice service. Keep up the good work, next order will soon be your way." -Benedetto C. (Belgium)
"I have been very satified with the service that Pontel has provided, and I will in the future be interested in buying DVDs from Pontel." -Torsten P. (Denmark)
"Dear Pontel, I received my ordered DVDs. Thank you !! I was really suprised with your faster service. I'm sure that I will use your services again. Thank you." -Nakamura (Japan)
"I received my first DVD from you this morning, very swift delivery and service, be assured that I will be ordering further DVDs from you in future." -Markus D. (Scotland)
"A couple weeks ago I ordered all of Oaklands Athletics play off games...I would like to thank you for the wonderful service you provide." -Anders A. (Sweden)
"Dear Pontel, That's wonderfull you have a Dutch Postbank account! I'd like to order two DVDs right away." -Folkert B. (Netherlands)
"I received the two DVDs this morning in the mail. Thank you!... I'm sure that you know by now who the College Football National Champions are...FSU? OKLAHOMA? Well...please excuse me while I find out (courtesy of Pontel's excellent service)!" -Wilson B. (Switzerland)
"I'm really enjoying my NBA DVDs, Keep up the good work" -Kim B. (Australia)
"Thank you for your prompt response. I look forward to receiving the tapes. And keep up the good work !! From a very satisfied customer." - Zao M. (Hong Kong)
"I really like the way you guys work, and I am a really satisfied customer...I am planning to order more DVDs at Pontel" -Martin R. (Netherlands)
"Just wanted to say that your service is really great. I got the DVD I ordered on Tuesday just 3 days later. This rules! The DVD is cool as well, especially the original commentators are great and the commercials kick too. Well, I'm looking foward to ordering from you again soon and wanted to say thanks again" -Christoph G. (Austria)
"Hello Pontel, First of all I want to let you know that I am very happy with the possibility to order so many NBA games with you. I have done that three times now, and everytime I was delighted with the tapes and the quick delivery!" -Koen B. (Netherlands)
"The video I have recieved was wonderful, Thanks!" -Anders C. (Sweden)
"Hi Pontel Thanks for your prompt response ... it's very much appreciated. I'm looking forward to the new tapes." -Sean M. (England)
"Hi, Just emailing to confirm that my order for the best college football game of the week will continue this year. I was very satisfied with the service last year and look forward to the great and exicting games this year." - Mark F. (Australia)
"Dear Pontel, We would like to thank you for the previous tape we ordered. It arrived last Friday, just as you said it would. Great work!!!" -Joseph P. (England)
"I´ve only had great experiences with your services, and I´m really thankful." -Robin C. (Denmark)
"Last NBA-season was my first season with Pontel. I can say I am very satisfied with your service...Last year I received two Houston Rockets games a week. I would like to continue to receive that this season" -J.O. (Netherlands)
"I bought from you two teams seasons, Florida and Notre Dame, It's the first time that I ordered with you and it's great...Thank you." -Alexis L. (France)
"I'm writing from all the way down under, yep Australia. I am a Seattle Supersonics fanatic and it's so good to be able to get a four hour tape for $25 Australian, I love it!" -Joshua W. (Australia)
"That is great, thanks. Is there any chance that my next tape could be Jordans 51 point performance vs Hornets? I really wanna see that one! Thanks again for the trouble. You guys at Pontel are amazingly helpful." -Anders N. (Sweden)
"Let me tell you that I am a regular customer and very satisfied with the service you are providing." -Dick D. (Netherlands)
"Thanks for the good and quick service. I was expecting my order in around 3 weeks but I was amazed to get it this quick. Thanks again." -Darren M. (Australia)
"I recently odrered 8 videos and I am extremely happy with them, the quality, quick delivery, and I am extremely grateful there is a place out there I can get to see games not televised here in Australia...Thank you for your help and excellent site, I look forward to doing more shopping from your site." -Brad D. (Australia)
"I received my 5 videos on the Saturday. As usual the speed of delivery your company delivered since I found out about you in XXL Basketball magazine this year was excellent. I have to say as well that I have been well impressed with the videos I received." -Rick H. (Scotland)
"The World Series once again proved to be the real "Fall Classic". I have enjoyed watching those good games and I am looking forward to hearing from you at the beginning of the 2002 MLB-Season. Thank you once again and best wishes. " - Lukas K. (Germany)
"Thanks again for the fast delivery of another 4 great basketball tapes ! I really must say your service and speed are great !" -Edwin W. (Netherlands)
"Thanks for the speedy response. It's good to see that Pontel's customer service is still tops!" -Edward T. (Japan)
"I'm a big fan of the NBA. Last week I ordered two videos from you. And I got to tell you, you're fast with the delivery. I got both the videos in less than 4 days. I truely like that kind of service. I also like the quality of the videos, watching the games is like watching it live, because of the commercials that are also on the video." -Kenneth E. (Netherlands)


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