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How to order?

To order game DVDs, click here for NBA Games, BASEBALL Games, COLLEGE FOOTBALL Games, or COLLEGE BASKETBALL Games.



How fast can I get my DVDs?

Every Tuesday our orders are picked up by DHL for delivery to your local post office who will then deliver your order to your door. While delivery times are not guaranteed you can expect to receive DVDs on the following weekdays:



Most of Europe


Asia & Australia


Delivery is guaranteed. We will replace DVDs not received by you.



What do Pontel DVDs cost?

Pontel’s DVDs are priced very low, as the PRICE INCLUDES TOP PRIORITY AIR MAIL POSTAGE to your home, no matter where you live. (If you have checked international postage rates recently, you can appreciate the value of Pontel’s all-inclusive prices.)

Our prices are as low as € 6.90 per DVD.



How can I pay:

Most Pontel customers pay by credit card. Pontel accepts VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club and PayPal.

From NEW customers, we expect payment before sending out DVDs.
We do not ship Cash On Delivery.

You may also make a cash transfer to one of our bank accounts, details below.

Banking info:


From Germany:

Zürich, Switzerland

Commerzbank Düsseldorf

Account: 206 p0 222.333

BLZ 300 400 00

Swift Code: ubswchzh80v

Konto 640 777 9

Beneficiary: Pontel

Empfänger: Pontel

IBAN: ch86 0020 6206 p0 222 333 0







Can I get more information about this?

Sure. Just send us an email to and you should have an answer within 24 hours. Our staff has been around for years and can answer any question that you may have.